28 Aug

Theme update

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday August 28, 2007 | Blogospherics

You’re probably going to notice the look of the blog changing throughout the day. Bear with me. I was tired of struggling with the Mandigo theme and Andrew of Gronkyco sold me on the MistyLook WordPress theme. It’s much easier to edit and doesn’t have the display restraints that the Mandigo theme I was using had.

The biggest problem was displaying Adsense. I could only put a couple of ads on the site and that doesn’t do too well since not all of you are coming into the site from the Index page which was the only place I could put the ads. There is also the matter that it isn’t XHTML valid out of the box. Steve of Lost Highway managed to hack the Mandigo theme to make the sidebar dynamic, but he assured me that it was not easy to do. So I’ll periodically be updating the new theme throughout the day to make it look as close to the old Mandigo Cinema Suicide theme since I really liked the look of it.

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