12 May

American Spaced cancelled. There was much rejoicing.

Posted by Bryan White | Monday May 12, 2008 | News

SpacedA while back I reported that Fox and McG were in the process of producing an American flavored spin on the British comedy hit, Spaced.  I expressed great disappointment in this.  I also predicted that it would be cancelled after 5 episodes.

Looks like I was wrong.

American Spaced was cancelled after no episodes.

If you had any interest in this show at all, do yourself the favor and pick up the Region 1 DVD release of this show that’s coming to North America this summer.  You’ll thank me later.


  1. May 17, 2008 10:22 am


    That is good news. The original is a classic, there’s no need to remake it.

  2. September 22, 2008 5:32 pm


    Excellent news, I hadn’t heard that it was cancelled. Although I was looking forward to the massive flop the remake would have been.

  3. March 3, 2010 8:51 pm

    Watch This: A Peek at the Doomed ‘Spaced’ Remake | movietainment.net

    […] the series was quashed only a few months later — a true blessing — but not before a pilot was made. Thanks to the wonder of the […]

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