22 May

Beyond The Dunwich Horror Podcasted

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday May 22, 2008 | Interviews,News

Beyond The Dunwich HorrorHere’s a reminder for readers local to Providence, Rhode Island.  Richard Griffin’s indie horror mashup of Lovecraft and Italian splatter, Beyond The Dunwich Horror premiers tomorrow, Friday, May 23 at 7pm and 9pm. Further details can be found at their Myspace profile.

In the meantime, why don’t you take a spin over to Kryptographik and check out the latest Kryptik Musings podcast, an hour spent with Richard and the cast of Beyond The Dunwich Horror that sheds light on all aspects of the film including future projects on the horizon for Dunwich’s producers, Scorpio Film Releasing.

Griffin and cast have quite the rhythm and they have a real passion for both indie filmmaking and horror in general.  The moderator, Brian, the American half of the Kryptik team keeps the ball rolling and asks all the right questions.  This is not to be missed.

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