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Interview with Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans!

Posted by Bryan White | Friday June 13, 2008 | Interviews

Ghost Adventures interview with Zak BagansI’ve been a pretty big advocate of Ghost Adventures since the documentary premiered on The Sci-Fi channel. A few of us are actually pretty big fans of the paranormal and if you’ve been around long enough you can see me praise Ghost Adventures and TAPS and shit on Paranormal State. I try to put my fondness for haunted house movies into words, but I can never seem to quantify my exciement for that sort of thing. Some of the most effective horror movies I’ve seen are spooky ghost flicks. These days, a quality haunted house movie is hard to come by. Producers and directors are obsessed with showing you too much. They don’t build tension or establish atmosphere, they cut to the chase and show you fucked up ghostly people floating around, raising hell. So the reason that the recent rash of ghost hunter shows appeal to me so much has something to do with their alleged nonfiction. They DON’T show you too much because they can’t and in the case of Ghost Adventures, whether you believe in ghosts or not is irrelevant. They pull off a perfectly spooky presentation with the documentary.

Zak Bagans, head of the Ghost Adventures Crew, is pretty busy right now with his current project but not too busy to have a chat with Cinema Suicide about the documentary, the paranormal and the development of the upcoming Ghost Adventures series for The Travel Channel. The interview continues after the jump.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you get interested in the paranormal and at what point did you start investigating?
I never believed in ghosts until about 6 years ago when I had a personal experience in a historic shipyard town called Trenton, MI. I moved into a very old apartment building and was tormented by the spirit of a woman who I later found out may have been the ghost of a woman who committed suicide in the building’s bathtub. Felt that happened for a reason and this is my lifelong quest; to search for life after death answers and document the evidence in doing so.

It seems as if every group on TV represents a different facet of paranormal investigation. TAPS takes a very scientific approach while Penn State Paranormal seems much more spiritual in their investigations. How would you describe the techniques used by your own group?
EMOTIONAL. We like to research the history of a location before we investigate. Knowing the names of the persons who departed there and who may be trapped there lends us our signature style in which we incorporate into every single investigation. Before you interview someone, doing back-history on them will provide you with better answers. We use the same concept. Also, we are versed in all aspects of investigating and feel bringing a background in all styles is the best combination in getting us that next piece of evidence. Kinda like the UFC now. In the old cage-fights of the UFC back in the 90’s each fighter specialized in one kind of style: Grappling, Boxing, Greco-Roman Wrestling, etc. Now, all fighters are now versed in all mixed-martial arts. That’s like us, we are now versed in several different styles. My best way to describe it!

Is the footage from the documentary available for independent analysis? Has there been much interest? The footage in the documentary is some of the most alarming evidence that I’ve ever seen.
Actually that’s why we feature various independant experts to analyze our footage in all our documentaries/ shows to get as close as we can to validating it for the public.

Do you ever work with other groups around Nevada?
We have collaborated with Nevada Paranormal Individuals: EVP Specialists Mark & Debby Constantino (Reno, NV), Paranormal research Author Janice Oberding (Reno, NV) and Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations (Las Vegas, NV)

What do you think is attributed to the recent surge in popularity of paranormal TV?
Nearly every human being on this planet has a Paranormal Story or experience. And Every single person on this planet wonders what happens when we perish. This is the most unexplainable part about our lives. People want to know more. We try to show them more through our Investigations and that will create the “popularity of paranormal TV.”

How much did you shoot vs. how much made the final cut in the documentary? Was there footage that you wished you could have put into the final product?

“How much did we shoot?” Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of footage. This documentary was the best evidence we got from nearly 3 years of filming and Investigating.

Have you been back to the Goldfield Hotel since the initial investigation featured in the documentary? Because I gotta tell ya, the finale was downright chilling.
Actually we hosted a LIVE GAC (Ghost Adventures’ Crew) Ghost hunt for our fans at the Goldfield Hotel earlier this year and had nearly 100 people attend. The best part was over 25 people eye-witnessing poltergeist activity of throwing rocks taking flight by themselves during our Investigation! It rocked! Really shows you that this stuff does happen and can be downright frightening and chilling!

One of the most common questions I’m asked is will there be a DVD available?
We are working on the DVD Release now.planned for October ’08

Seems like every cable network is clamoring for their own paranormal shows. Sci-Fi, Discovery, History, etc. I understand that you were picked up for a weekly series on The Travel Channel?
Yes, we are actually in production now and are already almost halfway through filming our new Series! This will be a take on the Paranormal that no one has seen before and will be retaining our RAW and EXTREME nature as modeled in our original documentary.

How many episodes are planned?
Eight 1-hour Episodes filmed entirely on HD!

Can you talk about some of your investigations? The locations and their background? Would love to but that’s very confidential!
We could say that we are targeting locations haunted by evil spirits, for we feel with our style of Investigating we can get more activity and some of this activity we are now getting is getting downright dangerous. But hey, guess that’s why we are extreme.

How do you choose a location for both an investigation and the filming of an episode?

(See above). and we also only choose locations that have a deep dark history with reports of paranormal activity by eyewitnesses and victims!

Is the cast still you, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin? Any new faces in your group?
That’s the Cast and will always be that cast! No new faces, but we will be bringing new knowledge, new paranormal equipment, new approaches to our investigations, and added scientific approaches/ equipment.

How did the three of you hook up for Ghost Adventures?

Nick Groff and myself became friends in Vegas and found we had similar Paranormal Encounters and spontaneously decided to hit the road and Investigate these Haunted Old Mining Towns in Nevada. We hired Aaron Goodwin as our Camera Operator and Aaron had no clue what this was all about until we hit the road!

When can we expect this show to launch?

Our new series, Ghost Adventures, Premiere’s on the Travel Channel October 17th at 9pm and will air every Friday night thereafter Prime-Time at 9pm.

Thanks, Zak! We’ll keep an eye out for the show in October.  Keep up with what’s going on with the show at their Myspace profile.


  1. October 31, 2008 10:48 am

    Brandon Smith

    Jason and Grant suck they dont make it believable or scary, they are starting to annoy me. You guys are the shit and make me want to watch the entire show and watch reruns. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. November 4, 2008 12:34 pm


    ZAK IS HOT!!

  3. November 4, 2008 11:30 pm


    will there be new episodes??

  4. November 8, 2008 12:26 am

    darrell hardesty

    watching your show gave me diarrhea and i realized that you guys dont even come close to taps and tell mr.muscles that he needs to stop shoping in the little boys department

  5. November 8, 2008 12:36 am

    darrell hardesty

    you guys are scared of your own shadow

  6. November 8, 2008 12:26 pm


    I love the show. My adrenaline rushes every Friday night I watch it. I respect you guys so much in proving to the world there is a darker side to life and death. I’ve become more of a believer since watching you in action. I’ve had my own ghostly experiences when I was a child. I’ve heard but never seen. So I was never sure whether or not to believe. Since watching the show and all the evidence I’ve seen so far has made me a believer. Especially the episode where you were at the prison and all of a sudden your breath was visible. That was a changing point in my life. Now I have a little more ambition to further my researsh in paranormal.

  7. November 8, 2008 3:41 pm

    Carol Beem

    Firstly, I do enjoy the show although I am troubled by the language. I realize you are three young men and the F word is part of your lives but many of us still find the word unacceptable. I would enjoy the show more without the profanity. Also, I can’t believe three young bucks like you guys are so scared of a bang or a noise in the corner. Over acting perhaps? It is fun though and I enjoy the performances. Thank you.

  8. November 8, 2008 5:39 pm


    TAPS is the real deal; The jury is still out on these guys

  9. November 9, 2008 3:34 pm


    the show is ok but the constant shhhh,,shhshhshh..shushing gets really annoying!!!

  10. November 10, 2008 3:00 pm


    I like the show…Please stop with all the profanity as my young son likes to watch too. Also you guys do act like a bunch of kids at a sleepover. What are you gonna do if you ever have a ghost appear to you? DUDE RUN!!

  11. November 13, 2008 10:25 am


    Awesome show, I love watching it.
    I’ve had quite a few of ghostly experiences myself. I don’t think I can do what you guys are doing though..I’m not scared of ghosts but some do follow you and I wouldn’t want that. lol

  12. November 14, 2008 9:45 pm

    Sabrina Bailey

    I watch it, just to see Zak, otherwiae I think they are grasping at straws

  13. November 15, 2008 12:52 am


    You got my adrenaline runnin’ while watching with my big eyes – I do believe in Ghosts and I’m sooo grateful you share stories and videos of them to show us with our eyes to believe – but one thing troubles me is that Kevin (and some of you, too) swears alot…my two kids likes to watch it with me sometimes – and they get upset when they hear the swearings. Do you know that thousands of people are watching? Then whats the point of camrecording and knowing that it’s shown in public? So think twice before swearing!!!!! Oh Crikey!

  14. November 17, 2008 10:42 pm


    The show would have a lot more validity if you guys didn’t run and scream every time something happened. This leads me to believe that the show is a hoax.

  15. November 19, 2008 11:46 pm


    Seriously, everything that you guys say is ridiculous (the commentators). They are bleeping out the profanity that you hear. If I was there I would probably be thrown around some bad words because no one realizes how scared you can get by staying overnight in these places. No one seems to try it but them, and those who do are just as scared. All of you make it seem easier than it is, when you’re only “talking the talk” but not “walking the walk”.

  16. November 21, 2008 4:49 pm


    hey i think zak is really hot. bt y dose he alwayz wear black? he 2 fine n black though. im just want u 2 kno that this is the best show eva. i love u guys keep goin.

  17. November 22, 2008 12:36 am


    I agree with all of the above comments. Your show is exciting to watch. As several people mentioned though, the language is pretty bad guys. Try to clean it up a little for the younger audience. I do think the sssshhhhhhh is a little overused as well. We just watched the episode from Northern NJ in the insane asylum. I thought that was pretty creepy myself. Kudo’s to the one who stayed in the morgue for over an hour. No freakin way dude. All in all, Zak’s pretty easy on the eyes, the show’s are exciting and keep up the good work. We look forward to Friday night tv again.

  18. November 22, 2008 1:50 pm

    Bryan White

    I just want to make everyone aware since there’s a lot of comments directed AT Zak. This isn’t his website. He has a Myspace. This interview is from June.

  19. November 22, 2008 10:39 pm


    Ghost Adventures is one of the most interesting paranormal series I have ever seen! Even though I am Catholic, I still believe that some spirits are still trapped here on this planet in certain places for reasons unknown. it’s kind of sad, once you think about it….. I’m also a bit concerned about Zak’s somewhat pugnacious manner to try and provoke the more malevolent spirits. I know he wants a reaction, but I’m concerned about what those spirits could do physically to him.0.0

  20. November 29, 2008 12:12 am


    Zak is soooo hot!!!!!! The show is soooo cool.

  21. November 29, 2008 2:43 am

    Mike and Pam

    We think all you jerkoffs who get offended by censored blips of swearing should fuck off. Furthermore, why are you allowing your young children to view documented paranormal activity? How the fuck do they get to sleep at night? If they are old enough to watch the show then I’m sure that their fragile little fuckin ears can handle an occasional bleeped-out curse word. Chances are they have already heard it elsewhere. Maybe they heard it from parents arguing or their drunk uncle? If they haven’t heard this kind of language before then I can guarantee some little punk at school will let them know how to use all the best words. Eat shit you uptight assholes! Lastly, if you don’t like the show then don’t fuckin watch it, tune into TAPS or Paranormal State, both of which don’t have shit on Ghost Adventures. The bottom line is that Ghost Adventures is the best paranormal show currently on television which is why you watch it. All you dickheads who love to hate should either pull your heads out of your asses or fuck off.

  22. November 29, 2008 1:04 pm

    Bryan White

    Thanks, Mike and Pam for that insightful and deeply ignorant post. See you on Youtube.

  23. November 29, 2008 2:44 pm


    omg! i think bryan is wicked hot!! hes the only reason i read anything at cs!!

  24. December 1, 2008 12:36 pm


    There’s lots of comments that Zak is “hot.” There’s no need to state the obvious folks…. I agree that GA is an awesome show. My husband and I look forward to watching both GH/TAPS and GA weekly. I agree with the language needing some cleaning up on GA though. GH/TAPS is much more verbally clean and youngster friendly. Other than that, keep up the good work! Your enthusiasm is GREAT and your desire to find the truth is admirable. Throughout my life I’ve had numerous unexplainable events happen. For many people they don’t understand what it’s like to personally experience an object moving on it’s own, or a TV or radio coming on by itself, or feeling the presence of something near you. It is very frightening, so I for one understand why you respond to the unexplainable the way you do. Just be yourself and continue to entertain us with your search for answers.


  25. December 1, 2008 6:20 pm


    WOW are people seriously dumb enough to not read “and interview with” sweet jesus people!!!!

  26. December 2, 2008 12:10 pm


    i been recording episodes andive acuttaly experinces myself and the show rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. December 6, 2008 10:01 am


    I get a kick out of ghost programs, though I do not believe ghosts are the dead who are “trapped” in some nebulous other dimension. As a Catholic I don’t believe people have that kind of control after their passing. I do however believe in spirits of a demonic nature. I also think it’s plausible since time is a dimension that much activity can be a residual loop of the past.
    Not sure Ghost Hunters is all “legit” – ie – check out the controversy regarding the 2008 live event and the so-called ghost tug on Grant’s coat. I watch for entertainment value and Ghost Adventures keeps my attention. So carry on Zak and the gang!

  28. December 6, 2008 12:38 pm


    Shut up about all the cursing problems. Just imagine if you were there and going through all that. I don’t see any of you taking time to stand there and say a prayer while bricks are flying at your head. It adds to experience of the show. Like he said EMOTION! It’s not like your kids won’t be cursing by the time their in high school anyways. It’s bleeped out. Get over it. Great show guys. Keep it REAL. It’s what makes the show so great!

  29. December 6, 2008 2:54 pm


    I can’t believe those parents who don’t like their kids to hear cursing. If you ask me I would say ghost stories are more effecting on their little brain than some fuck words. And lets not forget that we all use the word fuck every now and than, this show is the best and most genuine ghost show ever televised on TV.

    for all the wonderful parents who think cursing is BAD for their little children, shouldn’t those perfect little children be in bed by 9:00 PM any ways? Or wait why should they sleep early! I mean after all it’s Friday night right? Why not watch ghost stories with their mammy and daddy so they can piss their panes later at night when all the lights are off. Come on people get real

  30. December 7, 2008 4:10 pm

    James and Jami

    Right on Mike and Pam!

  31. December 8, 2008 1:39 pm


    I have seen the Ghost haunters and you are up thare with the most haunted team your team is doing one hell of a get.

  32. December 8, 2008 3:12 pm


    jesus talks to me

  33. December 9, 2008 7:53 pm


    This show rocks. Every time I watch it gives me the chills.. creepy! About the screaming and running… well who wouldn’t? If you hear a creepy voice or saw something that can scare the hell out of you. It makes the show to look more REAL and VALIDATED. They always capture evidence and EVP recordings.. except TAPS. Taps is all about drama and BS.. I cant stand Jason and his crew. They never catch nothing.

  34. December 9, 2008 8:30 pm


    You guys have the only show that I get totally pissed when I miss it… You guys rock! Keep up the great work.

  35. December 13, 2008 1:55 am


    i love it when i see evidence that gives me chills and shudders!
    like the brick being thrown and the full body transparent apparition following Nick out of the room! ….even better is when it scares my hubby too!
    i think there needs to be an all paranormal network…
    all ghosties …all the time

  36. December 13, 2008 2:05 am


    people like “suck and spam” make a good case for psychiatric medicine
    …hey, here’s a clue: if anyone loves to hate, it’s TOOLS like yourselves
    pathetic angry depressed teenagers, don’t you have a body part to pierce?

  37. December 13, 2008 9:52 am


    some of the comment on this page are funny, its easy for people tp say that they should quit swearing and that they run away to much but put yourselves in their shoes and guess what?????????? you guys would probably crap your pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch the show every week and as the shows go on I see them getting better with every show especially arron he has gotton so that he does not want to quit and acts more proffesional at it then when the show began. zak he provokes but that makes the show and draws out paranormal activity.nick he’s cool also, and if you guys read these comments Hey your doing a great job keep up the good work. steve.

  38. December 13, 2008 4:33 pm


    OMG! Zak is sooo fuckin hot!

  39. December 13, 2008 6:33 pm


    Way to say it Bryan! I actually enjoy both Ghost Adventures and TAPS. I think that both bring interesting and diverse information about the paranormal. In regard to Mike and Pam’s comments, what a couple of angry and insecure idiots! Aren’t people entitled to opinion without being called uptight assholes? Does that make you feel good about yourselves? ” All you dickheads who love to hate?” Wow! Who sounds like a hater? Duh! Obviously Mike and Pam don’t have any morals or children. If they do have the latter, or are planning on it. That scares me.

  40. December 13, 2008 7:04 pm


    Oh shit! I think that I just saw a ghost! Shit! Can’t you tell that I’m really scared because I just said shit?

  41. December 16, 2008 6:34 am


    I really like this show. It is very fancy and not that standard every day show. The ideas of the producer are very great and they always bring new elements to it. Very cool. Never stop sending…

  42. December 19, 2008 10:45 pm


    Zak is an a**. I am sick of hearing him say “shut up” to his partners. He is so rude, I quit watching.

  43. December 20, 2008 10:21 pm


    You guys kick ass. To hell with all these haters on here. Your guys knowledge/ bravery has increased for sure. Continue to do what you do!

  44. December 27, 2008 12:10 am

    Your Mom


    Learn English you illiterate numbskull. You sound like a moron when you talk.

  45. December 27, 2008 2:55 am

    Blue Angel

    To tell you the truth, did you know that Zak Bagans is the kind of guy that I am actually attracted to? Tall, very dignified, lean but bulky muscular arms, and clean cut. Now I am not saying that I have a crush on Zak I am just saying is that this is the kind of guy I am attracted to.

  46. December 27, 2008 11:26 pm



  47. December 31, 2008 2:54 am


    I always watch ghost hunters they were great but when I show Ghost Adventures I stop watchin Josh and Grant. Zak, Nick, and Aaron ya’ll keep it up. One more thing Zak Bagan forget about those haters hate on you and you look sexy.

  48. January 5, 2009 12:55 pm


    I think the interview was great. Its cool to know that these guys are taking the time to document the history and stories behind a haunting or suggested haunting. I like the approach that Ghost Adventures has with investigating.
    The people complaining about the cursing and shooshing really need to just lighten up. First off this is a show that airs at 9pm and otherwise is slated for adults to watch. Second, if you were in a building that is pitch black and has ghost walking around, I think if you smelt, felt and heard that they were present in the room, you’d be cursing too. I think their emotions make it more exciting because for me, it makes me feel what they are feeling and see what they are feeling. Also, I’d rather the guys BE THEMSELVES and see raw footage then a scripted show. Let them be themselves and if a few bleeps during the show bothers you that much, then don’t watch it. I really don’t even pay attention to that, I’m more interested in what’s on their cameras and going along with the experience.

    You guys are awesome. Can’t wait for season 2! Rock on!

  49. January 17, 2009 8:50 pm


    Omg I love the show, the adrenaline is amazing, it is such a show I can relate to. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

  50. January 18, 2009 4:32 pm


    TAPS has got to be scripted because It doesnt seem real to me. Me and my dad watch Ghost Adventures and freak out to the point where we cant sleep. I mean Ghost Adventures with the evps and stuff, is prettty freaking amazing my favorite was the Assylum that they went to and locked I think it was nick in the mourge, that was creepy.

  51. January 30, 2009 6:23 am


    Hey guys
    Ghost Adventures is great entertainment and credible show . I mean they go to the trouble to prove that the filming of the flying brick was real and not fabricated by using and external source.

  52. January 30, 2009 9:56 pm

    jorge and perla

    ur show its the B.O.M.B…man this is by far the BEST show i have ever seen of paranormal investigations……ur style is so unique…keep up the good work!!!!!

  53. January 31, 2009 1:43 pm


    At first I was a believer when I saw the brick sail through the air at Zak. Recently, though along with a few other strange things on the shows (Doll moves) I am convinced that these anomalies have been set up by ZAK. Sure the brick scene was checked out by some Psyics guy who stated that it could not be fake because a string or wire could not be used to move the brick,,due to it’s weight and so forth. After looking at the footage many times, it is obvious that the so called brick is something very light weight such as a styro foam brick! Now, it would be easy to fake a brick flying through the air. View the footage with this in mind. Hence, ZAKie would have had to pre set this whole thing up,,which means that he had entry and time to do so. Remember what the cops say, MOM- Motive, opportunity, method- Get it ZAK.

  54. February 6, 2009 11:21 pm

    The Ghost of Jom Tones

    Just wanted to say…the first time I watched your show, I had just finished eating a bowl of potatoes and I swear to you, I literally fed the nearest toilet a bowl of potatoes! Seriously guys…it’s getting dangerous. Consider other peoples toilets. Thanks Alot!

  55. February 12, 2009 8:23 pm

    Claudia Rothman

    Hey, I just want to say sorry for the negative comments,….here is the deal. You are the best ,you will always be the best. The show is perfect. You don’t have to change a thing.My family and I adore the show. I can’t imagine it not being on.We are hooked, addicted, and smitten.Can’t wait for season 2.We totally believe in the paranormal and we love joining you for the ride. People ask me if i like the show and i say “F—K” yeeeeaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!…how’s that I just said a bad word…my bad LOL…..seriously I not worried about the boring,silly folks that bash the show ,I’m just looking foward to rest,it is going to be amazing …love you guys take care

  56. February 14, 2009 8:28 pm


    They bleep out the swear words, but it is simply UNAVOIDABLE to watch a reality show without them. Think about it….as George Carlin used to say…it is just a word. We place some bad meaning onto that combination of letters, and boom it becomes offensive. Honestly, there is no way I could not endure what these three guys see, hear, and experience without losing it a few times. They are human, not robots. Also…it is NOT their fault if the editors decide to leave the swear words in, and bleep them. I judge these paranormal reality shows by the chills it gives me, & I don’t scare easily. Watching Ghost Adventures, not only have I gotten chills, but this show has even managed to kept me awake a few times. I love to be scared. It is a total rush. I guess…and I have not been remotely scared since I was a little kid, and I missed it for some strange reason. I like the concept, the format, the action, and even your choice of graphic fonts. I wish I could be there with you guys. Just a great idea, I am so glad a producer gave you guys a chance.

  57. February 15, 2009 2:35 am


    I have just recently been watching this show, and man I gotta tell ya this has to be the most believable paranormal show I have ever watched. You can just tell by their emotions, just look at their faces when they experience some paranormal activity. You can see their eyes tearing up from the adrenaline rush and I experience the same thing watching the footage they are filming. I have also experienced some paranormal events and am a believer that there are spirits roaming the earth. I would love to do some of the things they do with some buddies of mine, but I would be afraid that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

  58. February 15, 2009 3:47 pm


    how the fuck do people not realize this was an interview and you are not the dude from the show and they probably havent been back to the site to read the comments that these dumb people are leaving???

  59. February 19, 2009 5:26 pm

    Syd da Punk


  60. February 21, 2009 7:23 pm


    I do paranormal investigations and The Queen Mary is a hot spot! =]

  61. February 24, 2009 12:41 am

    Joyce McIntyre

    I would like to know where I can write to Zak and the guys?

  62. February 28, 2009 9:16 pm

    El Doucheo Bago

    I love people that hate naughty language. LOL, get over it you fucking tools.

  63. March 6, 2009 1:10 am

    Joyce McIntyre

    I think Zak and the guys are better then Most Haunted, Ghost Hunter and I will tell why. ZAK IS HANDSOME

  64. March 12, 2009 2:28 am

    marina guevara

    I love the show, if yo don’t like all the cussing why are you watching the show? If I had a brick thrown at me trust me all the bad words be coming out. and I’ve trying to talk to zak himself so if anybody knows how please let me know! I want to ask some question about the show and future locations.

  65. March 14, 2009 5:50 pm


    Would love to give Zak a nice massage

  66. March 14, 2009 8:41 pm

    liz tan



    LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!

  67. March 17, 2009 1:37 am


    Zak is the hottest! I would love to cuddle up to him when I have a nightmare!
    He’s soooo cute. My boyfriend gets jealous when I mention him too!

  68. March 19, 2009 12:26 am

    marina guevara

    this Is for “your mom” and “taps fan” you to sound like a couple of idiots if you hate zak so much why are you on this website you must like it if you came on a take some time to write a stupid comment so you to need to shut the fuck-up and stop trashing the show!! and, yes I am a huge fan of the show and the biggest fan zaks!!

  69. March 22, 2009 11:59 pm


    The show might be scary, its all phony and staged

  70. March 24, 2009 12:14 am

    Joyce McIntyre

    I think Zak is hot and I wish we had men up here in the Adirondacks like Zak. But all we have are Rednecks which makes it very hard to fall in love. However ; if we had more Zak,s in this world then being in the arms of a man like that would make my day. Oh HECK my nights too.

  71. March 26, 2009 12:10 pm


    wow these people just get dumber huh?

  72. March 28, 2009 1:00 pm

    Rick James Super Freak Bitch Crack Whore

    For those parents who let their perfect little angels watch a paranormal show and are offended by the bleeped out swearing, FUCK OFF HARD. I’m so sick of parents pointing the finger at everyone else when their children are exposed to the real world. YOU raise your child. YOU change the FUCKING channel if you don’t like the swearing. YOU lock your children in the house and don’t let them have any contact in the real world, so that when they ARE exposed to it, they’ll snap and become crackhead prostitutes in Idaho living in a closed down Rent-A-Center building. FUCK OFF HARD.

  73. March 28, 2009 1:46 pm

    Bryan White

    This is officially the worst article I have on the site.

  74. March 29, 2009 2:43 pm



  75. March 30, 2009 9:37 am


    wow bry, since people seem to be dumb enough to think that responding here to an interview is a direct way to talk to Zak Bagans why dont you “admit the flying brick was not real” and collect said cash?

  76. March 30, 2009 9:41 am

    Bryan White

    Attention everyone! The flying brick was not real! We rigged it up with fishing line and flung it at the camera.

    Please send your $4.5 million dollars to the address on the About page.

    Man, that was easy!

  77. April 16, 2009 6:46 pm


    you are awsome zak

  78. April 16, 2009 7:00 pm


    some of you never get out but zak and the crew are off the hock i love zak he is sssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  79. April 17, 2009 2:13 pm


    i love how kiki spelled hook…shes a real smart one hey bry(ooops i mean zak) you should try and get her number

  80. April 18, 2009 3:19 am


    hay i love the show you guys do a great job im all ways on end wating to see what is around the next corner. its the most beleve able show that ive ever sean.im a loyal fan for get all thes outher loosers that say your show is fake cuz realy its not we all know that eny way bottom line great show and your true fans will fallow the entire show much like my self.keep up the good work and do what you do.

  81. April 18, 2009 4:01 pm


    I loved the show. I think I saw it last week for the first time when you were at some prison and scared of snakes. I was absolutely glued to the tv when you were in goldfield. Need the dvd or to get this dvr’d asap. I get so sick of watching Ghosthunters and others. “Was that you walking”, “Who is that”, “Did you hear that”. No we didn’t hear it because you all wont shut the f up. On your show, you actually try to confirm, stay calm, and get the activity documented for the audience to see. I was going to move to Vegas and would have loved to be part of the show. I am now relocating to California but will still look for any upcoming events / appearances you have.

  82. April 27, 2009 3:13 pm


    This show is simply amazing…it cannot be but into words. I’ve had lots of experiences myself as a paranormal investigator. This show is where i got my inspiration. Thanks a lot you guys and keep up the good work!

  83. May 18, 2009 5:36 pm

    Alexis Hardy

    I like Zak alot and i love the show because they don’t automatically think that every orb is dust like jason from ghost hunters. i wonder if they will hire me. ill work for free just to be on there team.

  84. May 22, 2009 8:18 pm


    I enjoy watching Ghost Adventures because I am a paranormal investigator for TPR (Texas Paranormal Research). I love how they stay in lock-down in these haunted places over night. They try to prove to so many the existance of the paranormal. They are the most believe-able “ghost hunters” on t.v. I know that the actuall Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi are supposed to be big and stuff but I parsonally don’t like them. They are not interesting, are fake, and I don’t believe in all of there equipment that weighs more than they do. I know from a relyable sorce that they have faked some of the things that have happened on there show. Now, Ghost Adventures, I know they are real, entertaining, and I love how they do things. I hope people can see how mutch they are devoted to what they do

  85. June 6, 2009 4:40 pm

    e krasner

    We caught the rerun of “Sloss Furnace..” episode.
    we were focusing on the footage where Nick is in the tunnel alone with the EVP…and captured the voice they thought was saying “…I hate Zack…” –and to us it sounded more as though the voice was saying “…I hate Slag…”
    (Slag being the name of the foreman.)
    We wish that Zak, Nick and Aaron were a little less excitable so that they may get more out of what they are turning up.

  86. June 12, 2009 2:19 am

    Bobbi Laine

    Your show has completely taken over my Friday nights! I have always been fascinated in the paranormal and I am always watching, reading or even experiencing it myself. I have watched the other shows and to me your show just feels real. Its a group of young men going into these deserted places and just living the experience so that all of America can watch. The fact that you jump at noises and get scared shows me that its real and you really are experiencing it, while TAPS and all the other shows seem to just make it up. They don’t make it feel real. And to the people who ask you guys to stop cursing is ridiculous. I would like to see you try and do what the Ghost Adventures does and not blurt every foul word in the dictionary. It is a natural and compulsive thing to do when something that isnt there makes itself known. That being said, I LOVE YOUR SHOW GUYS! Keep up the good work!

  87. June 15, 2009 10:15 am

    michael sloan

    Mike and Pam you guys suck!!!!!!!!!!

  88. June 15, 2009 10:20 am

    michael sloan

    yo teeroonie I think there should be a paranormal network maybe just Ghost Adventures network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. June 15, 2009 7:01 pm

    michael sloan

    mike and pam fuckin’ suck dick and lick vagina’s!!!!!!!!!!

  90. June 25, 2009 4:58 pm


    this is to all the people who do not like (GAC).you sux a** . you all envyess of the guys cuz you cant do what they do . and do it w/ style.

  91. June 27, 2009 2:37 am


    I like the show but have to agree with the other posters about the way you guys jump at shadows or any little noise. You need to be alot more professional about this and stop the overacting. You need to sound alot better when speaking Zak. When you draw out the words I feel like a 3 year old. Just speak normal and LISTEN MORE!!. Don’t try to be such a Billy bad ass all the time and harrass the ghosts. Also, you need alot more equipment, like night vision cameras. It also wouldn’t hurt to add a female for us guys to look at.When you going to do the Waverly???

  92. July 4, 2009 5:05 pm


    I luv Ghost Adventures!!! Zac is sooo sexy!!! I ♥ U Zac!!!

  93. July 10, 2009 10:00 pm


    i can’t stand this guy! what a douche! i always get sucked into watching this totally staged crap beacuse he is such a nerd! and ladies, seriouly…what’s with that stupid hairdoo and that dumb hulky stance? what a dork! i can’t believe this show actually has followers! i watch it for the same reason i would watch a trainwreck…it’s terrible. he’s so gross.

    ***and he is such a jerk to his crew…total jackass.***

  94. July 14, 2009 11:19 am


    ghost adventures rocks , and the crew is absolutely fantastic , unlike the taps that is full of hypocrites like steve (who did his best to take the position of brian harnois) jason ,robb,etc… , they keep repeating the same shit over and over and talking shit about other members of the taps , getting just little evidence in their shows , now for the haters of ghost adventures we are not surprised , you just hate people with muscles and people who look great , because simply you`re envious of `em , Zak looks great and always improves his look , and his show , and he`s not a jerk to his crew , they are friends .

  95. July 18, 2009 2:22 pm


    I caught an episode of the show. I believe the episode was Preston Castle, anyway during the walk through in the living room, a huge mirror hung over the fireplace. No on mentioned the two faces in the mirror, we recorded this and played it back and you can clearly see two faces, both men one wore eyeglasses. Who were these two men and why were they not mentioned in the show?

  96. July 19, 2009 11:36 am


    Yo Jen.You just hate Zak because you can’t have him.I agree with mostafa.Zak has a nice(can’t bellive I’m admiting it)ass.Zak if you read this I am a huge,I mean huge FAN!;)

    P.S.Awsome sho guys.Ceep it rolling.

  97. July 19, 2009 11:28 pm


    wow this interview was from forever ago. i love ghost adventures. ive seen every episode.

  98. July 20, 2009 9:44 am



  99. July 23, 2009 7:49 pm


    ghost adventures is so cool , every firday me and my sis sit in da dark , eat candy and get so scared by ghost adventures
    plus watchin grown men get scared is so funny

  100. July 24, 2009 10:09 pm


    i just love ghost adventures i watch it every friday & it’s every cool, i believe in ghost & i think you’re just one hot & funny guy just saying. I love the travel channle my aunt & uncle watch it all the time & my mom does & i watch it to so i think it’s cool. So i hope y’all come too TEXAS for ghost.


  101. July 31, 2009 10:39 pm


    i luv zak he is sooooooooooooooooo hot!

  102. August 4, 2009 1:08 pm

    brook h.

    U R HOTT ZAK i love you im your #1 fan i love the show and i do beleive in ghosts because some haunt my house me and my friend LOVE u but i love u more!!!!!!!!

  103. August 4, 2009 1:12 pm

    brook h.

    Hey ghost adventures crew come to Kalamazoo MI and see me i watch u every friday night and U R SOOOOO HHHHOOOOOTTTTT HOT I LOVE U please come and see me

  104. August 4, 2009 1:18 pm

    brook h.

    if i ever got your autograph on my arm ZAK I WOULD GET IT TATOOED.
    when i move out im gonna get the same tatoos as zak

  105. August 4, 2009 7:26 pm


    wow ur touched…short bus and all

  106. August 10, 2009 11:58 am


    guys please tell steve thats he really sucks and that he was never a pro but piece of crap and that he acted like a 5 years kid in an international tv channel this is his f******g myspace account http://www.myspace.com/44821 thank you in advance

  107. August 10, 2009 10:25 pm

    Kim Beresford

    OMG, I love the show – Ghost Adventures – and I’m thrilled when the spooky stuff happens and laugh my ass off when the crew gets spooked! I’m a 55 year old mother of two young people and we’ve all experienced the paranormal. Oh yeah, it’s real. Thank you Zak, Nick and Aaron – Good stuff. KB 8-10-09

  108. August 16, 2009 2:42 am


    ZAK u r so friggen SEXY it ain’t funny!!! Me and my sis luv watchin ur show. Have u eva cosidered having a 12 year old girl on the show?lol(: tell nick and aaron i said hi! but u are stilll sooooooooo adoreable. xoxoxo to the ghost adventurers u guys rock. and zak is still the hotest!!!!!!!!

  109. August 16, 2009 7:40 pm


    Hey i think Zak is really hot and i lyk how guys r strong. plus i record every episode because there r sum cool and scary places but i watch it 2 see zak u r so hot. plus i love da show. u need a man lyk zak, a nice stron man and handsome lol Allycat

  110. August 16, 2009 8:15 pm


    hey zak i wish i were u r girlfriend u r so freaking SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u r show its totally awsome i watch it and record it every friday i love u r muscle’s

  111. August 16, 2009 8:18 pm



  112. August 17, 2009 7:44 pm


    hey “zak” tell this girl to go fuck herself. you are mine and i own knives

  113. August 21, 2009 2:33 pm


    I Love Ghost Adventures!!!! Its GREAT!!!

  114. August 22, 2009 4:47 am


    I really like ghost adventures cause its such a good show and quite frankly why I look 4wrd 2 friday nights. It doesn’t scare me 2 much cause I’m not that easily scared but they are all so hilarious!! I luv it! A lot of u say Zak and the crew needs to act more proffesional… I don’t think so!! I luv the way they react its so cute!!! And 4 all u ppl that say Zak Bagans is seXxi…I totally agree!!! Ghost Adventures Rox!!!

  115. August 29, 2009 4:15 pm


    And I thought youtubers were dumb. Wow.

  116. August 30, 2009 9:47 pm

    Bryan White

    You said it. This comments thread is about the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  117. September 4, 2009 3:45 pm


    what am i fealing wat am i doing is this an elusion wat is this filing in my heart
    what am i doing wrong dont know what to do i think im in love with you zak bagans i love you hold up wait a minut you so damn indapendent amor no esamor

  118. September 26, 2009 9:22 pm


    I love Ghost Adventures also it is my favorite show I watch it every Fiday and if I miss it at 9 I will watch it at 1. Zak Bagans is my idol, I’m only 11 but I can see ghosts almost everywhere I go; People don’t believe I can but I can that’s all I really need to say. Nick is an also great guy he is usually the guy that captures a lot of EVPs. Then comes Aaron, Aaron is a great camera guy. Zak is my favorite though, I would love to meet himin person but I live in PA so I don’t know about the chances but I’m still confident. My cousins also watch GA (Ghost Adventures) they all love it. I personally think Ghost Adventures is a real show and yet the best show, on the first episode a.k.a. “The Begining” I was completely amazed when I saw all the footage that was captured. Like all the orbs, EVPs, apparitions. I mean come on if it was me I would have only heard things that were said and saw orbs. When I saw an orb go down Zaks arm I completely freaked. I just don’t see how the guys do it,well yeah I do lol but seriously when I see a ghost I flip and want to scream. I guess they are just use to it. But regardlessly I willl always wath Ghost Adventures and be in love with Zak Bagans lol. P.S. please come to Pittsburgh and get evidence!!!! Love,Alyssa

  119. September 26, 2009 9:33 pm


    i can’t stand this guy! what a douche! i always get sucked into watching this totally staged crap beacuse he is such a nerd! and ladies, seriouly…what’s with that stupid hairdoo and that dumb hulky stance? what a dork! i can’t believe this show actually has followers! i watch it for the same reason i would watch a trainwreck…it’s terrible. he’s so gross.

    ***and he is such a jerk to his crew…total jackass.***


  120. September 26, 2009 11:12 pm


    I can’t believe how ignorant most of you seem. This is a reality series with reality happenings. I think if you were in a haunted building (or maybe even your own basement) in the middle of the night and had a brick fling across the room you would jump and scream too. Zak is a great looking Dude and makes watching the show even more interesting. Look, I typed this entire paragraph with correctly spelled words – it CAN be done!

  121. October 5, 2009 12:44 pm


    to bryan white and warcover, nise…etc (the rest of the douchbags) i think you are just a cowards simply because you cannot face people ( or you would get your ass kicked all day and you would cry like a pig) , so you just hide behind your pc and type shit .
    to the fans of ghost adventures thank you guys , i thought there are just few who like the show and believe the paranormal , but i guess i m wrong , please keep supporting the show ,the existence of the paranormal proves us that we don’t live alone in this planet and we really know nothing about the other side , it proves us that there`s some form of life in different dimension , i actually had great experiences with the ghosts even before knowing about ghost shows , i rented a new apartment in 2001 ,from day one the ghost or the demon tried his best to chase me from my room by knocking aggressively on the wall in the middle of the night many times , even telling me to leave them in peace at 1.00 am (male voice and it was clear ) , i got slapped in the face once , even the (deceased owner) saw a white mist and when she tried to turn the light on to see properly , the bulb light exploded ….these are just few scary experiences from many that i had .

  122. October 5, 2009 1:24 pm

    Bryan White

    Dear Rob. Kindly suck my dick. This is my website and I’ll say what I want.

  123. October 5, 2009 5:07 pm


    you like all of the rest of the oooober intellegent people fail to see that fact that this was an interview and not a direct forum to the cast of ghost adventures. And as for you comments of ass kicking and hiding behind the pc…sweety thats just name calling, maybe there is a reason a ghost bitchslapped you

  124. October 5, 2009 9:23 pm


    white oh i didnt know this is your shity website anyway you don’t have a dick , you`re just a little FAG and fuck you :) , nise who cares if its forum or not , now suck my hairy dick.

  125. October 6, 2009 8:36 am


    gross your dicks hairy…
    now i see where the pent up aggression comes from

  126. October 6, 2009 1:44 pm


    nise shut up kid :}

  127. October 17, 2009 4:03 am


    Don’t believe what all these people say. I know ghost adventures is the real deal! Ghost are real, and so is Zak. I don’t fully understand why people enjoy watching T.A.P.S more than GA, I mean I can easily fall asleep to Ghost Hunters. Its boring as hell! But ghost adventures is different. Not only that Zak is eye candy, but its exiting, scary, and soooo fricken awesome!

  128. October 28, 2009 10:45 am


    the show is a hit and very believable! not only is zak easy on the eyes but nick and aaron aren’t too bad either! their reactions are real and the cursing and shhhing is exactly the way you react when you are in a closed in very dark place. all these idiots who are complaining about the cursing should get over it! why in the hell would you let your young kids watch this anyway…its an ADULT program. go watch nick with your kids instead!

  129. October 28, 2009 10:31 pm


    I am a 54 year old woman who loves Ghost Adventures and I think the crew are doing a great job. I watch it every Friday with my hubby and we think its so much better then GH[TAPS] I cant wait for the live show on oct 30th from 8pm till 3am. Favorite show along with American Idol!!! Keep up with the great job guys. To the parents who dont like the swearing, alot of the ghost shows do swear, so I would put another tv channel on for your young ones in another room!!!

  130. October 30, 2009 8:56 pm


    I enjoy the show but I have to say you guys need to get a better class of ghosts next season. Thats what Taps did and there ratings went thru the roof. Maybe you can get the kid from Three Men and a Baby, if he’s still around and working and still has his SAG card. Last I heard he was broke and living with Dana Plato in a camper parked in Shirley MacClains backyard. As far as Zack being hot, I don’t see it myself, but I guess if your a lil’ slut that likes being pushed around and beatdown like one of Mike Tysons bitches then I guess SteeroidBoy is your dreamfella. Personally, I think he needs to take a chillpill and shove it up his ass. For your sake i just hope he treats you better then the 2 dolla ho you are, or at least better then he does his crew, witch is about on the same level if you ask me. And by 2 dolla ho I’m talking to you Rob, you homeless lil’ fag. Tellya what, next time you get a crush on somebody keep it in your pants bigboy. Also dude, WTF is the deal with that dude Aaron? That dudes got a face that would scare the hell outta anythang he’s gonna run into in the dark, thats fo’ sho. I get chills just lookin’ at that big ugly muthafucka.

  131. November 9, 2009 4:19 pm

    Hardy girl

    Zak………………….is really really really fuckin hot i would fuck him hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. November 12, 2009 10:56 am


    i just threw up

  133. November 16, 2009 10:50 am

    Michele B

    Oh so perfect in many ways. Great show.

  134. December 3, 2009 5:23 am


    I love how everyone gets so worked up over a simple post. I agree with mike and pam. The show is great. Also whoever said zak was an ass guess what he’s a guy and we all are to our friends. That’s why they are our friends. Taps is stupid. Of you like that then go die. Please hang yourself. I’ll even pay you to do it. People need to stop bitching. If you don’t like the show here’s a thought, don’t look for an artical about it on the Internet. Simple enough I think. Although I love a good fight and am glad to voice my oppion, it pisses me off to see so many people trying to tell them how to do what they do. If you think you can do it better then grab a camra and hit the road. Otherwise sit back and shut the hell up. And about the cussing, it doesn’t bother me. If it offends you then your family isn’t a long line of navy seals. I’m use to it. I’ve even pick up some thing that would make a grown man cry. Listen bottom line this show is great. If you don’t think so then stop reading the you puss-nut piece of shit bastard and go fuck off. If you hate this show then why are you looking for stuff about it on the Internet you dumb fucks? Stop jacking us off by your hate mail and go kill yourself.

  135. December 5, 2009 1:42 pm

    Sarah LOVES ZAK

    Hey Zak,
    My name is Sarah.
    You are so AWESOME AND HOT!
    I love you and your show.
    PLease come to Michigan beause i want you atuo graph

    PS- i am haunted seriously i would never lie to you

  136. December 5, 2009 7:59 pm



  137. December 11, 2009 8:45 pm


    p.s. three people wrote this, but shadow is the one who has the major and, i mean MAJOR crush on Zak. 😉
    p.s.s. FlowerChild and Angel were dragged into this by me, Shadow. I am sorry for what I said, but you haters really tick me off, and I was just expressing my opinion. And besides, once I started, they kept it going.
    p.s.s.s.s. HELL YEAH MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from FlowerChild

  138. December 12, 2009 11:09 am

    Bryan White

    Just so we’re clear on this, Shadow. This isn’t a chatroom. You may have noticed that. Also, I don’t like to delete comments but the other five you left were really stupid and the people you’re trolling haven’t been back to this site since they left their comments, like, a year ago.

  139. December 15, 2009 6:06 pm


    Sorry… I don’t know what came over me… :(

  140. December 15, 2009 7:24 pm

    GA super-fan


  141. December 19, 2009 1:42 pm


    This is the best show I’ve ever seen! EVER! I’ve seen alot of shows too, but none of them even come close to comparing to Ghost Adventures. Yes there is alot of cussing, but it’s no worse than what you hear everywhere else in the world. In fact, it’s better than what you hear everywhere else because it’s actually bleeped out. I never understood why everyone freaks out ovr a little bleep. Anyway, this is the best show EVER! I don’t want them to change a single thing about it. Oh, and to all you haters why are you even looking up an interveiw with Zak Bagans if you hate the show so much?

  142. December 19, 2009 1:43 pm



  143. December 20, 2009 9:30 pm


    Zac’s hair is gross. Does he not see himself on camera? He needs to do something with it. He’s got a nice body, but that’s about it. I like the tech guy – he’s funny and often scared. :) I also don’t believe their “scratches” are real nor the teddy bear moving – it looked like it was being tugged by a string.

  144. December 24, 2009 8:44 pm


    i like to watch ghost adventures every friday and then after that i fuck my wife and sleep peacefully like an angel , ghost adventures rocks and that piece of shit taps sucks and they keep making new shows like ghost hunter academy etc but it`s not real , a lot of fake stuff on that show , plus the guy steve gonzalves is an asshole , a hypocrite he did his best to take the position of brian harnois , since the best guys left taps i changed my mind about the show so now i just watch gac , now guys do like me watch gac and fuck your wives/gfs after that , it feels good 😛 , brian i know you missed my comments .

  145. December 28, 2009 11:15 am


    i enjoy the show a lot. i think that zak is sooo hot its not even funny
    i love ghost adventures so much i watch it every friday when i get the chance I have had numerous ghost experiences and ever since watching this show it encouraged me to research it more and it actually also encourages me to be like them to join a paranormal investigation group. And every other show like that gay ass ghost hunter sucks its not real i watched ghost hunters once and it just didn’t feel real to me and when i watch ghost adventures it feels real that they aren’t joking they get hurt during these investigations and like i said before love their show and ZAK IS SO HOT! lol
    Loving the show so much man

  146. January 2, 2010 2:43 am


    Ghost Adventures is the SHIT… I always look forwad to friday night to wach the show,I roll a blunt and wacth the show… its best to watch it when you’re HIGH!!!! Ghost Adventures beats any other paranormal shows they are hardcore and have a lot of guts… Keep up the GREAT work fellas!!!!

  147. January 17, 2010 1:17 pm

    seth herr

    I watch the show for Aaron. Zak doesn’t seem to do any research or even listen to the people he’s interviewing. He just wanders around making senseless, insultingly witless comments to no one in particular. It doesn’t help that he dresses like a confused child born unto raver/wal mart shopper/goth/dirtbags and seems to think that his haircut should most resemble master chief’s helmet. Aaron, though. He may not have the greatest fashion sense but is there ever an unassuming sexuality that just pulls me into his every shot.

  148. January 19, 2010 2:33 am


    Love the show! Had enough of stud muffin Zak. How many times can he tell everyone to shut up just so he can keep talking. Or wait, if something happens to anyone, like cold spot or some personal painful event it will happen to stud boy zak even worse in the next minute or two. I do love the show and would love Aaron to just punch him in the head the next time he tells everyone to shhhhh because the important crap can only happen to him no one else. Grow up Zak you immature piece of “sh$&”.

  149. January 19, 2010 4:29 pm


    i have been watching this show for a few years now and i think that the work zak and his crew do is so amazing. when i first saw this show i didnt beleive in ghosts but since then i am a firm beleiver. and as to the cursing get the hell over it it is an ADULT show kids shouldnt be watching it anyway

  150. January 24, 2010 9:38 am


    I usually don’t comment to this type of stuff, but I have to say that this is the most ridiculous thing I have read (interview and comments both) in…a very long time. I realize that this interview took place a long time ago, but as a paranormal investigator myself, I felt the need to touch on a few things.
    First off, I’m not a fan of the show. I’m not really a fan of ANY paranormal shows at this point. What most people forget is that a TV show, is just that…a TV show. It’s a source of entertainment. Of course things are going to be staged and sensationalized, no one would watch an hour of nothing happening. Any paranormal investigator knows that the majority of cases you work on will not turn up any documented evidence. This does not mean a location does not have any paranormal phenomena occurring, sometimes you may have to investigate a location numerous times before something does turn up. So, in GA’s deffense, do not persecute them for staging anything. That also goes for TAPS, Paranormal State, and the rest of the paranormal “reality” shows. Did it occur to you that they do, in fact, have contracts to sign, and production company’s behind them that want to keep making money?
    Still, these shows have opened up more doors for paranormal investigators in certain ways, and they allow us to keep learning new things. The paranormal is a constant learning process. However, I feel that GA lacks in this area and is hurting the field more than helping. From listening to Zak speak, it’s painfully obvious he is not well educated in the paranormal. Yes, they have noted experts on the shows for various reasons, but these are the people who are driving this field, not GA, who are running around like teenagers that broke into an abandoned building.
    I don’t feel that they’re coming from an “emotional” stance at all. They are trying to find pissed off, “evil” spirits to piss off further to obtain “evidence”. To most investigators it’s not a game, it’s not about just going in and seeing how much evidence we can catch. It’s about helping people, the living and the dead, and learning more about ourselves, our souls, the afterlife and all those questions that have yet to be answered. I don’t understand what groups like this hope to accomplish. Okay, so you caught a “disembodied” voice….then what? Running around from location to location and piling up on EVP’s isn’t going to help anyone or answer any of the big questions. Speaking of EVP’s, I do need to say this on the topic since it really bothers me…most of their EVP’s are only distinguishable because they tell you what they say immediately. As soon as they put the words on the screen, your brain is automatically programmed to hear it. Other shows use this technique as well, but GA’s are the worst by far. I would not be able to present those to clients as legitimate EVP’s.
    As far as cussing goes, it happens. Being in a living room watching an edited tv show is much different than being in a pitch black insane asylum as something you can’t see grabs your clothing. Try it sometime, see if you don’t say ‘holy fuck’. I don’t even want to get into the topic of children watching these shows (ESPECIALLY paranormal shows GEARED toward children). It’s not a kids show. You don’t like the cussing, don’t let them watch. It’s as simple as that.

  151. January 24, 2010 3:14 pm


    During the episode of Pennhurst …someone on you tube caught something that scared the shit out of me:
    A shadow figure can clearly be seen in the window….

  152. January 25, 2010 12:42 pm

    Krystal Harvey

    I actually just have a question for the guys…. Can evil Entities try to possess through dreams? Have had a reoccurring dream over and over, but the latest one… I saw myself in 3rd person view on a white platform surrounded by darkness, then all of a sudden…I go back to 1st person view as I look over the edge…. This DARK shadowed figure reaches out and grabs me….I awoke…in my bed…..but the right side of my face was cold and tingly, and my right wrist as well…(like something was holding me down) Kept trying to pull myself away…couldn’t speak….wanted to cry, but couldn’t…… could move everything but my head and my arm for about 10 minutes till it just disappeared! when “it” released I fell out of bed…..DREAM OR REALITY?!?!? … Shortly after that experience..I awoke one night and saw several dark shadows wandering in circles in my room…speaking, but couldn’t make out the words…..should have been scared I guess….but they didn’t seem to mean any harm! I don’t know…. call me crazy if you’d like, but the spirit world has interested me since I was a child and had my first experiences…… I even went To Lemp mansion w/ a friend…we went there to check out some art work that was upstairs in some storage area….I went to use the restroom on the top floor….there were 2 doors on each side that had to be closed…when I went to reach for the door to open it…the door flew open and felt something go right through me…lets just say for once I was actually frightened….but have thought about going back…Have you checked out any places in the St.Louis area?!?!

  153. January 25, 2010 12:51 pm

    Zak Bagans from TV's Ghost Adventures

    Krystal, it sounds like you’re being stalked in your sleep by a level 3 thoughtform. You can look it up in either Tobin’s Spirit Guide or Spates Catalog for clues to where it came from and why it latched on to you.

    My recommendation is that you seek the help of local clergy. Catholic Priests all train in spiritual exorcism when in Seminary but they’re not allowed to talk about it because the Pope thinks it’s gay. We’d come down to help you out, personally, and tape you for our show, but I’m way too busy in Vegas spreading venereal disease among the tourist girls and buying hair product in bulk to support my ridiculous Jersey Shore hair.

    Suck it.

  154. February 7, 2010 4:10 am

    I M Gost

    Hey Zak. I’d tell you to kill yourself but I’m afraid your ghost would be ten times more obnoxious, fake, and find a shirt size smaller than xs. What a goof! Rick salomon, Paris Hilton, and you all look even stupider in green light.

    And to all you number one fans– way to aim high in life!

  155. February 20, 2010 4:35 pm


    Zak Bagans is an ugly douche who makes me want to punch babies. Fuck him. Nick’s the hot one.
    That doesn’t even matter but I’m sick of hearing about how hot everyone thinks Zak is.
    Anyway, this show is so bad that it’s good. My brother and I record ’em and laugh through every episode. It’s so freakin hilarious, it almost seems like a spoof. And Aaron is my hero for all the weird faces he makes at the camera.

  156. February 20, 2010 10:16 pm


    Okay i just love ghost adventures i watch it evert Friday. do any of y’all watch the show besides me? But one thing i like about the show is Zak he is ssssssoooooo funny i am i RIGHT or WRONG? But can y’al believe that you can txt 2 them & tell them that there cool or some thing & you’ll maybe get a reply back from ZAK or ARRON or DEREK (i think). My favorite episode is the one where they got to see the way to HELL i mean that thing was deep & i liked it…….Hope they make more episodes?

  157. February 20, 2010 10:18 pm


    i mean NICK sorry i forget there names sometimes………..!!!!! :(

  158. February 20, 2010 10:26 pm


    Okay i just LOVE ghost adventures it’s one of the funnest shows i ever seen, but ZAK is sssssoooo COOL & HOT to all of you ZAK BAGANS FANS y’all r right ZAK is HOT… i hope i’m not being rude to anybody? But one of the best things about the show is you can txt to ZAK, ARRON,& NICK & also you can get replys from one of the members of the show & yes i do mean ZAK if y’all wondering? So i hope they make more episodes :)?

  159. March 21, 2010 6:09 pm


    It must be soooooo fun staying in a haunted house for a whole night! LUCKY!

  160. March 23, 2010 5:53 pm

    beth hopkins

    i love your show! and im a newbie when it comes to paranormal investigating and me and my friends are starting our own investigating team! me and my best friend, which i call her my sister, we went to a graveyard and did our first investigation there. we caught a lot of activity on camera and on our digital recorder! we plan on going on another investigation here this weekend and we hope that we get more activity than we did at the graveyard! if anyone has any advice for me and my new investigation team, please let me know!

  161. March 28, 2010 7:33 pm


    Lead acts like an ass on the show. Provoking the dead 100% of the time is an asshole move, even if you’re only doing it to the “evil” entities. Running from everything is a rookie move, and cussing throughout the show is a waste of several good opportunities to expose a potentially good show to a broader audience. Oh, and seriously, do something about that jackass haircut and pull your pants up. You look like a wannabe tool. On the plus side, kudos to the camera work pre – post investigation. If that’s you doing the editing, A+.

  162. March 28, 2010 7:35 pm


    Beth if you make it big, my one piece of advice is plan now and lose the foul language if any and I’ll be a fan.

  163. April 1, 2010 1:08 pm

    Joe Keller

    I watched the show for the first time last night and enjoyed it as a simple entertainment. While I expect 99.99% of all ghost series to be fictitious, watching feels close to my own experiences at times and this is what I am searching for. I love to be scared and I love learning more of the unknown world around us. Ghost Adventures succeeds in most areas. I watched the first episode of season one, and the last episode of season three, to see if there were any improvements. I only have a couple complaints: 1. Zak’s reading voice is so robotic that it distracts me from the purpose of the show every single time a narrative begins. 2. These guys are never going to be brain surgeons; the grammatical errors are painful to hear.

  164. April 3, 2010 11:44 pm


    Absolutley love the show. And for yall who keep hating on Zak its who he is. Hes like the guy who has been bullied all his life and is sticking up for nerds who keep getting pushed around. well that is why he is the way he is on GA because the places he does go the entities are very evil most of the time. and when there is a playful one they arnt so aggressive toward them. anyways and for the person i read that you are telling 3 GROWN men to stop cussing because your kid watches it. seriously. come on like you cant help but yell ” what the F*ck” when you hear a demonic voice or something is being thrown at you. I am a huge GA fan and before iv watched taps and Ghost hunters before and theres usually no voices. nothing really that scares me like GA. so F*ck all you haters out there
    keep up the Good work Zak, Nick, and Aaron!
    Cant wait for Season 4!!!

  165. April 7, 2010 6:51 pm


    all you haters should shut up. lets see you become like them. go into a huge building when its pitch black and have somebody lock you in so you cant get out, try to get evidence and look for apparitions. in my opinion haters are jealous people. zak is brave for going in haunted places and provoking spirits. zak nick and aaron are all brave. i thinks TAPS is dumb, they get no evidence and sometimes they just argue about personal life events that nobody really cares about. like why do we care if a member leaves the group because someone was being mean. stop being a sissy. and paranormal state gets no evidence either. ghost adventures is the BEST paranormal show ever, and to u people saying ‘stop saying sshhhhhh and shut up a million times try paying attention to the show and realize that when they tell each other to shut up they usually hear something. all of people are saying ‘o zak is so hot’ personally i agree with u. me and my friend call him ‘zak ripped hot sexy beast bagans’ haha. GAC gets the most evidence and they are the best show ever. zak is just hot and awesome at provoking and getting evidence and putting spirits in their place. and nick is pretty funny and aaron is hysterical. zak is like my idol. i used to be skeptic til i saw this show. ive always wanted to go on a lockdown with them. i dont know what im gonna do if this show ever ends. i love the show and I LOVE THEM! BEST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS EVER! LOVE THEM!

  166. April 7, 2010 6:58 pm


    people need to stop complaining about them swearing. if they wanna swear u cant stop them. so what if ur kid hears it, its the real world and they usually block out the swearing anyway. seriously stop complaining. get a grip. i wish them the best of luck on all their future lockdowns and im always prayin for them. im catholic so i aint supoosed to believe in paranormal but i believe in it anyway from my personal experiences and ghost adv. love them! best of luck with everything!

  167. April 7, 2010 7:39 pm


    o good i just read all the comments. i feel normal now that i know other people think zak is hot haha

  168. April 7, 2010 11:25 pm

    Bryan White

    What you need to do is stop spamming my comments.

  169. April 17, 2010 10:36 am


    First of all….NO ONE, unless you are actually there, can say that it’s not “that bad”. Anyone would jump if they heard a noise in a possible haunted location. I would love to see half of you idios who claim they’re “scared of a little noise in the corner”, attempt to do what they do. And if you’re worried about your kids hearing the F word then I have a suggestion for you that might work: STOP LETTING YOUR KIDS WATCH. Problem resolved. It’s bleeped out anyway so get your panties out of a bunch and change the channel if it offends you. I’ve watched plenty of episodes as well as TAPS and I see and hear WAY MORE evidence on this show than TAPS. And tell me how the fuck one stays “professional” when you’re in pitch black and feel, hear, or see something that scares the shit out of you? This isn’t an interview, it’s an investigation. Whether or not the evidence they collect is believable to the us the viewers, I respect this cast and love the show. It’s entertaining. This isn’t a professional cast because they do it on their own. No big camera crew. Just them. So what do you expect? All you people complaining about the show or Zak or him being rude, DON’T WATCH THE SHOW and stop crying about it.

  170. April 18, 2010 6:34 pm


    thank u @jay. i completely agree with u

  171. April 23, 2010 11:56 pm


    hi guys yall r so kewl. keep up the good work.. from vanessa lake city fla

  172. April 25, 2010 11:33 am


    its funny that the only thing that bothers any body is the curseing.when any one of you deside to actually do a night investigation and not run scream or curse then you are the only one that fear nothing.check your closets and under your bed lately……..

  173. April 25, 2010 11:36 am


    oh yes t.a.p.s. is so unrealistic and so commercial.they are pros at interviews.if it wasnt for that and all the sound effects it would be a 15 min show

  174. April 26, 2010 4:19 pm


    I love Ghost Adventures. I try and watch it every friday. I watched it all day yesturday. I is my favorate show. I find that I genuanly get scared when I watch it. I can’t wait for the new season to come out. I’m so exited. And it doesn’t hurt that there is such a good looking guy that leads the show. Wait good looking is an understaitment. Let me re-phrase. It doesn’t hurt that there is a hot buff guy that’s in the show. So basicly it’s a pleasure and a fright at the same time. 

  175. April 26, 2010 8:12 pm

    Bella Gilmer

    Zak is so freakin hot LOL. I love the show it is so believable. I have believed in ghost ever since i moved into my old house, every night i went to sleep i would see a woman kneeling right beside my bed staring at me. Another time i was just sitting on the couch watching TV and i looked on the other couch and there was a little girl holding a teddy bear sitting on my couch. I called my friend and told her what had just happened and as soon as my friend (Alexis) got there the girl just disappeared right in front of my eyes. CREEPY

  176. April 26, 2010 8:12 pm

    Bella Gilmer

    I’m single and 19 Zak LOL

  177. May 25, 2010 6:37 pm

    Tony Vegas

    Zak, the show is getting better, but, please stop repeating everything three or four times.. we get it.
    Also, stop screaming like little girls…

  178. May 30, 2010 11:54 am


    Just started watching the show – love it! So far the most realistic paranormal show I have seen. I love the cast – and for all of you out here on this blog bashing them, why don’t you just change the channel. Zak is HOT. Nick is HOT. I don’t particularly like Zak’s hair, but I don’t have any, so who am I to speak out about it. And remember one thing….it’s Zak’s hair – he can wear it however he wants. He isn’t asking anyone to fashion themselves after him….so leave it GO! Zak is Zak and that is cool. You are you, and no one is asking you to change your hair. The purpose of the show is to document experiences similar to the one Zak personnaly experienced. The beginning of the show even EXPLAINS that, and that is EXACTLY what they are doing. So if you have a problem with it, or you are expecting more – change the channel. They are delivering exactly what they are promising. For crying out loud, you people act like you are expecting them to trap a ghost in a cage and release it into some cosmic afterlife, so it won’t bother anyone here on earth!

    If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

    I do have to say that Arron is funny when he gets scared! And Nick seems to be the one that the “mean” spirits go after. But he’s so damn hot, if I were a spirit, I’d go after him too! Too bad they’re straight!

  179. June 16, 2010 5:13 pm


    I’m also a huge fan of the show,i started watching because I too live in trenton,MI.I can honestly say that ive grown up in 1 haunted house after another,feels godd to see other people prove im not crazy!(^_^)

  180. June 18, 2010 10:00 pm

    Eric Smiles

    This show is a joke. Zak acts like a 9 year old boy. Sure, he’s got big guns but why does he hold his arms out like he is wearing a puffy snowsuit. his spirit “taunting” makes me laugh. Has he told a spirit yet that he will beat it up? :-)
    They are locked inside? OOooohh! Putting those X’s with tape on the floor/ground is vital to the show.how else would they know? The Tech guy is a blast to watch but his partner seems to play an almost noexistant part in the shows that I have seen. Too bad. Zak seems to freak out and almost pass out at even the smallest things and everything is a spirit/ghost/demon or apparition to this guy. Eesh. Good for him that he has a show, but it is, in my opinion, a ghost show for children.

  181. June 19, 2010 7:12 pm


    you guys are doing an awsome job i love watching your show i used to watch ghtaps and stopped seeing them for the reason that the ghost haunting they were doing wasn’t reasonable hey zak i think you should all go to mexico me and my husband were doing some ghost haunting on the internet and found a chilling clip about this guy who i believe worked in a club in mexico and heard the people talking about their village cemetary and would hear a little girl crying at night this guy decided to go in by himself at 1:30 in the morning and saw the image of the little girl crying.i believe that would be awsome for you guys to investigate that area. by the way me and my husband watch your show every friday waiting for new season hope you go to mexico take care your fan janie

  182. June 29, 2010 12:26 am


    All of this is literally insane. I cannot believe that such pseudoscience is still accepted. This show falls somewhere in between the book of mormon and the world of warcraft. Please, please, please go read Kant, Aristotle, or someone even slightly rational. Claims should be coherent, cogent, substantive, and TRUE. Please stop watching this bullshit and search for real wisdom. Be self-critical and reflective. Look. Is anyone in academia talking about this ghost shit? Does anyone with a grade school degree care? No. For pragmatic purposes, leave conspiracy theories alone and READ A GOD DAMN BOOK.

  183. June 29, 2010 12:38 am


    Hey Mr. Steve,

    I think books are stupid. Why read books? Anyone who don’t exist now dont matter. Unless theys a ghost! Steve, yous always bitchin bout, “why ain’t them concentration camps haunted, or any hospital, o any place that ain’t already associate with bein scary?” Well that’s silly. Zak is so HOT. He knows all about the electromagnetic field and all sorts of science stuff. He’s HOT for cryin out loud! He used to be a dj in Vegas! that should be enuff. Even ask um. He’s talked with lots a ghosts and stuff

  184. June 30, 2010 8:42 am

    Bryan White

    Steve and Betty almost had me fooled until I took a closer look and realized that both of the above two comments came from the same IP. Nice try.

  185. July 10, 2010 3:23 pm

    samantha +

    dnt really wnt to trash talk wit any one but damn shut the fuck up n let them be it is THEIR fuken show n urs THEY can do watever THEY wnt all of u all are great zak nick n aaron u guys created a great show!! hope it never ends one of ur best fans samantha! 😉

  186. July 10, 2010 3:26 pm

    Bryan White

    Jesus is the above comment even in English? You know there ARE vowels on the keyboard. Try them sometime.

  187. July 10, 2010 4:16 pm

    samantha +

    can’t wait for the next season of ghosts adventures zak bagans has a great body n nice arms n does not have messed up hair I think itz good compared to most guyz n he is lyk really hot!! bryan n everyone else can suck it!! zak nick n aaron make it a great show dnt ever changw wat u do!! ;))

  188. July 10, 2010 8:33 pm

    samantha +

    dnt worry bout the way I type n ghosts adventures is da SHIT IT ROCKZ !!!! U SHOULD WATCH IT SOMETIME IT RROOCCKKZZ!!!

  189. July 11, 2010 6:21 pm


    I am a surgeon of neurology and would love for Zak to donate his brain when he is done with it. I would like to use it to demonstrate the abnormal left frontal lobe and the lack of any organization of neurons to my psychiatric class. He demonstrates classic schizoid behavior mixed with severe neurotic delusions. He feeds off these manifestations from the success of his TV show. His other 2 companions I fear are well beyond any meaningful treatment and will eventually find their way into an institution.

  190. July 13, 2010 5:28 pm


    ghost adventures is the BEST show ever

  191. July 17, 2010 1:04 pm


    I LOVE your show! I have watched every episode, and I can’t wait for the next season! <3 I love Nick! I think the spirits like him better, no offense Zak. :) Ghost Adventures is my FAVORITE show! I'm glad Zak created it, you're is very believable, honestly.

    Keep up with the good work!


  192. September 11, 2010 10:58 am


    i love to watch GHOST ADVENTURE * philippines

  193. September 14, 2010 3:36 pm


    Zak is a huge dickhead! He treats his staff like shit and looks like a fuckin retard when he wears those dumbass hats. OK we get idiot! you work out now wear something from the mens adult section and stop waving your arms around when you speak I promise, my arms are way bigger than yours and I dont have any trouble walking the way you seem to. Bottomline….you are in love with yourself and a jerkoff to everyone else

  194. September 15, 2010 1:50 am


    I truly believe that these guys on GA are the real deal. Growing up in Trenton Michigan, there is a lot of history like many other old dock cities, but I know first hand about the apartment building on the corner by Elizaabeth Park. He is not making any of that up and dont see why he would need to fabricate anything about his experiences. I know others who have had similar experiences from that same apartment long before the show.

  195. September 25, 2010 2:54 pm


    I love you Zak.Your show really relates to me. I love the one where you get socked in the chest. I love the show you guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool.kayla and I love you Zak Bagans.you are so cute.If i was your girlfriend and i was at Polvalia Island with you when you got channeled i would say “clam down sweetie just calm down {kiss you and then grab your hand and pull you out of the room.} that’s how good of a girlfriend i would be.When you lifted up your shirt that one was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot that was one of my faverite part. We would love to come on a hunt with you. i really want to meet you and i have been having really wierd dreams about you and i don’t know what they mean but anyway, i would like to thank you for being my hero on your adventures and come with you on one thanks for making my life not so boring. love , kayla and micky

  196. September 27, 2010 12:58 am



  197. September 27, 2010 9:21 pm

    kayla and michelle

    HEY ALL YOU HATERS.THIS IS FOR YOU. HOW ABOUT YOU FUCKING LAY OFF.THEY RUN AROUND ALL FRICKIN’ NIGHT FREAKIN’ OUT.SO HOW ABOUT LAYING OFF BEFORE YOU GO OOF FROM ME SO DIE MOTHER FUCKER GO TO HELL!!!Sorry about my friend KAYLA she is crazy about zak.She gets mad sometimes she threw a pan at me.DERKE MY BOYFRIEND HAS ANGYER ISHUES to his are bad also.but he ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sssssoooooooo cute.I love to watch the show.i love u zak and i can stop writing about you please help me zak.

  198. September 28, 2010 8:35 am


    hahaha….sorry, you can have him darling. Just remember there is a line between reality and fantasy, so how about you kids go get yourself some meds and a dictionary then turn out the lights and watch your spooky shows. Cheers.

  199. October 9, 2010 12:48 pm

    Rev. E. A. Hernandez

    You have done a fair job here…I wonder if there are any dead people posting here, because our tradition teaches that they pose as the living. Their intelligence is off-planet (hence grammatical/spelling errors).

    Zak is a nice enough fellow, I could do without the shouting and spirit-baiting because it will be bad for him in the long run. Then again, I think much of this t.v. stuff is stage magic. However, I am entertained by it all.

    Really, you ought to delete much of the trash here and start something that could be more instructive. I’m sure Zak would be happy about that as well, assuming you still speak with him.

    I wish you much-needed luck, and please receive my humble blessing.

  200. October 11, 2010 6:16 pm


    Hi. Sorry I got so filpped off Nise. I love Zak alot and I am crazy over him and I even have his show recorded. Every time I see him I go crazy. So Im sorry or what i said. Please write back. Kayla

  201. October 19, 2010 2:44 pm


    Some of you that appear to be angry over the opinions expressed need to lay off the consumption of so much coffee! If people state they like the show but would appreciate fewer cuss words then who are YOU to show YOUR DUMB ASS ignorances??? I can just bet that none of YOU IGNORANT ASSHOLES lead perfect lives your DAMN SELVES!!! Leave those alone who do not want to hear so many cuss words but otherwise like the show! You do not know how old the kids are watching the show so who do you think YOU are to judge those parents??? I will tell you NO ONE that is who (hence you do not have a right to judge)!!! Children will all be exposed soon enough and why raise the bar on when that will be?!? I am not bothered obviously by the cuss words, but really why are YOU all bothered by those who are??? Who gives a shit about what YOUR stupid not to be taken seriously opinion is anyway??? To each is own!!! Leave people alone if you don’t like what THEY have to say then DON’T READ THE FUCKING POSTS!!!

  202. October 20, 2010 9:20 am


    Keep the profanity…its funny…bunch of prudes dude

  203. October 20, 2010 5:38 pm


    ghost hunters is the best tv show so far if you watc taps you suck. there plumbers for gods sake they cant make a living at ghost hunting so there team resorts to cleaning shit which is exactly what there show is shit. also have you ever noticed taps goes in for like 3 hours do a couple evps and leaves yeah there going to find alot stick to your day jobs buddies.

  204. October 23, 2010 1:06 pm


    Zak please leave a message because i need you to investigate the haunted school in Laredo TX

  205. October 24, 2010 3:44 pm


    I’m really tired of seeing “RERUNS OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN” what do you have for 2010 going forward….this is October 2010…do you have ANYTHING NEW? OR just reruns…reruns don’t last forever….how long do you think you can collect “$$$$$$$$” are you stretching $$$$$$$… it was interesting in the past but !!!!!!!&&&&*****totally superfluous stop “whining” and get to the truth and go forward…Zak

  206. October 24, 2010 3:54 pm


    EXPLAIN WHAT ZAK what was your “FIRST EXPERIENCE” you never say what made you go forward to research the “visual, “camera”, physical experience…WHAT WAS YOUR ORIGINAL EXPERIENCE” that caused you to go forward with your research and into the “ghost adventures” was it “$$$” or just your experience, OR BOTH?????

  207. November 1, 2010 3:57 pm

    Daniel Horn

    Hi Zac its Daniel Horn I to have expirenced a ghost touched me on the shoulder when i went to Sutters Fort Sacramento California it happend during broad daylight too. I love ur SHOW IM A HUGE FAN I WATCH EVERY SHOW EVERY DAY EVEN ON WEEKENDS ITS KINDA BETTER THAN JASON OR GRANT MY NUMBER IS (916)-572-8293 CALL ME ASAP PLZ SO I CAN TELL U MORE INFO ABOUT ME I WANT TO BE ON UR SHOW IM 16 YRS OLD I GO TO Highlands High and MAN I LOVE U AND UR SHOW UR AWESOME DUDE.

  208. November 15, 2010 2:57 pm

    Tori Harris

    hi my name is tori harris and i have seen all of your shows im a big fan but i have some questions for you guys i have encountered some ghost activity my self but dont know how to deal with it i kinda like the stuff the ghost do but dont know who the ghost is how do i find out who it is even after i done all of the research

  209. November 29, 2010 7:35 pm


    This show is garbage. It’s poorly acted tripe intended to provide cheap thrills to the lowest common denominator, and give adolescent girls man candy to lust after.

    Get this crap off the Travel Channel.

  210. December 1, 2010 12:54 pm

    Nour Kailani

    hi there zak my name is nour kailani id love to meet you i mfixin to turn 19 and that would be like the best birthday present ever to meet you . i love your show . I think its pretty amazing . I never miss an episode .

  211. December 2, 2010 3:05 pm


    Zak Bagans is a monster fag. If I had a dollar for every dick hes sucked I would be a millionaire. No matter how many reps of bench press you do you will still be retarded. I hope you realize how dumb you look being attacked by imaginary creatures.

  212. December 8, 2010 7:12 pm

    Josh Morgan

    Yo, Zak! I am your biggest yet semi-shortest fan ever. I like watching Ghost Adventures because I have myself expirienced paranormal activity after my dear and sweet grandmother passed away. I didn’t believe until I felt a warm hug around me when I was playing my Nintendo Gamecube while my mom, my 8 yr. old autistic little sister, and myself was living there. I also have had some friends of mine expirience some paranormal activity in my former “hometown” of Deer Trail, Colorado (aka the home of the first rodeo. Anyways, I like the show, I like that you have brought the age-long debate of life-after-death to light, and just keep it going.

  213. December 24, 2010 2:39 pm


    Dear Zac, Nick and Aaron,
    Oh! my goodness guys watch out ‘people’ are scary crazy out there ! I read some comments and honestly people have nothing better to do…but make disrecpecful comments – not productives- just a waste of time.
    I watch your show when I can and ‘it makes me think’ about ‘remaining energies’ that somehow are trapped ! the questions as to why and how are to be answered still but I know they are there…around us! My daughter who is scared of the dark wonders how you 3 can be locked in a haunted place – we find it fascinating as we believe –
    Your crew and your show is very creative, daring and you have achieved what you are on TV for ‘to show us life after death’ – I enjoy the way you work, your passion for it and how fun you present it! We have laught so much at your faces’ expressions (especially Aaron’s), your jokes… THANK YOU.
    You are professionals and it pays off – don’t change a thing! don’t let negativity in your life at anytime – you are your own boss and love what you do, all the very best :)
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS – Natalie and her family.

  214. December 30, 2010 1:20 am


    Thank you for leaving all these comments up, Bryan. It has provided me with a good half-hour of time wasting fun. It makes me lose a little faith in the sanity of the general public, though. I cannot believe that you have put up with over a year of ridiculous banter. :-) (I feel like I should insert an obligatory “Zak is hot” here or something)

  215. December 30, 2010 7:57 pm

    Bryan White

    Yeah. I can’t help it. Every new comment makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I’m glad I’m not the only one enjoying the mayhem.

  216. December 31, 2010 1:27 am


    If the bad language bothers you as much as you say it does then what are you doing watching the show? You make the decision to turn your TV’s on every Friday night and watch. You know there’s going to be foul language. Don’t be so hypocritical.
    I’m sure if you guys were in the same positions they were some pretty nasty words would slip our lips too.

  217. December 31, 2010 2:12 am


    Yo bryan if you really interveiwed zak how about you answer this question did you get his phone number and if you did answer this yes thank you. What is it? P.S. No fake numbers!!!!

  218. January 1, 2011 1:16 am


    dear zak i could protect you. I can love you much as everybody in the world AN if i had to chose all chose you for somebody I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND IF I DONT SEE YOU IM GOING TO KILL MYSELF I WELL ITS LIKE NOT HAVING RAIN

  219. January 1, 2011 1:30 am


    hay the peopel thats calling the ghost adventures names lay off becuse i beat all of you couldn’t stand being lock down in same hunted pace with a ghost so lay off an if you dont your be lucky you live becuse i well kill you

  220. January 4, 2011 1:29 am

    gloria b

    All the guys and gals making comments on how Zak looks or the clothes he wears. R just fucking stupid haters who are probably ugly fat jealous guys and ugly fat jealous girls who know that they have no fuckin chance with fine buff ass Zak you keep looking good and wearing tight black shirts cuz u can ur fucking hot…………..and u guys rock GAC is the best paranormal show out there u fucking haters ……….bastards………:(

  221. January 5, 2011 1:15 am


    hey i love this show, to the haters…get a life, its tv. If you dont like it dont watch it, and sorry to all you bible humpers out there…your children hear worst things in school then from a show that bleeps out the profanity.

  222. January 6, 2011 5:47 am


    I like how some have implied that those liking this show are somehow “stupider” than those that do not.
    Its good entertainment for animal, vegetable, or mineral, intelligent or not.

  223. January 6, 2011 10:55 pm

    Bryan White

    I’m just playing devil’s advocate here but have you taken the time to read the comments by the people who like the show? Clearly, your average Ghost Adventures viewer has no need for, you know, spelling, punctuation or the English language as a whole.

  224. January 8, 2011 2:03 am


    Hey, bryan you have not answered my first question do you have his phone number and if you don’t have it you never interviewed zak so if you want to keep your reputation you should know his phone number I’d give it to all of the super zak fans out there his phone number you bio. P.S. Zak and Nick are very,very,very hot. Mostly Zak though.

    Yo Bryan fudrucker bio.

  225. January 8, 2011 2:05 am


    Also bryan fudruker means fuck you and bio means bitch

  226. January 9, 2011 1:20 am


    My friend just yelled out Austin Pasily is hot. Omg and he lives in our town. Omg my friend is going crazy. Her name is Ame. This is awkward but sher is going crazy. Help me. 1-8-11.

  227. January 10, 2011 11:23 pm


    I’m sick of my friends not telling me the truth. It is like how you like someone and they prank call you and they say that they are at their house and lie that they like you.if you have friends like mine they will tell you but if you don’t I’m so sorry but it’s not my fault you’re screwed. It is making me so mad. The stupid friends who lied to me are michelle and kaylee. They are fuckin’ bitches. Now all of you guys out there who have friends like mine stay close to them not other bitches who don’t know what they’re fuckin’ talkin’ about. Michelle’s nickname is mickey as in mickey mouse. I’m so sorry I’m taking my anger out on you. And Bryan please answer my question!!!! Everyone is awesome in the world other than those bitches who lied to me. Bye. P.S. Everyone with the name michelle beware! Also kaylee is a whore

  228. January 10, 2011 11:42 pm

    Bryan White

    Kayla. Seriously. Fuck off.

  229. January 15, 2011 3:25 am

    Ronnie R

    That’s right, Darrell…. i would trust part-time plumbers as paranormal investigators more than anyone else lol.

    Roto-Rooter specializes in ghost hunting, right?

  230. January 22, 2011 4:22 pm


    seriously fuck off bryan so childish you are so dumb you little dumbo. But still do you know zak’s phone number or do you not. Because I’m pretty sure all of the ghost adventures fans out there want to know his phone number so either give us it and there’s probably one-million fans out there with me. So I don’t have to leave if I want to.

    P.S. You are so childish bryan!!!!

  231. January 24, 2011 2:31 am


    You know bryan that last message you left me just made me laugh and laugh and laugh well you get the point. But still you are such a frickin’ dumbass. Maybe some people agree with me on that one and if I did interview zak I would have asked him for his phone number just in case. But if you don’t believe in ghost than how about you get your fuckin’ head out of the clouds and watch for the evil entities that lurk in the darkness and if you are so stupid you can’t get off your ass to go look for this entity that lives in your home then you need some exercise because that is just sad. Well anyway bye bryan the bio.

  232. January 24, 2011 8:54 pm

    kayla and austinlover

    You dorkface. By the way this is for bryan. My friend austinlover want to talk to you.I am crazy about austin he’s a hotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey it’s kayla again bryan you are so dumb.

  233. January 25, 2011 11:22 pm



  234. January 26, 2011 10:05 pm

    Gloria Basulto

    hey liz has Zak called u. I’m sure not, cuz he’s busy here with me……….just kidding he is soooo fuckin hot I must agree with u……..good luck…all the best. I don’t hate I congradulate….OMG that would be so awesome if he took time out of his busy schedule and called his female fans…….I wish….

  235. January 26, 2011 10:28 pm

    Bryan White

    I hate you all so much.

  236. February 2, 2011 2:07 pm


    i think it is very true and real. i love watching it. i know every thing they go through my friend lives in a huanted house and always torments me and others when i hang out there. it pretty scary!

  237. February 2, 2011 2:19 pm

    lori lillard

    aka the “ghost” that they chase arn’t ghost. they are demons! they dont want help, they want to take you and harm you inside and out.

  238. February 2, 2011 2:47 pm

    lori jo

    i think all of you who are using fowl language and thing is very imature. you guys need to get a life. they probably dont even read these comments because of how wrong you guys act. seriously, they arn’t going to want to contact or even talk to you when acting like that. act your age people!

  239. February 2, 2011 2:49 pm

    Bryan White

    I got news for you. They don’t read these comments at all. Why would they? I don’t know why everyone posts here like it’s a god chat room and this Zak guy is hanging out reading them because has nothing better to do with his life.

  240. February 2, 2011 5:15 pm


    I love you Zack. you are soooooooooooooooo hot.Your show is so cool.Nono of my friends get your show or herad of it oh Soroy Nick an Arane hey .plecas writ back

  241. February 2, 2011 7:44 pm


    OMG to all you Zak hatters: f*** off! ur just mad cause u dont have a body like zak! <3 u zak! i love your show so much! i wish that i could come on your show, i can never be scared! trust me, i live in a haunted house, ghosts dont scare me. i say to ghosts: Bring it!! 😀 hey zak, that gives me an idea, you guys should ccome do a show at my house! OMG that would e so awesome. strange things always happen here. like for instance, two days ago, i was laying in my bed watching a movie (i was the only person home) and this figure of a man wearing a baseball uniform came out of my closet and told me not to be afraid that he wont hurt me. my aunt has seen this same spirit. the history of my house is that a man back in the early 1900's was in trouble with the law, so he hung his self in my beedroom closet. i have recevied warnings that say: Get Out Now! written on mirrors, and my tv, and when i go to wipe it away, i dont. its like it engraved in the glass or something! plus, there is a little shadow figure or a little girl in my bathroom that stands in the corner saying that she needs help. idk, what do you guys think? byw, i have recieved a death threat from a spirit saying that if i dont get out soon, that he would kill me. idk what you think? i dont wana leave, you should and investigate for me! plz. 😀

  242. February 2, 2011 8:55 pm


    I just read all the comments and I have to say some people in this world are just wow. Plus it gave me a good laugh. Bryan is actually right, Zak doesn’t read these comments at all and if he did he would be laughing to. I’m a teen and I have to say most of these people are between the ages of 18-65 and the way they speak is horrendous. My mother taught me something and I bet your mothers did too and here it is “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.” For those who don’t believe the show is credible that’s all well and good and for those who do the is awesome. In addition for those millions of desperate women out there I don’t believe Mr. Bagan does the show because he wants to be eye candy. He does it because he wants the world to know that the paranormal world is true. I loved the article Mr. White keep up the good work. Lastly I do agree with you on the horror movies the do lack the spine tingling fright the old ones gave off.

  243. February 4, 2011 5:17 pm


    see, i think that people like to dream that they are with the famous people, but they need to get back to reality. i am pretty sure that Zak won’t date and joe- blow off the street because they tell him that they are his number one fan and everything. i can honestly say that i would love to meet Zak in person, but im not in love with him. i like him alot, i think that he does an awesome job at what he does. but for all those desperate people out there that think they are in love with Zak, all i have to say is get a life because there is about a 99.9999% guarentee that Zak won’t go out with you, or you wont even meet him. it irrates me so much that these people would make up stories just so they can try to meet him. also to the people that say that ghosts aren’t real, ok maybe you dont believe in them, but other people do, so dont be talking shit to the people that do just cause you dont believe.

  244. February 5, 2011 3:34 am


    Holy god. I stumbled across this deal here and have never been more appalled with the stupidity of the general public. First and foremost, you all are in serious need of going back to school. English teachers everywhere have apparently fail most of you. Secondly, if you saw an interview with Zak (or anyone for that matter) on a television show, do you post personal messages to them on the shows website? That is essentially what you are doing here. Lastly, to the young lady that posted her phone number–provided that is a real number–I truly hope you have no intention of breeding….ever. I’m ashamed for you, and your parents.

  245. February 5, 2011 4:23 pm

    hank johnson

    Me an the wife love the show. Would like to meet you guys one day. Give us a holler if you ever get to n.c.

  246. February 5, 2011 7:38 pm


    i have a question for all of you suposivly die hard Zak Bagans fans.
    if you are such zak bagans fans, could you tell me at least 5 personal things about him?
    probably not. and if you do, you probably looked it up on google or something.

  247. February 6, 2011 3:01 pm


    for all u mean people who think there showsare fake than yallare really dumb am whaching one right now it is freaking me out

  248. February 6, 2011 3:03 pm


    I love there show and bryan white if u hate them then y are u on there site

  249. February 6, 2011 3:15 pm

    Bryan White

    Because it’s MY fucking website you ignorant shit!

  250. February 6, 2011 5:16 pm


    what the f*** is wrong with you people? aren’t you suposed to be the adults? well, i hate to tell ya but your acting like a bunck of kids. i mean, if you hate them, dont go on their site, its as simple as that, second, wut up with all the cursing? i understand the ghost adventures cursing, but all these comments, honestly people. apparently no one can be civil any more and not use foul language. yall wana talk that oh were so childish. who is childish? yall need to rethink that question. i think that bryan white is being childish. thats just my oppinion.

  251. February 9, 2011 9:52 pm

    Gloria Basulto

    ZAK, it’s almost Valentines Day. I have the melted chocolate the strawberries ready all i need is u a bed some candles and soft music…………muah…..ur sooooo fuckin hot……

  252. February 10, 2011 6:23 pm


    so zak… ive got the rose pettles, the strawberries, candles, and music. all i need is you and a room! luv u zak! :)lol jk i have a valentine already. hey, but a girl can dream, right? 😀

  253. February 14, 2011 6:47 am


    Bryan thank you for leaving these post up. It had me laughing for a hour. Zak Nick and Aaron really need to watch out for these psychotic girls. I hope they don’t call the numbers that were posted because we may never see them again and I really enjoy watching GA

  254. February 20, 2011 2:37 am


    Bryan, you rock! This is funny shit! Well, and a bit scary.

  255. February 26, 2011 3:05 pm


    i’m from trenton too! what apartment complex did u see your first ghost in

  256. February 28, 2011 5:15 pm


    zak i did my own investigation on 2/27/2011 and got some scary ass shit! i captured a shadow figure of a man, plus a voice that answered my question. my question that i asked was: “how did you die?” the responce that i got was, “killed by hanging.” then right after that responce, a door slamed shut! i dont know if i made him mad by comming to his resting place or what. but the history is the a man, about 30 years old, was sentenced by a judge to be hung after raping and killing many young girls back in the mid- 1800’s. people said that i was insane to go investigate all by myself, because im only 16 years old, but they didnt stop me. i investigated this house that the guy lived in, and hung himself in, and it turns out that way back in the 1940’s til now my family has lived here. i was going through some old documents and found a court order fro this guy. so, for a night i kicked every one out and did my own lock down. im glad i did, i wounder if you guys could get alot more paranormal reading and sights if you were to come. hmmm…
    – zakbagans#1fan! 😀

  257. March 4, 2011 4:37 pm


    i love you zak bagans so hot

  258. March 6, 2011 2:43 pm


    All of you haters need to shut the f-k up!! Yeah, my mom hates the cussin, so we watch it late. I totally love this show, I ended up watching it instead of TAPS. The other day i tried watching it again, and my sister and i ended up cussing it out. I mean “OMG I JUST SAW A BUG OMG ITS A GHOST!!!” TAPS needs to shut up. I love the Stanley Hotel one, Mostly because i am in CO. My sister and i love it. Im young, so i cant say Zaks hot…. I can say he’s good looking :)

  259. March 6, 2011 2:44 pm


    BTW, im his #1 fan, give up ppl

  260. March 18, 2011 7:11 pm


    zak is so hot i love GAC its da shit taps is som bullshit!!!

  261. March 22, 2011 12:22 pm


    hahahah ahHAHAHAHHHHHAaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha.
    do your mothers know they have disgusting little illiterate whores for daughters?
    What a bunch of idiots! The main thing GA has exposed is all of the terrible closet-retards that want to bone Mr. PseudoModine. I’m just saying you all are terrible and really, really stupid. Like, for years now. I can’t stress enough how awful your brains are. Please don’t have children and if you do please consider adopting them to someone who can make thoughts.

  262. March 26, 2011 11:16 pm


    I’ve loved this show since the first time it aired, and frankly i believe they provide and document some of the best footage and proof of paranormal activity than anyone! They are the best at what they do and thats what keeps me watching more and more!!! I just cant get enough of it and you know what i’ve always been open minded to everything since i was a kid and interested in the paranormal since i was a kid too! And for the other people that commented well it looks more like a bunch of bitching and bullshit! I watch this show because it educates me and scares the shit out of me and they do an awesome job at it so for the people that had to talk smack bout the show well hey u can always go watch Casper cuz it seems to me like it’s just too scary for ya…….happy hunting crew can’t wait for all the new stuff!!!!

  263. March 27, 2011 4:11 am


    ohhhh mahhhhh gawwwwd dudeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! i wAnT tO b iN loCkDowN wiT dEez mUh FuccccckkkAAsss!!!!!!!!! DeY r SoooOOOooo sHitTiN hOTT!! Liek dIs oNe tiMe i bE bUyiN mUh pUrpLe dRaNk @ aLbeRtSoNsssssss!!! N dEn….sHiT….i sEen sUm sUm oUt dA cOrnaH o mUh eYebAll….sO i dOne oNe qUiK tOrn aNd nUttIn wUz dur. dAt wUz mUh fiRz pArAnorMal sPeeReNce…i AiNt nEva GoIn bAck to Dat sTooPid gHosT HUNTERS shEEEt…ZaK izzz dUh shEEEEEEEt fo LiFe. 2hawt4u.

  264. March 27, 2011 4:26 am


    2 sCuRrEd 2 rEzPoN???

  265. March 28, 2011 8:47 am


    hi zac im chenoa and i always watch ur show all the time and i never miss anything and i think u zac is 1000000000% hot and i love u zac …….


  266. March 28, 2011 2:18 pm


    GuRlllLLLlll iZ sPeLleD ZAK WiT a K!!!!!! oViOsLy u AiNt nO fAn

  267. April 1, 2011 10:06 pm





  268. April 2, 2011 4:21 am


    Real or fake is all relative… you can either decide those orbs are dust or bugs or actual spirits. Imo, ALL of them can’t be fake. The big things that draw me to this than the other shows are the emotions and quick but concise background info for each of their episodes. They don’t spend 10 to 15 minutes debunking it. They either debunk it or they dont, which how it should be.

    Such a big fan of this style of paranormal show NEED MOAR!

  269. April 3, 2011 4:47 am


    Alright, I’ve read a few comments on here and although obviously some people believe the show and ghosts are not real, I myself have witnessed paranormal activity. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion so I’m not going to sit here and troll on everyone who thinks differently than I do. BUT, even if the show IS fake. Ghosts do exist. As I said, I have experienced them before and I believe that until you witness the paranormal yourself, there’s no reason you should believe. But when you do, trust me, there’s no denying it.

  270. April 6, 2011 12:19 pm



  271. April 6, 2011 12:22 pm



  272. April 6, 2011 2:20 pm

    Bryan White

    Bryan White is the guy who runs this website, you fucking reject.

  273. April 6, 2011 9:43 pm


    Wow, what a bunch of ignorant, half-witted, inbred turds. I have never seen so many grammatical errors on one page before. Holy shit. And the best part are the self described “Paranormal Investigators”, who can’t even spell a simple word like “reliable”. It’s turds like you, the people who think that because they’ve seen every episode of every paranormal show on TV and have heard spooky noises, think that they too are suddenly experts with an emf meter. What a bunch of rubbish! If you want to pass yourself off as a scientist, learn to fucking spell, so at least you can pretend to have even a sliver of credibility. And to all the people addressing Zak – duh! This is not his website! Learn to fucking read!

  274. April 7, 2011 11:03 pm


    Yo GOD! YoOh AIN NO GAWD DA MINE! YoooOH maY Nawt KnOWW Dis But, I wuz muh fif GrAAADe Clazzz PreZZeeeeDANT!! BuhLeeeMEEEE DAT MuhFuCCCKKKKAAAA!!!! AN I sEEEeen da Gosts in MUH Muha FuCCKAN RooOOm 28 hurs in duh muhfukan DAY! LiEk DiS 1 dAe I wUz bRuhShiN mUh tEeFs. I dUn tAeK 1 LuHk eN dUh mEeuH n dEr beEn 1 uHgLeeeeeeeee mUhFuCCCKKKAAAAAANNNN GoSt. hE dUn LuHk mEh eN mUh eYeBaLl n mUh hUrr tOrNeD wHiTe. NaW I gAwTa dIe mUh hUrr Ury wEeK. sO Suk Duh big BLAK gost diCCCC!! 8==================D —— O:

  275. April 9, 2011 8:43 pm


    Hey, I am one of zac bagans fans and watches Ghost Adventures every time I can. I was hoping that mabe i could chat with one of my tv celebrities, also i am going to be 13 soon and is very interested in ghosts in fact i am a phicik some people think im crazy like one of these girls named Korteny Keeler i dont like her at all. I am really sweet and sometimes shy but i was really wanting some people to know and not make fun of me like i can dream of the future well mine anyways and i can hear ghosts. Please dont leave a nasty comment.

  276. April 10, 2011 10:41 pm


    uDaLt oNlY zOwN.

    shOOt. I bE sEeck n tIaRd of nO 1 rEezpOnDiN cuZ deR 2 sCurRed. Eef u AiNt a buleeFeR dEn gEt dA FUCCCCKKKKKKK oUtTa hUrr. nO 1 eS as bEleeFiN as mEh. LiEk dIs 1 tiEm. i wUz jAwGiN dOwN dUh sTreAt. I tUk 1 lUhK iN mUh nAyBoRes nAstEe AsS dOrTy wEenDoe n I sEeN sOmE gOsT sKaNk BITCH. sHe luHk liEk muH nAsteE x-gUrLfRen. aLl a SuHdeN I rAn eN a tRee!!! gAfe mEh 1 hUgE sCarr oN muH eYeBall! nAw I cAnt sEe oUtTa mUh eYe. bUt mUh maMa wOnt leMmE gEt a eYe pAcH cUz sHe tHaNks iT weLL maEk mEh lUhk liEk a pIeRaT.


  277. April 11, 2011 8:21 am

    Bryan White

    You want people to reply? Maybe write out your comments in a language everyone can understand. This weird ass caps/no caps mispelling thing makes you look retarded.

  278. April 12, 2011 12:09 am


    Wut da fuccccckAAAAA!?! U KnOe WhAAAT WHytE BoI?! U THiNk u 1 bAd AzzZ MuDdDA FuCKKA! I tALk thiZ wAY bAcuz Ima FrUm the HooOD! wE tAlk ThiZ waY sO wE dOnT gET SHOT! YA HERD!!?? U tRy LiVIN in DA HooOD wIt ALLA DEM GOSTES! ThEy WeRe Muh Bruthas!! YoU tRY GrOWin uP wit 1 rEd HeAd muFuCkin IrIsh DaD and 1 craZY ass NaTivE AmErcaN/AFRO Amercan MAMA! ThAZ ME! LyKe DiZ 1 tyMe…wE wuz sO mufuCkin Po My DadDy HaDD to KiLL OuR 1 n OnLee SHEeP! YAH I HAD a fckIN ShEEP in da HOOod! ThEn AftA we ATE DAt muhfUcka, I wEnt and TooK a huge SHyte and fRom da Corna my EAr, I hurd a BaHHH BAhhh Bahh lyke a fuCKin Goest shEEp. ThAT Shyte StIll hAunts ME. Alla My ParRAnoRmel ExPerenSES…I BaLong on GoeSt Adventers!!


  279. April 23, 2011 1:53 am


    Ok. I really cannot believe I just read all of this. This must be where most of the worlds retards gather after mornin cartoons. First, for everybody that’s offend by the cursing……FUCK. There. I said it. We (well, myself and maybe a handfull of these people are included in this) are adults. We each make our own choices in life. If mines that every other word coming out of my mouth is a finely selected curse word, then so be it. I understand parents not wanting their kids to hear em at such a young age, but honestly, how long can you shelter them? Look at the world we live in. Let’s be real. And two…I almost forgot, like most people seem to have done on this hysterical post of morons…..kick ass show. And don’t hate on bryan. Dudes running a fucking website while you sit at home, unemployed, stealing your neighbors wifi. Kick ass job bryan. Bet you didn’t expect this!

  280. April 24, 2011 12:46 am


    FUCCCCCKKKKK UUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! wUt kInDa nAme eZ wHo dA hAiL cAreS? Hmmm?! I eZ eMpLoiD!!!!!! I woRk @ K-F-C as a cAsheeR!!! dAt meEnZ I goTtA bE sMaRt n cOuNt dA mOnEez riTe!!!! dAt tAeKs suM mUtHa fUcKin bRaneS!!!! I bEt mUh pEeNiS eZ beEguR dEn uRs!!!! LoLz. YeH I sEd iT biTcH!!!! U dOn eViN kNo wUt a GoSt ez dOo u?!!!! wEll I dOo biTcH!!!!! LiEk diS 1 tiEm I wUz eEtiN sUm fRiEd chEekEn oN mUh bRakE @ woRk n dEn I uLmOs cHoaKeD oN mUh bOaN!!! sUm sCuRrY aSs mAn gOst dUn peEkeD roUnD dA cOrNa n iT dUn wInK @ mEh n sMyle!!! dEn iT wUz gOn!!!! nOw I nEva eEt dAt chEeKen cUz I tHiNk dAt gOst wAnnEt mUh cHeEken!!! 2hawt4u

  281. April 25, 2011 10:05 am

    sierra moles


  282. April 25, 2011 10:14 am

    sierra moles

    awesome u need to shut the f up ur the fag here

  283. April 25, 2011 8:40 pm


    BEST freekin show ever!!!!! i don’t give a crap whether or not it’s real it’s still vry entertaining(besides zak makes it’s more appealing to the eye) I believe in ghosts and ghost adventures gives me the creeps! And to all of u who hav a prob wit the language GET OVER IT!!!!!!! I’m in high school and i hear things sooo much worse then that!!! Besides maybe Johnny boy shouldn’t b watching it neways!!!LOVE u zak Aaron and nick!!!

  284. April 26, 2011 10:52 am


    For all the people who DO believe in paranormal activity and for the people who do NOT believe in paranoraml activity. Its entertainment. Stop argueing about if its true or false. Believe what you want to believe. Until you have a paranoraml experience yourself than you can believer or still be an ignorant skeptic. Remember its

  285. April 26, 2011 11:22 am

    Bryan White

    You know what’s sad? The only people I’ve ever had to ban from commenting on this site were because of this comments thread. I have a pretty strong policy about not banning people and approving all non-spam comments but some of your are so deeply retarded that I can no longer stand to read your bullshit.

  286. April 26, 2011 5:08 pm


    i like his hair so stop it this show is the best paranormal show you just need to stop hating

  287. April 30, 2011 3:07 am


    I only watch this show in the middle of the night if I can not sleep, It is rather funny that people believe that these guys should be the ones that “investigate”. I obviously do not know how much of their show is true but I do know that if people want plausible answers to these questions, they should not get it from three guys who can’t stand in a dark room with water droplets hitting the floor without scaring themselves. Ghost Adventures is solely entertainment, not science. Also let’s try to lay of the sssssssshhhhhhh……. ssssssshhhhhhhh…… Dont run!!… OH F&^% RUN. How about acting your age and standing your ground to try and capture another moth flying past your arm. They do have P.O.V cameras so why are we not seeing these supposed “faces” and “shadows” that only they see? and just to let you know, incase you already don’t, it is all a ratings game. If they are looking for uninterfered evidence then how about placing cameras in these building with other cameras showing the space around the intial cameras and leave the building for the night, maybe even record a few questions and let them play out throughout the night using a speaker. I know that this is a long post but it is purely common sense that when a show is showing video of an old baby doll opening its eyes before every commercial break, it should be looked at as a fictional show. I expect to start seeing them with vacuum hoses sucking up green ghosts from a chandelier in the local hotel. WHO YOU GONNA CALL? I’ll give you a hint…. Bill Murray was one.. lol

  288. May 1, 2011 5:45 am


    Hey Bryan I do like your site it has all kinds of crazies on here so good job. I know you said you had to start banning people but the on that was writing in caps/no caps and did not have great grammar was somewhat funny to read. Now about the show my take on it is simple. I do watch Ghost Adventures and its great entertainment, but that is just it. IT IS ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE!!!!!!! Zack is not at all as hot as people say maybe yeah from the neck to his waist but that is about it. I do like the shirts he wears but the same pants repeatedly gets tiring. I do wish he would wear different kinds of jeans/pants from time to time and not so large. I also think all the shushing is so annoying its ridicules. Every time they claim to find something they make more noise than is needed, which makes it harder for you to get the full picture of what is going on. They do run away and get scared a little too much. However, the show is as I said cool to watch I am a fan of the show. I do believe that some times things do go on in the world that trying to understand it can be very confusing and not at all is to explain why/what happened. I too have experienced a few things my self that I could not explain. However, I do believe that some of what happens on the show is phony although I also feel they do get some real things going on as well. Anyway, that is my take on the show.

  289. May 15, 2011 3:18 am


    Wow is all I have to say. U all have some sorts of issues. Seriously. “o man did u feel that”? Yeah it was ur buddy grabbing ur wiener. Zak, really…..u are the biggest tool on the planet. I will show u a ghost. It’s my fist knocking Ur stupid ass tiny t shirt gay ass out. Oh man u didnt even see it coming. All u retarded girls that want him…..get a clue….u are ugly face it. Chatting online about a douche isn’t gonna get u laid. Are ghosts real?…..yeah it’s a movie right! That’s it!! I saw a ghost once…on Halloween. haha. The only ghost there is is the holy ghost Jesus Christ. Maybe u people should start believing in him instead of hitlers ghost coming after u in ur sleep. Peace to all

  290. May 15, 2011 3:25 am


    O my God! Brian, thank you for leaving this stuff up. It is hilarious. It really concerns me about the state of society today. Many of these people need serious help! By the way, I love the show and do not care if it is real or not. To all you crazy psychopathic people out there, thank you for providing me with some entertainment!

  291. May 24, 2011 9:22 pm


    i <3 zak!

  292. May 24, 2011 9:45 pm


    people really….if u hate this show, fine. but still there’s no reason AT ALL. to be hating on these guys. they work their asses off for all their fans and risk themselves just for their fans! no ones making u watch it!! why do u even read the interveiw if you dont even like them? just to try and act cool? just saying if thats what your trying to do…ur failing. epicly failing.so stop. just stop

  293. May 27, 2011 11:01 pm

    it is what it is

    Something about this show seems staged, maybe it is the over the top reactions and the high pitched almost patronizing “oh my god/did you hear that”.

    With that being said this show has a stay for a while feel and before you know it the ending credits are running.

  294. June 7, 2011 12:35 am


    Guys Seriously Now. Your All Talking About How They Over Re-Act But I’m Sure If You Saw A Ghost You Would Pee Your Pants. So Don’t Go Hatin On Um.

  295. July 2, 2011 1:41 am


    I just read all 294 comments and they managed to keep me entertained for quite a while and im surprised bryan white puts up with all this bs

  296. July 8, 2011 9:42 pm


    Omg zak im ur #1 fan u r so hot I like it when u cuss its hot every thing about u is hot every thing seriously I will marry u someday really

  297. July 14, 2011 1:13 am


    Zak ur hot!!! I got an actual really scary place that’s haunted u never been to b4 at my grandma house. I have real footage photos n video recordings this is no joke. Would.love u guys to.come out here n check it.out.

  298. July 22, 2011 4:59 pm


    Hey GAC! I have been a fan for many years. Being a “sensitive” myself I am very well aware of the spirit world. Although my tactics dealing with spirits is more different from your teams approach. I wish I had the finances to pursue this very expensive endeavor I do use my gift to help other people. I do agree the major differences between the different paranormal investigation groups are like fighting styles…there are many levels to be mastered. Keep up the good work GAC and I will be watching for future episodes! By the way, I hope you guys give us a list of new locations for the new season like you guys did before.

    See ya!

  299. July 25, 2011 1:27 am


    hi zak, id love to stroke your penor until it burts out some deliscious creamy ectoplasm, give us a call honey

  300. September 1, 2011 11:51 pm

    Passing By

    Bryan …. You are a jerk and very self centered. You must be a truly sad individual who lives in your parents basement wishing that you thought of this show. That’s why you made this website to bash people such as Zac who reached a success that you only wish to obtain. To all the fans you are the reason why the show is so great and yes Zac may not read them. However it’s nice to read positive reactions from the show and not a bunch of cursing. Cursing just shows the lack of intelligence that this guy has… A prime example.

  301. September 4, 2011 12:01 am


    Omg brian I love your comments they are sooo funny and right but guys seroiusly zak is gay come on! He loves aaron and the only reason he doesn’t love nick Is because he’s married 4 gods sake. Btw I’m 12 yrs old and it’s so awesome wen u morons swearA. Zak is never gonna marry u B. He’s a jackass cuz He never answers on his fb You’d think thtd he’d care about his fans but ya he’s hot but he takes steriods 4 tht and he’s a tatoo weirdo. Plus he Lks 2 date either men or whores

  302. September 4, 2011 12:03 am


    Tht wasn’t supposed 2 happen

  303. September 4, 2011 10:03 pm


    I’m sorry for the comment I was thinking of some1 I no
    And an actor tht I hate

  304. September 6, 2011 9:06 pm


    I <3 moves lk jagger! Ya go maroon 5

  305. September 10, 2011 12:55 am


    This is to the person with the caps and no caps speeling screw ups…I laughed so hard just now, I swear I started actually reading what you had written and it was so funny. It has been a long time since I have laughed that hard.
    Now, about the people(that mainly seem to be 13 year old girls) that think this is GAC’s website…so what??? If it makes their day to write their stuff, so what??? I mean really ….is it such a BIG DEAL to everyone else on here???? Let people be 13 or 40, whaat is stupid to you or me may not be stupid to them and someone may be readin this right now and say, “Hey, She is an idiot!” but you know what….Who Cares??????

  306. September 11, 2011 12:06 am

    i like toast

    just wow…3 yrs this has gone on…way to go Bryan! i read a few of these…love your comments tho..i guess these people hope that maybe just MAYBE Zak will see their love for him…thank you for doing this interview with him…have a great nite Bryan…

  307. September 22, 2011 7:37 pm


    brian white, why do you got to be so mean? and i kike gost adventures even though i thinks its fake as hell i still watch it quit being mean to people!!!!

  308. October 7, 2011 11:41 pm



    Too fucking funny. Thanks for the site. I read most comments and have realized the world has more ass clowns then I previously estimated.

  309. October 10, 2011 12:59 am


    Dear Bryan,

    I have scrolled through most of these comments just to read all of yours. You are too funny. I totally respect you being able to tolerate all of the retardeness displayed on YOUR website. I think in your situation I would’ve deleted this entire interview so no one else could post on it. Seriously, man. Kudos to you. Great site by the way. (Minus the retarded comments from these fucking morons… Shit, now I’m one of “them.” Oh well. Worth it.)

  310. October 14, 2011 11:54 pm


    i see dead people.. ………

  311. October 15, 2011 9:49 pm

    Bryan White

    I see stupid people.

    Lots and lots of very stupid people.

  312. October 16, 2011 12:17 am


    Stumbled across this, now I’m traumatized. What’s scarier than the paranormal? Knowing all these people are roaming the earth. Truly, truly frightening.

  313. October 18, 2011 3:24 am


    I love the show! I Investigated one of the houses that zak and his crew investigated and my life hasnt been the same since….. it was the la palazza manssion in las vegas, I guess I was followed home. I spent about a month going to that house documenting things and now my house has alot of problems. I have had a preist over to bless my home and more,,,,, I have amazing EVPs Pics and my daughter can see them and talk to them and she is only 4 most of the pics I have are due to my daughter telling me where to take the pics cause she can see them… I have very dark blue orbs very dark red orbs and very green orbs along with orange orbs, full face pics very clear can someone help? if u can my e-mail is hughlett711@yahoo.com thanx for listening all jon

  314. October 22, 2011 7:26 pm


    U no wat I don’t get y people @ skool don’t lk me I’m a very likable person I’m really nice and funny I think every1 nos some1 and no1 nos mr cuz I’m new it sux

  315. October 24, 2011 3:05 pm


    Ghost Adventures is the best show ever! hands down! TAPS has NO idea what they are doing!!!

  316. October 25, 2011 2:32 am


    Abby? I am thinking that maybe a lack of a grasp of the machinations of the English language might be the cause of your problem. Just a thought. (I fear my future)

  317. October 25, 2011 6:56 pm



  318. November 13, 2011 12:24 am


    Hey melody and malache y don’t u just SHUTUP u don’t know wt I’ve been throught maybe I’m not even 12 maybe I’m 27 or 39 think about it

  319. November 16, 2011 3:06 pm

    daysie bagans!!!

    oh my god i love you guys..allllll you guys i watch your show verytime its on and even if its a re-run but i just want to say that zak bagans is AMAZING!! And so is aron and nick i loooovvve u all :)

  320. November 16, 2011 3:07 pm

    daysie bagans!!!

    *every time sry :) l believe your show IS REAL!!!
    keep up the good work guys

  321. November 16, 2011 11:43 pm

    gabriel lopez

    ghost adventures is the best show ever made every time i watch it my adredaline rushes and it made me belive in ghosts i’ve always wanted to go on a lock down with them its also scary people should belive in ghosts

  322. November 18, 2011 9:40 pm


    Ran across this site. Funniest thing I’ve read in a while – thanks for leaving it up. Remember that game where you whisper something in someone’s ear, it goes around the room, and by the time it gets back to you it’s totally distorted? Who would’ve guessed a simple interview done in 2008 would live on. And on. And on.

    Oh, I almost forgot….Zak is hot! Sorry, still giggling over some of your comments, Bryan. Thanks.

  323. November 19, 2011 12:04 am


    I love your show more now than when you first started. When you started the show you were a little too loud and confrontational, I am glad you toned it down a little. I have since decided you are my favorite and only watch the start of TAPS sometimes to see where they are filming. TAPS really made me mad when they filmed the Bob Mackey show. They were saying at the beginning of the show that other shows had really added to the story about the club and events that led to the haunting, TAPS then looked real bad as they repeated the exact story that you guys and Discovery show ( A Haunting ) told. TAPS is using bad tactics now. I turned the channel after they told their version which was your version. I guess it’s only right when they tell it, wrong. I wish you could come to Phenix City Alabama where they had Gen. Patton’s men get this town in order as there was murder every week. The movie is THE PHENIX CITY STORY and the place was called SIN CITY in those days. The old bars are still there. The front of the buildings are sometimes used as junk stores with the backs blocked off. The original beautiful wood bars are still there waiting to be restored. There is a large closed down old hospital here also. Phenix City is 6 miles from Columbus Georgia which has the haunted Springer Theatre. I hope you do a show here as you would be the 1st national show.

  324. November 26, 2011 4:58 pm


    Abby, If you are “27 or 39″ I feel much more sorry for you and the state of affairs of our education systems than I did when I wrote that last post. I guess that there was at least one child left behind.

  325. November 29, 2011 5:01 pm


    shutup about the ghosts is not real thing they are if i here one more fricking word like that or sentence i will come to your house and beat your butt up so be quiet you sound like red heads

  326. December 8, 2011 10:33 pm


    Thank you for this page! It has to be the most hilarious commentary string I have read in a really long time. It was just time to kill at work for me where you have had to deal with this for years (OMG). At first, I thought the majority of people on here were just joking and having fun…not taking this seriously, but wow I was obviously way off base. What is funny is that I do actually watch this show….with my 9 year old….who understands that it is all fake. We laugh and have a great time. I DVR all the shows so the demonic or really disturbing ones he is not allowed to watch. People, take this show for what it is–entertainment, its fun but come on if your truly honest with yourself please tell me that you get that this is mostly to all fake.

    I’m sure there will plenty of people who tell me that hate me …please do, I don’t want to be robbed of the great minds that have left comments here.

    Bryan, I thought I had to deal idiots at my job….brother, you win hands down!!!

  327. December 15, 2011 1:45 am


    malache, you’re a bitch, stop picking on a pre teen girl, youre pathetic, get a life go on a diet, get laid, have a daughter and see what its like when people make fun of her, go to hell hoe, Peace.

  328. December 15, 2011 1:49 am


    and by the way ME, chill out dick wad, let people have their fun, just you’re a skeptic doesn’t mean everyone else is. Why would you comment to just be an ass hole and bash what people believe, by the way, I hope you kid gets possessed, or tormented by something just cause you had to get on here and be an ass. Later.

  329. December 20, 2011 11:06 am


    Anyone who wears an Affliction t-shirt is a giant douche bag. The show is fake, full of inconsistencies, and downright dumb.

  330. December 24, 2011 2:09 am

    Karla Calvillo

    Hey, Does Anyone Know Wear Zack Gets His Pants/Cloths From? This Could Reallyy Help For Myy Dad!(:

  331. December 30, 2011 3:48 am


    I just wanted to commend you on a wonderful interview (although it was a few years ago). I scrolled through most of the comments and mainly read yours, which were very humorous.
    To touch on the other posts with horrible grammar and spelling, it truly scares me that the world will someday be left in their hands. Of course, many will only be able to get jobs at McDonalds or Burger King, but then you have the problem of them preparing food for other’s consumption…
    Finally, Ghost Adventures has come a long way in the past few years and I think the show is, if nothing else, amusing for all; whether one is a believer or not.
    Now, I’ve said my piece.

  332. December 31, 2011 3:36 am

    Bblove zak

    Omgawsh stupid haters zak and his team r awesome and funny zak is super hot love him and his show I love how he runs things and if we were In that position we’d be scared of a lot Of things too don’t change ur show zak!! Keep filming love it guys 😀 :) :)

  333. January 9, 2012 3:46 am


    You know what is so weird?? Men saying that Zak Bagans is “HOT”… I agree but I find it hillarious that man are saying it.

  334. January 9, 2012 9:32 am

    Bryan White

    You DO know what gay men are, right?

  335. January 10, 2012 9:45 am


    if zack hates bullies y is he always bulling Aaron??? y doesn’t he pick on lil nick??? lol or maybe he picks on who makes him feel lil….he’s got to stop is irritating. zack stop the bulling………………….now.

  336. January 14, 2012 3:29 am

    I love ghost adventures

    Okay everyone STOP hatin ok,just because u guys think that Zak is mean and everything doesn’t mean that he’s a bad guy ok? and hey liz,STOP! MAYBE HE GOTS A REASON OR MAYBE ZAK AND AARON DON’T GET ALONG VERY WELL OK?!?!? JEZZ PEOPLE GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!!! Cuz i an’t here to listen 2 people talk s*** about Zak cuz i love Zak and i’m only 10.SO BACK OFF!!! and note to Zak:
    I’m here 4 ya Zak. I got your back.And PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN 2 WHAT THEIR SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. January 23, 2012 2:06 am


    I was just going to look at the first few comments from
    this interview, but after seeing things people were
    posting I could not stop reading! Thanks for leaving all
    these comments up so others could get some amusement :).
    Amazing that after all these years people still don’t get that Zak
    doesn’t read this page!!!!

  338. January 25, 2012 1:55 am


    You people that bag on these guys are idiots yourself. They are genuine. They believe what they are doing is real. Zap does dress like a douche but he seems like a good guy. Ghosts exist, demons exist, there is life after death. Just because you have an uptight closed mind doesn’t make other people stupid. And if you are so uptight to be afforded by the f word, then I say go f yourself.

  339. January 25, 2012 1:56 am


    Zap I meant

  340. January 25, 2012 1:57 am


    Zack, is what I keep trying to say my iPad changes it

  341. January 25, 2012 1:58 am


    Offended jeez dumb ipad

  342. January 28, 2012 3:55 am


    I think Zach is a sadistic control freak who is one day going to get what is coming to him by provocing the unknown!! He just gets under my skin. He to me thinks his crap don’t stink,and he is the reason I don’t watch his show. I do however love Paranormal state. It’s true, and he brings in priest, and other professionals who know what they are doing, so two thumbs up to you Ryan!!! Keep up the good work!!! A Sincere Fan!!! Robin/Athens, GA

  343. February 6, 2012 1:55 pm


    I am not sure on how to directly get a hold of this information, but have to start somewhere. my question pertains to are you guys interested in or not about investagating subject such as demonic entities an evil spirit that surrounds an individual, and because of this investigating the surroundings of that person, and do you think a person can be haunted by the spirit from the beginning of birth? maybe it’s not being something to say really the person has done to deserve these hauntings instead it is something else that’s all of them from a past life or something that they just can not explain.

  344. February 7, 2012 9:20 am

    Bryan White

    They don’t read these comments. I’m pretty sure Zak has long forgotten doing this interview.

  345. February 15, 2012 10:14 pm


    hay zak nick and Aaron can i be on ur show im so into ghost me and my bff we r doing the same thing i have seen thing happen to me well me and my sister keeps hearing people yelling over top of us and my stuff comes up missing there just a lot of active here

  346. February 23, 2012 10:08 pm


    hello! Im ur guys HUGEST fan ever! My name is Nyx and im the leader of Ghost girls. we search for ghosts in az and i need some info so plz help me.


  347. February 23, 2012 10:10 pm


    u guys stop fighting! Ghost adventures is a busy group! Get over it! Its not like its the end of the world! Jeez! Friggen get over it!

    Nyx :)

  348. February 24, 2012 11:32 pm


    I find GA and GH to be both interesting. 2 different style approaches. I like GH cause they debunk a lot of things and I enjoy the history of GA. I find the team members on both shows interesting. Steve and Tango are funny and so are the guys from GA. Whether they are real or not who cares? Both are fun to watch. I believe in ghosts, had experiences in my house with my wife and had a few up in St. Augustine. For the language who cares, hell people are farting on Tv now a days, and the words are bleeped out. On the other hand Paranormal State sucks ass, and they are the fake ones. I have a hard time believing that a bunch of pimply face kids can get rid of demons.

  349. February 26, 2012 3:58 pm


    u guys rock…love ur show

  350. March 4, 2012 4:19 am


    Haha! I get a kick out of the comments from 2008 from the douchebag saying that TAPS was the real shit. LMAO! As we have all found out about TAPS over the last few years (They create evidence), TAPS is as real as WWE Wrestling is!

  351. March 9, 2012 11:43 am


    This message is for Bryan White, why do you keep posting all of this shit about Ghost Adventures if they are not even affiliated with you. Maybe you should a)not post them or b)delete the website and start over. I feel bad that they (GA) are getting all the hype and you are the one who has to deal with it. Sorry Bryan

  352. April 9, 2012 1:41 pm


    Jesus Christ. Why do I get the feeling I’m one of only a handul of GA fans who are over the age of 12 and who like the show for reasons other than Zak’s body? These comments are embarrassing.

  353. April 12, 2012 4:46 am


    I LOVE this show but why do all the other fans seem like complete dumbasses obsessed with how hot Zak is? Seriously, grow a brain and loose the hormones.

    I know this interview was done wayyyy back but the comments people are STILL posting are funny as shit!

    Bryan White, you are too funny replying to some of these people! lmao

    Gonna leave now after a half hour of comedy here.

  354. April 16, 2012 1:56 am


    I just wanna eat that little bitch!!!!! I luv him and what I think is his big cock!!!!!!! LAMP! Sorry I didn’t mean to yell my lamp just turned on. And I also just cut my wrist. Lmao! I watch this so and just fingure myself he is just soo hoot! It is so scary at time that I just moan and yell or maybe that has something to do with the masterbation. Anyways luv you all. Love the comments. See y’all soon!

  355. April 16, 2012 1:58 am


    Oh mY gAWd zAK IS SupeR hawT. Lk I juSt wAnNA Stab oUt hiS eYEs and THEn kisS Them aNd eAt Them Lk ShReK dID iN thAt oNe mOviE wiTh THE TalKibG LIttlE hOrSE oh mY gAwD I just love gHoSts They Be So CoOl lK oNe TiMe I wAs in My roOM and I saw A gHoSt in my CloSet and I ShiTTed All oVer MyselF and PreTEndEd NOt to SEE it and tHen it RaPeD mE No One BeLiEveS my StoRy I LovE yOu ZAk <3

  356. April 20, 2012 12:40 pm



  357. May 6, 2012 12:53 am


    This is truly ridiculous. I googled to find out what it was that Zak had seen. I made the mistake of clicking on this forum. Just to be drug into all of these insanely idiotic comments, that are truly pathetic. Mr. White I credit you. There is no way that I could have put up with this for what…two years? Geesh. Nice website YOU’RE running here though. Kudos.

  358. May 21, 2012 12:33 am


    I would love to have them come to my house and my friends house I have a demon…and to MR. Darrel Hardessty….You you crap your ppants and run like a scared little girl screaming…if you dont like the show dont watch it they are more man than you are

  359. June 13, 2012 6:55 pm


    ZAK NICK AARON, for sometime ive watched your show, ive had my own experiences with paranormal, ive been scarred for life by my experience, let me join you, i just like you ZAK want to see what we have saw onto video. contact me at sacred_fire7@yahoo.com, I NEED YOU, YOU NEED ME.

  360. June 26, 2012 2:20 pm


    did you ever hare of aux able cemetary in minooka il. or bachelors grove in midlothan il. go to these places and spend the night

  361. September 3, 2012 7:37 am


    all t.a.p.s. does is they like to debunk alot of stuff thats all they do.I really believe they didn’t believe in ghosts they did it too be on t.v.Everytime something would happen they would face there camera’s toward the floor then they would face it toward the spot where it happened.GHOST ADVENTURES WITH ZAK BAGINS,NICK GROFF,AND AARON GOODWIN THEY ACTUALLY CATCH ALOT OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.CHECK OUT THERE FIRST INVESTIGATION AT TH WASHOE HOTEL IN VIRGINIA CITY THEN LETS SEE IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND OR NOT.

  362. September 16, 2012 3:17 am

    jennifer Dangel

    Dear zak in your episode rocky point manor you guys send aaron out by him self and if its not his shadow there is a black figure moving in the room next to the one with the front door I didn’t see a light reflection to where his shadow would be if it was his shadow would be in the same room he is in

  363. September 28, 2012 2:06 pm


    i love the new shows that have been showing lately.

    ps.Zachary your so hot! just saying dude peace

  364. October 19, 2012 12:06 am

    layla cronchilte

    They are communicating with demons – every ghost – a demon – scary

  365. October 22, 2012 11:39 am


    Ghost Adventure, I love you all. Zak, Nick, Aaron and yes, Billy too though often times he’s the Paranormal tech behind each lockdown.

    I just want to say that I used to be a TAPS fan and I will explain why I don’t watch their show very often anymore. TAPS is at a mature level of investigation and I am aware that the crew are only capable of showing 50% out of the 100% they investigate. But I don’t see apparitions, shadows, and don’t get to see as many orbs. I’m not saying TAPS is bad, they are good at what they do. It’s just that they don’t give me a reason for me to continue watching their show if I’m only going to see little to no evidence. Yes, the EVP devices are used but not used to its potential.

    And as far as TAPS, don’t they get just as scared as anyone if they see or hear spirits? They don’t even react to what is going on. I would’ve reacted in fear or breavery if I saw the unknown.

    Now YOU GA, you guys show your fear on television. I don’t know a lot of grown men y’all age displaying your fear the way you do like that. Thats how I know you’re investigation is real. Plus, you guys show accurate evidence to whatever EVP is caught or what ghost sighting is seen. It’s exciting and terrifying and people DO love to feel and put themselves in your positions.

    Okay, favorite part. To the people who is sensitive to the swearing in GA, it’s BLEEPED out. So what if GA curses a lot? The least they did was be respectful by cutting out the bad words so it don’t sound as dirty on national television. Yeesh, more than half of you who gets offended by a little swearing, you guys swear YOURSELVES.

    And if you let your kids watch it, it is NO big deal. Then again, I bet you parents don’t even know yourselves that your childrens proably cuss as bad out in the streets or in school than what they do in their own homes. Think outside the box. And I agree with some peole here who mentioned “Why are you letting your kids stay up past nine anyway?” unless its on a Friday night GA comes on.

  366. October 25, 2012 1:39 pm


    I have watched you guys for a while,and y’all are all great, I agree about the language though, only because we miss so much of the dialogue. Sorry Zak, you’re not bad,and Nick you’re taken, but I just think Aaron is adorable. I am reading Nick’s book now, so far it hasn’t let me down. It’s really refreshing that it’s just you three recording and taping everything, I’ve watched other shows and it’s hard to get into when there’s so many people running around and bumping into each other. Aaron does that enough by himself;)

  367. November 3, 2012 9:10 pm


    I totally just got sucked in by the ignorance contained within these comments. It was like a horrible illiterate train wreck. I feel truly sorry for Bryan White, who gets a notification everytime one of these morons decides to profess their love for one of the over dramatic trio. I would have deleted it 4yrs ago…

  368. November 7, 2012 4:38 pm

    Bryan White

    From the moment the idiocy started pouring in, I’ve given strong consideration to removing this post and all the comments but there are times when this article makes me laugh and I put it out of my mind.

  369. December 9, 2012 11:58 am


    Why are people scared if u hear a NOISE a NOISE cant hurt u and ghost wont either…cry ass babies…..I SEE A GHOST I’LL SPIT IN THEIR FACE…NO HARM CAN BE DONE GEEEZ….and u mamas who care aboiut language and kids hearing it….u sure scream FUCK FUCK MEEE when u conceivfe the kids….ur kids know what fuck is so dont be a hipocrite…the show is very cool….

  370. December 10, 2012 1:26 am

    Is Ghost Adventures Real? | Mostly Ghosts

    […] Interview with Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans […]

  371. December 25, 2012 7:46 pm


    I LOVE YOU ZAC AS IN A BOYFRIEND. ALSO LOVE THW=E SHOW I WATCH IT EVRY SATURDAY AND FRIDAY.LOVE ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  372. December 30, 2012 9:15 pm

    Sabrina Moody

    Zak ,I would love to met you. I am your biggest fan ever! I watch all the show\’s.I really wish I can see you.

  373. December 30, 2012 9:45 pm

    Sabrina Moody

    Bill do you know you can not spit in ghosts faces?

  374. January 17, 2013 4:11 pm


    The show is 100% true! I love it! At the start of every show, Zak clearly says ‘ i never believed in ghosts until i came face to face with one!’ I KNOW THE SHOW IS REAL!!!

  375. April 23, 2013 3:05 am


    I love GAC, oh yes Zak is hot and gorgeous. I adore the shows and you guys. Lucky girlfriends of him

  376. May 17, 2013 10:16 am


    I watch Ghost Adventures every Friday and Saturday night. I’m doing a project for one of my classes and actually using Zak’s experience in Trenton for the hook.

  377. May 29, 2013 3:14 pm

    Is Ghost Adventures Real? - Ghost Report

    […] the public to be analyzed. When asked if any of the evidence could be released to the public, In an Interview with Cinema Suicide, Bagans […]

  378. May 30, 2013 6:07 am

    Joe $r.

    You guys are GREAT!! I’ve had a few things happen in my life that to this day spook me. Of all the shows I enjoy your the most :)

  379. June 27, 2013 11:58 pm

    Mrs Gail j Gray

    Zak you are not alone I also like you believe in good and bad spirits and ghosts. I have seen several in my life time, including my late husband who passed on last year in September 13th 2012. all my encounters none has spoken with me. Ilove your programme Ghost Adventures i watch it all the time. I would love to work with you on your programmes has I am not afraid of the supernatural.I have been to the location you went to The Hellfire Club, I never seen or expirenced anything but it is certainly a sinister place to visit.In 1974 I went with my younger brother and parents to Transyvania of Dracula’s Castle, that place was very sinister with the wolves howling on the mountains and when the moon is full, we visited it in the day and stayed at a hotel close by for the night, the locals were telling us loads of stories about the bad tyrant who lived in the castle.

  380. September 11, 2013 11:07 pm


    Oh my…… NO HOPE FOR THE HUMAN RACE. Nope, none….. just stumbled across this while on one of my many ‘OCD researching things I do when I’m bored. Lol I am a fan of the GAC and enjoyed reading your article. Then I spent the last 30- 40 mins reading the comments. Holy shit!!! Have you seen the movie Idiocrisy (spelled wrong I believe), thats exactly where we’re headed. VERY ENTERTAINING to say the least but rather disturbing knowing these people are probably procreating.
    I may need some time alone to reflect on this. Lmfao!!!

  381. September 26, 2013 3:35 pm

    logical knowledge

    i am very picky about emperical evidence and entertainment and i have to say gac cuts it for me not taps i discorved taps first cause they been around longer but that does not make them more pro . with gac they play back evps with lyrics amplified not in a shitty way like taps . that is your evidence ghosts exist people who will hate will only say it is fake. zak is a nice guy so he is gonna b picked on by high school kids they know no better i am pretty sure if zak admitted he likes injecting himself with drugs and gettin high they would like him and gettin smashed off his face but lucky zak is not like that he is interested unlike taps and he can even accept them unlike the other way around for a person with nearly 300 non ficton books on this stff on my kindle i can clarify i know what i am talkin bout without losing low grammar aka curse words however i will agree n one thing zak should not bleep out curse words i mean they from a ghost but at least they don make the mistakes taps make by referring to a ghost as a nine yr old child when its immortal bein a ghost and naming themselves after a water supply

  382. January 26, 2014 12:23 am

    Shannon Littledave

    Me and my sister are very much fans of the show… one of the best shows! Every Friday and Saturday night consist of Ghost Adventures and if we miss an episode its being DVR’d. Watching all the episodes of this show have inspired me to go to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka
    Springs, Arkansas. Can’t wait till we go!!! Its all just so exciting and chilling!!!!….

  383. April 8, 2014 12:47 am

    michael smith

    I know you guys are busy and probably won’t get to see this but if you do I think you would want to talk. I know y’all are always looking for the most demonic places. Well I think I’ve got one of the best. Its a small town in Oklahoma called Sterling. I also am like a magnet for spiritual activity. I have tons of recordings and the most recent has a demon talking to another spirit for more than two minutes straight. They talked about making me sick just before I got sick. They also tried to pretend to be my brother and sister who have been dead for over 14 years. I also was about to go to sleep one night and a demon jumped into my body. Anyway if you want to talk to me more about it. Call me at 580-251-0678. I hope you do you won’t regret it.

  384. October 26, 2014 10:18 am


    Brain bet you wish you never done the interview now, look people he was just trying to bring some information about the up coming ghost adventures not start a slanging match.
    So please if all your here forfor is to spill hate or bad mouth everyone else don’t post a comment.
    I came here to read the article so thanks Brian really interesting.

  385. January 21, 2015 2:45 am


    Notice how most of the people commenting here are horny teenage girls…and 11 year old girls…shudder. That is disturbing. The focus of the show is Ghost hunting, not Zack Bagans’ body. If you bimbos want to see tough guy beefcake, why not just watch Jersey Shore or something?

    I mean it’s embarrassing, don’t most of you know he’s 25 years older than you lol.

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