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Bryan Loves You and 3 more coming from Anchor Bay!

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday July 15, 2008 | News

Bryan Loves You DVDEver since Todd kicked our asses with that interview with Seth Landau, we’ve been grinding our teeth in anticipation of Seth’s paranoid opus of security cam footage involving the cult takeover of an Arizona town in 1993.  We’ve also made it a point to repeatedly remind you all that Bryan Loves You will be coming to you from the fine folks at Anchor Bay.  With a cast featuring Landau, Tony Todd, George Wendt, Daniel Roebuck, Tiffany Shepis and Brinke Stevens.  Todd was all about that shit and I tend to trust his opinion sight unseen because we tend to see eye to eye on matter such as these. You’ll finally get to see what he’s been raving about on September 30th when Anchor Bay kicks out the jams and releases Bryan Loves You along with three other flicks worth mentioning below. Maybe I can get Todd to syndicate his review of Bryan Loves You. Details and more from Anchor Bay after the jump.

Also coming on the September 30th is a bit of indie Torture Porn entitled Breathing Room,

In the tradition of Hostel and Saw comes Breathing Room. Tonya (Ailsa Marshall, “The Gilmore Girls,” “How I Met Your Mother”) is thrown naked into a desolate room with 13 strangers. Much to her horror, she discovers that she is the final contestant in a deadly game of chance. Time is running out for each player to find both an exit and the reason for their abduction. One by one, they are eliminated as their “curfew” begins and the lights go out. With each killing comes another clue, which the remaining players use to discover that one of them is the killer.

Also coming is the much hyped feature, Five Across The Eyes,

A shattering exercise in suspense, Five Across the Eyes is the story of five teenaged girls who become hopelessly lost on their way home from a high-school football game. As they blindly make their way across an area the locals call “The Eyes,” the girls become prey in a terrifying series of assaults. Their innocence, and possibly their lives, will be lost as they desperately attempt to survive this brutal and shocking thrill ride.

Five Across The Eyes has won a shitload of awards in various festivals around the country including Southern Appalachian International Film Festival, 2008 Dead By Dawn festival, Fantastic Fest 2007, Weekend of Fear 2007, HorrorHound Weekend 2007 and the Semana International Cine Fantastico.

Finally to round out this blitz is the upcoming eco-apocalypse feature that fits in with recent end of the world paranoia flicks like the recently mentioned Wynter Dark and 2012, Vanguard

A grim tale of survival in the future – and survival of the fiercest – Vanguard is the feature debut of writer/director Matthew Hope. The year is 2015 and the world is in ruins. The last known oil fields have been vanquished, overpopulation has reached critical levels worldwide, and mankind is about to become a thing of the past. It’s a fight for survival between h umans and a frightening new race of genetically engineered mutants that just won’t die. If this is what the future has in store for mankind, then we’re all better off dead!

So September 30th is beginning to look ‘A plus’ in terms of indie DVD releases.  So keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you think of Bryan Loves You.

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