15 Jul

What’s your favorite sequel? Scream 4 in the pipeline.

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday July 15, 2008 | News

Scream 4Eyes are rolling so hard, you can hear the eyestrain.  Comingsoon.net is reporting that Showtime and The Brothers Weinstein have signed a big-ass 7 year, 95 pitcure deal. Among the mayhem is a pocketful of genre flicks heading to horror hold-out Dimension.  Among them, remakes of Scanners and Piranha (in 3D) as well as Scream 4. I wish I were kidding.  The Scream flicks got a bad rap for kicking off a wave of soft horror in the late 90’s that brought us such wimpy carbon copies as Urban Legend and I Know What You Did Last Summer.  It was a dark time for horror.

So I guess it’s time to tone things down, scale back the sadism that we’ve become so accustomed to and crank the irony factor to 11, not to metion feature (presumably) Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox in feature that gets some kind of major theatrical release.  I’m sure it will go over well.  I like the first Scream quite a bit but have I mentioned that I have a yearning for original horror in Hollywood?

Finally, the image you see to the left is just some fan mock up and not the actual theatrical poster.

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