22 Jul

More social networking on the b-movie fringe!

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday July 22, 2008 | News

I’m a web developer, professionally, and I like to keep up on what’s current in trends on the web. In case you haven’t noticed, Social Media is all the rage at the moment. It has come to a point where you can download and implement your own social media CMS; something akin to Drupal or Joomla, but with the focus less on creating a singular site with automated content updating and more on the side of building your own social network. In simpler terms, your own Myspace. I guess this is called Ning.

One such network just popped up on the radars and I think it’s the shit. Cult Media Studies is a social network for the sort of people who frequent our feed. If you’re into cult movies, exploitation, horror, the low end of cinematic spectrum, you’ll probably want to swing over to Cult Media Studies and have a look around. Like us, they give bad movies the benefit of the doubt and throw some deep analysis and examination their way. These flicks don’t necessarily deserve that kind of scrutiny but there is something to be said for them as a sort of cultural barometer for the periods that they were produced in.

Bear in mind that Cult Media Studies seems to take their studies seriously. This isn’t the Bloody Disgusting forums where you can blindly post shit like “ZOMG! Michele Myars kills u fagats!!1″.

Once you’re set up, drop by my new profile and hook up with me.

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  1. July 24, 2008 10:24 am


    Looks interesting. I enjoy discussing odd films in more depth than most people, but I’m not going to write a paper on it. I do like to know odds and ends about the history and making of the films though.

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