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Let’s do the timewarp… again.

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday July 24, 2008 | News

Rocky Horror Picture Show RemakeHey, everybody! Remember when Hollywood made original movies? Alright, neither do I but the point that I’m trying to make is that there was a time in Hollywood’s history, not so long ago, when the movies that they made at least had things about them that set them apart from movies from their past.  Remakes are really nothing new, after all you can go way back in the day and find remakes of The Seven Samurai and so on but people are fucking lazy these days and will spend money on whatever, so the machine keeps on chugging.  Chugging so well, in fact, that they’ll remake anything, evident in recent news of a Plan 9 From Outer Space remake and this new slice of pie from Hollywood’s festering armpit: They’re remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Variety is reporting that MTV is producing a remake with the original script and music, plus some original new numbers.  If it’s the original script and music?  Why remake it at all?  If one thing can be said for remade horror movies, they’re at least using new scripts based on old ideas.  This just seems lazy.

No word on whether this will be released theatrically, to cable or straight to video but no matter how you slice it, they’ll be missing the point.  The culture around Rocky Horror is obsessed with the ritual of audience participation.  These days, the movie almost seems secondary to the fandom.  I wonder how this will turn out.

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