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Has London After Midnight been found?

Posted by Bryan White | Friday July 25, 2008 | News

London After MidnightI was ready to let this one pass me by because I’ve actually seen claims pop up on the internets many times over the last 15 years or so that lay claim to someone finding and watching a print of the lost Tod Browning film, London After Midnight starring the late great Lon Chaney.  It looks like someone is back with another claim that they have found the movie but Ain’t It Cool News is getting behind this one.  Of course, that doesn’t mean jack since they’re really just a rumors site and have been fooled in the past, but I figured I’d throw this out there since I’m fascinated by this movie and the mystery that surrounds it.

AICN reported a couple of days ago that someone named Sid Terror had located and watched a print of London After Midnight under the title The Hypnotist, a known alias of the movie.  They link to a very, very long post by Sid at The Horror Drunx forums.  By this point I was ready to dismiss the whole thing, immediately, but then this post popped up on AICN, so for whatever that article is worth, it might be true… then again.

I badly want this to be true.  For my money, this is the holy grail of lost movies.  I’ve seen the reconstruction from a several years ago and while it’s really just some title cards and still photos, it paints a picture of a very strange movie.  What it all boils down to, I’m sure, though, is that this is all just another hoax.  I’m waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

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    we must find a way to tie the knights of templar to this conspiracy. those bastards are behind everything…

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