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In defense of the Friday the 13th remake

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday July 29, 2008 | News

Just a heads up to all of you. I’d like to point you to my latest blog over at Bloody Good Horror, a diatribe in defense of the Friday the 13th remake and why I consider this upcoming flick not a remake, not a reboot, but another real sequel in the series.

I’m Okay With a Friday the 13th Remake

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  1. July 29, 2008 4:37 pm


    I like your comments about this new movie and about what George Romero said. He is exactly right, it doesn’t erase the original movie. How many times have characters like Batman and Superman been done?!? Each reiteration is different, but none of them is wrong, or right for that matter. Everyone views movies differently, that is why we are human. For the most part I prefer the originals to the remakes, but I am at least man enough to give remakes a change. I like to be entertained more than I like to rip a movie apart for its flaws. I prefer the new Batman series, but the old Superman series. I think Romero’s Dawn of the Dead is a classic, but I enjoyed the new one a bit more for entertainment value. I never really cared for the Friday the 13th movies, but I will likely give the new one a try so I can see if it entertains me.

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