29 Jul

The Webstore is open for business!

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday July 29, 2008 | News

Dave’s been tearing his hair out waiting for me to get my shit together and post this, but the store is open and ready to receive your moneys.


Back around April we made a bunch of plans.  Many of them crashed and burned by a matter of a few factors, some having to do with us aiming too high others had to do with people not giving a shit.  The one that did happen and I’m very happy that it did, is this project.  What started as a knock off of the sort of shirts that Rotten Cotton is best known for, transformed into a line of entirely original shirts by a handful of artists. We’re kicking this series off with a favorite of ours and a guy who has been an absolute pleasure to work with, Tom Whalen (http://www.strongstuff.net).

Tom has a distinct style all his own and came up with a pair of designs for us (as well as the incredibly awesome Cinema Suicide Film Society logo that we also hope to put on a shirt).  There is either the faux daikaiju flick, The Tianic Monster Beast From Planet Zero on either black or brown shirt or the slasher movie that never was, Slasher Night 2 on either black or green shirts.

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You, too, can own one or both of these shirts in your choice of size and color for the paltry sum of $16 plus shipping.  You’ll be helping us and Tom.

Order now.  Supplies are limited, and when I say that, I mean that.  When Slasher Night and Titanic Monster Beast are gone, they are gone, never to be seen again.


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