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God damn it, Tony Jaa! This is why we can’t have nice things.

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday August 5, 2008 | News

I’ve been following the news about Ong Bak 2 and the trials of Tony Jaa over at Twitch Film since the earliest news about Tony retreating to a cave and practicing black magic started circulating. The story has a real Dave Chappelle quality to it where it’s fraught with crazy rumors and conjecture but the very foundation of this story is about Tony Jaa’s inability to finish shooting Ong Bak 2, a reported nervous breakdown and legendary production problems (like going way, way over budget). The latest rumors out of Thailand were that after a press conference where he broke down into tears on TV, he was whisked away in a car having been kidnapped. I don’t think he has been kidnapped, but he did issue a list of demands in order to finish Ong Bak 2.

He wants a lot of money to finish it, he wants Panna Rittikrai involved, a bigger share of the profit and an end to his contract with Sahamongkol. His production company, apparently, was not pleased and how they dealt with it is a mystery but Jaa turned up in a police station reporting that he was being followed by a car full of guys in safari suits. Sahamonkol head, Sia Jiang, turned up at the police station to talk to Jaa, who then promptly dropped the demands and agreed to finish the movie.

You know? I was really looking forward to this movie and at one time I was calling Tony Jaa the new Jackie Chan what with the high energy martial arts movies and his acrobatic skills that had the ability to thrill even the most jaded martial arts fans. I’m not so sure we’re going to be seeing much of Tony in the future.

Edit: Scratch that.  I’m still looking forward to this.  Look at this promo reel!


  1. August 5, 2008 11:20 am

    Russell Johnson

    Well, we might still get to see some film full of crazy shit and Tony Jaa kicking people. They’ll just be documentaries and news clips instead of big-budget movies. 😉

  2. August 7, 2008 1:56 am

    Todd Rigney

    The promo reel is impressive. It’s saddens me to hear that Jaa has lost his mind. Here’s hoping it’s only temporary.

  3. February 21, 2009 6:31 pm

    Jeremy Couturier

    I had no idea about this but up to 2 months ago I had no internet. Tony Jaa is pretty amazing and I had very high hopes for him but after reading this I don’t know. He may end up like Jet Li making poor film choices (yes I will turn down the Matrix what the fuck!) and he seems to lack the likeable persona of the Chan man, if any real acting chops. The whole elephant fetish thing is a bit too much as well. As far as ass kicking,crazy stunt, I can’t believe he just did that Jaa is the real deal and if gets his head on straight I will watch whatever he puts on film. I will cut him some slack for now…

  4. February 21, 2009 6:34 pm

    Jeremy Couturier

    really if i have to see another shitty Jason Statham movie I may have to give upmartial arts flix altogether….get it togther Jaa for my sake if nothing else!

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