12 Aug

Tired of waiting for Worst Case Scenario? Me, too. Dod Sno.

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday August 12, 2008 | News

Dod SnoI’m fairly convinced that Worst Case Scenario is going to come out on the eve of December 21th, 2012 and the joke will be on us. So while we wait for the eschaton we might as well indulge in some Nazi zombies that will hold us over. Looks like Norway is going to step up to the plate. Twitch Film repoted that filmmakers in Norway are readying a zombie stomp on those motherfuckers everyone (except white supremacists) loves to hate.

I’ve made my zombie fatigure pretty well known in these parts but way up around that arctic circle of ours, I haven’t explored too much in terms of movies so I’ll give these guys a little of my time. Plus, they have some kick ass watercolor posters to pimp the flick. Norway is also the official home of black metal and I loves me some black metal.

Not much else to go on but here’s the official website for the movie.

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