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Go Green with Dr. Gangrene

Posted by Bryan White | Wednesday February 18, 2009 | News

dr. gangreneWe’re only a few days into voting for this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards (VOTE!) and aside from the elation of being recognized for just such an award, I’m reaping the sweet benefits of being in the running. I’ve also gotten to network with a few of the other nominees as everyone has something worthwhile to offer. Fellow nominees Cameron McCasland and Michael Creason have teamed with Nashville, Tennessee’s horror host supreme, the steampunky mad scientist, Dr. Gangrene and his lovely assistant, Moan-Eek for a little civil responsibility. Anyone who tells you that horror movies are for perverts and degenerates with nothing to offer society but misery haven’t met this bunch.

McCasland’s and Creason’s New Valiant Productions have been kicking out a series of public safety and environmental awareness public service announcements with Dr. Gangrene and Moan-Eek as the spokespersons for the cause. Thanks to their efforts to make Nashville a better place to live (and die), they’ve been honored with a Blingy Environmental Sapphire Award and are finalists for a National AEGIS award, which recognizes excellence in commercial film and video production.

But all awards and recognition aside, New Valiant and Dr. Gangrene are using the medium and the genre to sow a little good in a world that sometimes feels like it’s slipping down the tubes. Their example is one to be followed and hopefully will serve as an inspiration for more regional and national horror/environmental campaigns.

Below is just one example. Check out the Go Green With Dr. Gangrene page for details and events to come.

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