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Collaborative filmmaking, the internet, zombies and NPR

Posted by Bryan White | Monday February 23, 2009 | News

word of mouthEvery now and then I pitch a story to New Hampshire Public Radio’s afternoon show with its ear to the ground, Word of Mouth and, remarably, they are occasionally interested. Back in October I was granted a valuable segment of the Halloween show talking about the metric volumes of fun to be had in introducing your kids to Vincent Price and Boris Karloff and had a blast, so wouldn’t you know it? I’m going back this afternoon to talk about three projects that I’ve profiled here in the past. I speak of Lost Zombies, Nation Undead and Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated.

I firmly believe that the next wave of independent film production is going to be on the interwebs and those three organizations represent the beginning of a new wave of narrative filmmaking. Rather than produce a singular feature, the former two groups create a framework to build upon and let you and I weave our own works into a larger tapestry to steer the plot in whatever direction we want to take it.  Rather than tell us the story, they let us tell everyone else the story. It’s genius and it’s working. Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated creates a brilliant opportunity for artists the world around to remix and reshape a classic piece of horror without compromising the foundation of the movie, since all submissions must use the original soundtrack.

I’ll be on at the end of Word of Mouth examining this new idea in filmmaking with the host, Virginia Prescott, around 12:43ish. Please tune in if you pick up the signal but more importantly, stream the show right and listen along. I’ll link up the podcast of the show as soon as it’s available.

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UPDATE: The segment podcast is now available for download at the Word of Mouth site. http://www.nhpr.org/node/22201

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