2 Apr

The Weekly Body Count #1: Idiot Free Horror Movies

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday April 2, 2009 | Blogospherics

I’m trying my hand, again, at writing for a site other than my own. I briefly had a stint as one of the celebrated Bloody Good Bloggers but a sudden wave of real life responsibility, coupled with my desperate search for time to work on my own website caused me to resign from my post over there and continue trudging forward on a strictly solo basis.  Finding myself with a little more free time and the means to get my name out there a little further, I hooked up with the fine folks at Sound On Sight, the twice weekly podcast devoted to all things movie. I’m hardly podcasting (though it is something I’ve been considering for a couple of weeks. My own, that is. Not theirs.) yet I’m contributing a weekly horror-themed column that allows me to wax editorial about practically whatever I want to talk about.

The first article is always the hardest one to come up with because you want to make a good impression but since I couldn’t come up with anything that I think would knock anyone’s socks off, I submitted the overly chatty, self-congratulatory exploration of movies that won’t make you feel stupid having watched. I bring you: The Weekly Body Count.

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  1. April 2, 2009 2:32 pm

    scary film reviewer

    You should check out my scary movie blog, it’s not much, but it offers some good reviews, when I’m not over analyzing stupid horror movies.

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