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The Android’s Dungeon: Marvel Zombies 4 #1

Posted by Bryan White | Friday April 10, 2009 | Comics,The Android's Dungeon

marvel zombies 4It’s never a good idea to base your opinion of a book on the first issue because really, they’re just beginning to lay the ground work for the entire series but Marvel Zombies 4 is the one that I’ve been most looking forward to.  The original Marvel Zombies story, technically a part of their spinoff Ultimates line, which reboots the entire Marvel universe, had an alien virus infect the superheroes of earth who use their particular powers to help them eat everything. And I mean everything. The very nature of the book is pretty silly.

Marvel Zombies 2 couldn’t really keep pace, though. Neither could Marvel Zombies 3. By this point, the zombies are using Mr. Fantastic’s gear to move from dimension to dimension and have basically eaten up entire universes apart from our own. In the final pages of MZ3, it is revealed that a single zombie managed to escape but in the earliest pages of Marvel Zombies 4, it turns out that it’s actually two zombies: Simon Garth, the zombie from Marvel’s nigh-forgotten horror series Tales of the Zombie and he’s not alone. He carries the chattering zombie head  of Deadpool with him where he strikes a deal with a voodoo coke dealer. Meanwhile, The reformed Midnight Sons comprised of Werewolf By Night, Son of Satan, Jennifer Kale and Morbius, the living vampire try to stem the zombie infection which begins in this dimension under the sea with a race of sea people known from the Submariner books.

Marvel zombies realizes that it jumped the shark a while ago and it seems to have embraced its ridiculous nature, which is a good thing because even though it’s a humorous series, it did seem to take itself pretty seriously in the second series. What I really like about this book is the reintroduction of Marvel’s horror characters, a group that I’m fairly certain that rival DC managed to do without and one of the reasons that as a 13 year old comic kid, Marvel was my book of choice. Man-Thing is still left to be introduced into the series and Simon Garth was unexpected, so I can only hope that Johnny Blaze or Dan Ketch, whichever Ghost Rider exists in this dimension winds up introduced as well.  Marvel’s horror characters were often continuity bound superhero types, but they had that same element that made Warren and EC horror books so cool. This series, already by the first issue, rings of the 70’s horror books that made Marvel so badass. Kev Walker’s art also helps the book substantially. It lacks that Marvel in the 70’s vibe that the rest of the comic has, but that wouldn’t fly too well in this day and age of heightened expectations. Walker’s lines suggest action, which is what the first Marvel Zombies 4 book is all about.

All around, Marvel Zombies 4 is looking like a book that I may see to the end. The writing is solid, Deadpool is… Deadpool and The Zombie introducing the head of Deadpool as a potential means of dominating the drug market in this dimension is an interesting twist. It’ll be interesting to see where this book goes. Why they don’t just turn it into a monthly series for up and coming writers and artists to cut their teeth on is beyond me. Marvel Zombies 3 practically just ended a couple of months back!

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