30 May

Linni Meister says what we’re all thinking, advertises Dead Snow

Posted by Bryan White | Saturday May 30, 2009 | News

I don’t really know who Linni Meister is. She’s a Norwegian personality and all research that I find suggests that she’s two things. A “glamor model” which is a nice way of saying nude model. The other thing I turn up is that she’s a career reality show contestant and made her name on one of the millions of international variations on Big Brother. But whatever. Did you watch that video? It’s an autotuned nightmare that doesn’t pretend that it’s something it’s not. Even Britney Spears is still disguising her song meanings with Glenn Quagmire style puns like ‘If You Seek Amy’. Linni Meister doesn’t have time for that look at her ass, will you? That’s the message of the song.

But I can’t decide which is more crass? Her singing aboutu her ass, the frequent upskirt shots and nipple slips or the fact that a couple of women slink through the frame occasionally holding Dead Snow posters. There is no context. Look at her ass… and these ads for Tommy Wirkola’s zombie comedy, Dead Snow. Hey! Sex sells.

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  1. June 7, 2009 4:36 pm


    As if Nazi zombies really needed another selling point… But that’s some marketing genius. I guess this would air between episodes of “Ow My Balls!”?

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