15 Oct

Halloween Blog-A-Thon Day 15: Dan Blakeslee’s Halloween Music!

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday October 15, 2009 | Whimsy

dan blakeslee halloweenSeveral years ago my brother Dave ran a record label called Spider Bite records. He put out a bunch of albums by guys lilke The Guts, Thee Monkey Butlers and My Magnificent Machine. He also put out a small run of orange wax 7″ records of a good friend of ours, Dan Blakeslee. Dan may be the hardest working man in the New England rock scene. He writes, performs, records, plays all the instruments, does the art for his own very elaborate flyers and promotes the hell out of his own shows, of which there are many. Simply put: Dan kicks ass.

Every Halloween, Dan goes undercover, comes up with a series of wigs, masks and disguises as Dr. Gasp and does a series of shows between Maine and Massachusetts. His usual deadly serious set is replaced by a set of original and very silly songs about Halloween. He has one about bobbing for apples, one about the local legend of Witchtrot Road, one about a wax museum (with a reference to Scissorfight’s singer, Iron Lung) and one about me, my brother and all the people who put the resources together to have that 7″ made. If you know the right people, you can still probably land one of your own orange wax 7″‘s with a hand silk screened sleeve, but for the rest of you, you can bag your own copy of the expanded CDs (or the MP3’s, individually).

Here’s Doctor Gasp’s Myspace page where you can hear some of his Halloween songs. And below is Dan picking out the perfect pumpkin.


  1. October 16, 2009 11:00 am

    Jeff Palmer

    That’s a hoot! I was the original drummer for Thee Monkey Butlers (Monna Trommelslag) and left the band right before they released their album so I never met Dave (or maybe I met him at a show?). Oh well. Dan Blakeslee also shows up in my film “On the Fringe” on the screen and in the soundtrack. His latest creation, the Christmas CD, is another work of art. Love the Halloween tracks! Dan is one of the true musician/artists of our time. His art work is off the hook!!
    ~ Jeff Palmer

  2. October 17, 2009 2:44 pm

    Adam Downs

    I bust out this CD every Halloween. It truely is a must-have to get into the ahalloween spirit! Howie LOVES “Sugarpusher.” but how can one NOT love it; 6y/o or not?

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