17 Oct

Halloween Blog-A-Thon Day 17: We thought his dead body was a decoration!

Posted by Bryan White | Saturday October 17, 2009 | Whimsy

corpse decorationIt’s tough for me to categorize this one as “whimsy” because there’s actually nothing remotely whimsical about it. It’s really quite tragic, to be perfectly frank. On October 15th, this past Thursday, the body of Mostafa Mahmoud Zayed was found slumped over in a chair on his apartment balcony, dead from a single gunshot through the eye. His body had laid there since Monday and had been seen by many people. Many people who dismissed his decomposing corpse as a Halloween decoration. The entire fucking neighborhood saw the body sitting there on the third floor and did nothing. According to news people and police on the scene, the dead body looked quite unreal sitting there as it did.

But guess what? This isn’t the first time this has happened! On October 26th, 2005 the body of an unnamed woman was found hanging from a tree in Frederica, Delaware. The cause of death was suicide, but her body hanging there 15 feet off the ground was dismissed by the neighborhood as a really good looking Halloween decoration. However, Mr. Zayed seems to hold the record for longest amount of time rotting while mistaken for Halloween tomfoolery as this woman’s body was only mistaken for mere hours before it was taken down and investigated.

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