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Albert Pyun, swords and sorcery, Kevin Sorbo. Tales of an Ancient Empire is on its way.

Posted by Bryan White | Wednesday October 21, 2009 | News

A while back I wrote this quick article about a movie called Road To Hell, which is supposed to be an all green screen unofficial sequel to one of my favorite Walter Hill flicks, Streets of Fire. It’s being directed by one Albert Pyun, a guy whom I had the balls to call out in the comments over at Twitch Film only to find out that Todd Brown is a fan of Albert’s and I had to defend myself in the face of staunch opposition. Then I posted that Road To Hell article over here where I was pretty critical of Albert again only to have Albert, himself, show up in the comments and explain himself. His good nature and ability to take harsh criticism in stride left me, the editor of this here website, feeling like a second-rate chump as myself and Lurple discussed the possibility that it was the real Albert Pyun. A quick email off to Todd Brown reinforced my belief that it was really him.

So here comes Albert Pyun again, the man of a thousand projects in production. Most of his filmography can be summarized by a hangup on post-nuke flicks. He directed the Van Damme vehicle, Cyborg, where most of the dialog is comprised of people screaming at one another. He also did the well-meaning post-nuke Yojimbo remake, Omega Doom, with Rutger Hauer and a reasonably sweet cyberpunk flick called Nemesis, which I actually recommend you check out if you have nothing else to do some night. It’s a lot better than it has any right to be. Albert made his way in the early 80’s with a low budget fantasy flick, The Sword and the Sorceror and is returning to his roots with this fantasy vehicle, Tales Of An Ancient Empire. I can’t really say much about it because I don’t know much about it aside from the fact that Kevin Sorbo is looking kind of old these days but the production values look to be about on par with the old Raimi Hercules/Xena productions. It also features The Highlander, himself, Christopher Lambert. Thing is, Albert can occasionally surprise you and while what stills of Road To Hell I’ve seen make it look pretty godawful (to be fair, it’s still in post-production. Drawing conclusions at this stage are unfair), you just never know with this one.

Tales Of An Ancient Empire -Scene Clip ROUGH CUT OCT 12 from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.

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