2 Nov

Calabrese reveal new album art, album title and song

Posted by Bryan White | Monday November 2, 2009 | Horror Rock,News

Calabrese album art by Eric PowellThey of Calabrese, the greatest horror punk band in the world, also being the official band of Cinema Suicide, have hit their site and Myspace page with a couple of items that I’m pretty excited about. First up is the new album art, to the left there, by one of my favorite running comic artists at the moment, Eric Powell (who does the ever-awesome horror comic, The Goon). Click on the image to get a better look. Secondly is the album title. The winner of their contest to name the album, Bianca Vargas, named the album Calabrese III – They Call Us Death. The album is said to land in February and I couldn’t be more excited.  I tell you this because their leadoff single, Violet Hellfire, is pretty righteous. You can hear it on their Myspace profile.

If you’re still not wise to Calabrese, these guys carry the torch for The Misfits and write a series of songs pretaining to monsters, ghosts, evil and teenage alienation. Each song is saturated in catchy hooks and carefully crafted choruses that were designed specifically for the spooky sing-along crowd. Find out more at the official website of Calabrese, their Myspace profile and the Calabrese twitter feed.

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