20 Nov

Rock on! Go Sukashi!

Posted by Bryan White | Friday November 20, 2009 | Whimsy

I don’t know anything about Shoko Nakagawa or her manga creation, Sukashihipan-man but I do know Doug TenNapel. To you he created one of the finest 16-bit video game characters ever, Eartworm Jim. To me, he created the ultimate sleeper comic, one of the most rewarding funny books I’ve ever read, Creature Tech and now he’s teaming up with Nakagawa and writer/directors Justin Spurlock and John Soares to produce an ongoing web series about a delusional dude whose imagination is a lot like mine. Everything is so much more awesome in his head. This riff on tokusatsu shows promise. It’s only the first episode and even though I feel like I’ve seen it before, it boasts some perfectly weird moments and cool special effects. By the end, you, like me and Shoko, will be ready to eat 1,000,000 pieces of theĀ  bread.

Also, I can’t help but be reminded of Rob Schrab’s cool short, Robot Bastard!

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  1. November 21, 2009 7:05 pm


    That was truly awesome. I am most impressed.

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