24 Dec

Seasons greetings and all that shit from Cinema Suicide

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday December 24, 2009 | Whimsy

I’m probably going to be too drunk in the next couple of days to so much as spell my name out so I figure I should get this out of the way now. It means a lot to me that anyone comes around and reads my stupid bullshit here and by my web metrics alone, I know that a lot of you at least read a little bit of it so that amounts to a pretty sweet gift all year long. It’s encouraging and a lot of you folks keep up with me and leave nice messages directed toward me on the Twitter feed and my personal Facebook.

I know that we have several days left in the year but looking ahead, 2010 holds some big fun. There’s a Cinema Suicide Facebook group in process that my lovely assistant (Glorious Wife Supreme, Nise) has been bugging me to set up. I have to follow up with Mike Schneider about it, but it’s looking like there will be a print article, my first, coming up in a near-future issue of Screem about Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated. There’s the much touted self-penned script coming up in the Zombie Bomb comic and a series of scripts have been written with the magnanimous John Herman for an upcoming web series that is such a cool idea that I won’t even describe it. As for Cinema Suicide, I will continue to publish stupid bullshit here as regularly as possible and with luck, you will continue to read it.

So Happy Holidays to all of you! Even you jerkoffs who continue to leave stupid comments in the Red Dawn and Ghost Adventures articles.

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