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Zombie Bomb volume 1 is finally on sale! Buy it!

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday March 30, 2010 | News

Remember all that yelling I did a while back about Zombie Bomb? Well, it’s out now from Terminal Press and you are advised to buy a copy. In the interest of full disclosure, I have a story in the series, not in volume 1 mind you. My story, titled This Night I’ll Eat Your Flesh, was slated for volume 2, which will be out in July, in time for the San Diego Comic Con, but I’m now being told that it will not be in that issue and will be in volume 3 which ships in Q3 2010. Bummer, but this gives the artist and Zombie Bomb co-editor (with Adam Miller) Rich Woodall more time to devote to the story.

The issue comes with variant covers. You have your choice of the one to the left, there, by Rich Woodal or Adam Miller’s cover, March of the Mindless. Within you’ll find seven short comics and an illustrated short story by the likes of Lance Erlick, whose painted story about the only conscious zombie of the apocalypse will span several issues (it also features zombie Conan O’Brien), a hilarious short by Matt Field and Ed Foster, some straight up EC/Warren style horror/satire from Jack Herman and Neil Vokes and on and on. I’m not so sure that it’s ethical of me to review a product that I have an active in role in the production of, however, if you feel like my words may not be biased, it’s a fairly consistent project where the strongest portions of the book are dedicated to the humor and satire and the weakest points live in the same neighborhood as The Walking Dead, with writers turning in scripts that tell “the human angle”. My opinion on that is that we already have The Walking Dead and it’s a fucking awesome horror comic that ably covers all the bases. Dead serious zombie comics are becoming as common these days as really shitty zombie movies.

The funny shorts are funny, though, and that’s the saving grace since they outnumber the ones that try to put you there and ask “what if this were you?” Rich Woodall’s The Night ol’ Tater McGraw Saved The Earth From Space Zombies would make a great episode of Night Gallery and Jack Herman’s story Gusto’s Hope combines scattered elements of prime horror comic and movie writing into a short that seems right at home and timely. The metaphor is pitch perfect for our times. Now if only zombies would dismember and eat Rush Limbaugh for real. I could die a happy man.

You are wholeheartedly encouraged to buy it. It’s a killer book and it’s selling fast! For $10 you get 64 pages of sweet zombie comics. Order today from Terminal Press.

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