18 Jun

Enter Filmjitsu! The deadliest podcast on Earth!

Posted by Bryan White | Friday June 18, 2010 | Blogospherics

Mike and John are a couple of righteous dudes from around the block. John could probably launch a DDoS attack on any website on the web from his freakin’ iPhone if he wanted and Mike is probably the biggest fan of the The Big Lebowski that I’ve ever met. Seriously. Together, they really like movies and I don’t mean like how I like movies. They’re a pair of guys who know the finest details of every production on Earth. They can tell you who was responsible for craft services on Dog Day Afternoon, I’m sure of it. Me, I just like to talk at length about crappy flicks and how they’re really not as bad as everyone thinks. Also, for over a year I’ve been talking about recording a regular podcast, they one-upped me and actually did it. The fruits of their labor is Filmjitsu and I’m going to tell you something about it: It’s the most original theme for a podcast I’ve encountered.

See, here at Cinema Suicide, I love bad movies but I write about bad movies that people like for some twisted reason. Over at Filmjitsu, they put on flame retardant clothing and challenge one another to watch and then review a movie of each other’s choosing. Each episode of the podcast, they take turns. This last one was an exception where they handed their tools over to their listeners and let them decide what they had to watch. There’s a little more to it than that, but the main draw here is listening in on Mike’s agony while he recounts, in the first podcast, the ugliness of that retarded Tim Allen Disney vehicle, Jungle 2 Jungle. The latest episode of the podcast is a window into a world of unending suffering: The pair had to both endure Sex and the City 2, which is shaping up to be the most offensive movie ever made; faux feminist consumer-porn that’s chock full o’ racial and cultural insensitivity and more gay stereotypes than you can shake a stick at.

Like my favorite podcast, Tank Riot, Filmjitsu’s hosts have chemistry based on a long-running friendship and a shared love of movies. A really good podcast idea seals the deal. If you want a laugh and like movie podcasts, you really can’t go wrong with these fellas. It’s great stuff!

Start with the Sex and the City 2 podcast, Mike’s voicemail to John at the 2 hour mark of the movie is fucking priceless! Also this is the last time I will ever use the words Sex and the City on this site.

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