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Bombs away! Zombie Bomb volume 2 drops just in time for Comic Con!

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday July 1, 2010 | Comics

Zombie Bomb volume 2If you’re just joining us and haven’t been following me on Twitter or the Facebook, you’ve missed months of me going on and on about how excited I am to finally have a comic published. I also reviewed the first volume of Zombie Bomb just prior to its release before the Boston Comic Con, where it sold out in mere hours. What can I say? I liked it a lot. It was a great book. This time around, Rich Woodall and Adam Miller have been keeping it quiet and I’ve only gotten a brief preview of comics to come in volume 2, apart from my own, that is. It’s shaping up to be a kick ass comic. Better than the first, even. I’ve seen the colored and lettered version of my contribution, This Night I’ll Eat Your Flesh, and it had my pulse racing at the very excitement of seeing my story come to life on the page. It was a short that Rich Woodall liked so much, he did some rearranging of his own workload in order to do the pencils, himself, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Seriously. It’s fucking awesome! This is not to downplay the contributions of the other two artists on the story. Lawrence Basso, who I want to call Lance Bass so badly, turned in an appropriately nasty color job for the story that accentuates Rich’s pencils perfectly and the lettering, by Matt Talbot, even expresses every nuance of the dialog. When I finally get to hold the printed version of the comic, it’ll be a transcendent moment for me and when you get to hold the printed version of the comic, you’ll get to see a kick ass zombie comic. Honestly. Even the unbearably negative jackasses at Ain’t It Cool News’ Talkback compared the book to Heavy Metal Magazine, which is a staggeringly sweet analogy.

San Diego Comic Con kicks off on July 22nd, showering the internet with big-hype movie news, a new stand-up talking show from Kevin Smith and more photos of chicks in Leia slave garb than you can shake a stick at. It also brings the launch of Zombie Bomb volume 2 which you’ll be able to buy directly from Terminal Press at the show and at their website. I’m not positive at this time, but I believe they’ll have had a distribution deal worked out with Diamond at that point and you’ll also be able to order from Previews and find it on your local comic shop’s shelf. But don’t quote me. Check it out below, bitches, and see what I have in store for you when I put my own spin on the classic EC formula of irony in a horror comic. Click on each to see a larger view.

This Night I'll Eat Your Flesh by Bryan White and Rich Woodall This Night I'll Eat Your Flesh by Bryan White and Rich Woodall This Night I'll Eat Your Flesh by Bryan White and Rich Woodall

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  1. July 7, 2010 8:32 pm

    Sean O'Connell

    Looking forward to getting this. Would like to see it for sale on the Ipad.

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