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Posted by Bryan White | Friday September 17, 2010 | Whimsy

Big ups to Kiarna for passing this one along. Short films are a specialized craft of the film industry. People typically make them when they’re looking to get into the bigger industry and shoot features. Your short becomes your business card. In the past, those of us living in the boonies never got to see this stuff because they only venues booking short films were festivals in the major cities. The magic of the internet is making it so that you no longer have to ship your short out to dozens of fests in order to get it in front of the industry’s equivalent of A&R people. Now you can just post it to Vimeo, which is a garden of amazing short film work in case you haven’t bothered to mouse around there. We all get to share the magic and in the process, buzz starts sooner and you get seen by more people. More eyes on your short improves your personal economy. Case in point. Stasis.

Stasis plays out like a The Manchurian Candidate with a screenplay by Phillip K. Dick. Dick had a major hangup on subjective reality and turned the ambiguity bait and switch into his own personal calling card. Director Christian Swegal borrows the calling card to make you question whether or not any of this is actually happening and in the process spins a pretty riveting short story that features Ernie Hudson and Beau Bridges. My only criticism is that the end seems to borrow its closing note from Oldboy.

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  1. October 25, 2010 4:22 am


    this is so good. reshad strik is great,would like to see a full movie to show the whole story. just got interesting and then it stopped.

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