26 Apr

Do you wanna party? Black Ops DLC promises mo’ zombies and a fanboy fantasy cast.

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday April 26, 2011 | News

Black Ops: Call of the DeadApparently, zombies are still fanboy gold. I don’t know how the hell this stale horror trope manages to rope folks in but it does. So when a friend passed this link to me earlier today, I rolled my eyes so hard that I suffered eye strain. I stopped playing the Call of Duty games with the second Modern Warfare title. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the single player story, essentially an unlikely riff on the Red Dawn formula and my Live Gold account ran out around that time and I didn’t really have the cash to renew it. So basically I was stuck with a great multiplayer game with no way to play it and a shitty single player game that I had no desire to play. By the time they rushed Black Ops to market, I’d convinced myself that I’d had it with Call of Duty. Then they rolled out a zombie expansion for it and I knew I was done with Call of Duty. Left 4 Dead scratched my zombie gaming itch in a big way and a Call of Duty version just seemed cheap and kind of stupid. So you can imagine me sitting there at work, judging the shit out of this trailer until 45 Grave’s Party Time kicked in, made famous by being played over and over and over in Return of the Living Dead. Party Time is a song that I really like. Sure, the Funky Fanfare opening that every exploitation fan is familiar with tickeled me but as soon as I saw film damage and zombies, I was resigned to hate the fuck out Call of the Dead… until the cast shows up. They grabbed my attention with 45 Grave but sealed the deal when it became clear to me that you have Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Freddy Krueger Robert Englund), Machete (Danny Trejo) and Michael Freakin’ Rooker as playable characters, each with their own snarky dialog. I guess George Romero is also in there as well as a zombie.

Bottom line: That’s a pretty impressive trailer. I may have to dig up a used copy of this game and grab this DLC. Of course, that’ll mean renewing my Gold account so I can play it online. It sort of looks like Left 4 Dead has a new contender to defend its title from. Of note, I’ll be nothing but utterly disappointed if Party Time isn’t playing on continuous loop throughout the soundtrack. This DLC becomes available on May 3rd so buy some points and grab this when it comes down.

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