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Trailer for ‘The F.P.’ is strange, many varieties of awesome.

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday August 2, 2011 | News

The FP by Tyler StoutI’ve complained at length about this new culture of cult film made-to-order. This wave of cheapo pictures that were made to remind you of all the crappy stuff you discovered on VHS back in the day or, if you’re old enough, in trashy city movie theaters and drive-ins. Nearly all of them fall on their face with rare exceptions like Black Dynamite (which is like Dolemite but funnier) and Hobo With A Shotgun (which seems like a long-lost Troma flick). I’m immediately skeptical of all these movies that come out that are practically drowning in nostalgia for the low-end of the video store menu but I try to give everyone a fair shake in spite of my prejudice. Case in point, The FP.

Somehow, The FP managed to escape the iron jaws of movie bloggery back when the South By Southwest film festival was going on. I remember seeing the Tyler Stout poster and The Alamo seemed to be pretty excited about the flick but beyond the SXSW screening, the press seemed to pass on it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t hear much about the movies coming out of that fest this year and now that the legendary Alamo Drafthouse has their own distribution arm, it seems like they’re using Austin as a proving ground for weirdo stuff that’s coming out the festival and into their distro network. Their personal ace in the hole, though, is Evan Husney who has been my contact at Severin Films for the last couple of years, a guy who drove that company and it’s sister label, Intervision, straight to the center of my jaded heart by shifting the focus away from just another Grindhouse Releasing knockoff to become the vanguard of gonzo video. Evan has this uncanny ability to locate the craziest shit ever produced and then somehow manages to hype it up online so that people actually drop coin on a flick like Sledgehammer or Birdemic. Securing The FP for Drafthouse looks like year zero for a new era in the ‘new cult’.

The FP

Some of my favorite guilty pleasures when I was a kid on a Friday night with five bucks in pocket and nowhere in particular to be were low budget sci-fi dystopias and post-apocalypse movies. I’ll never quite understand what’s so thrilling to me about the survival scenario or this notion of living in a society on the verge of total collapse but it really resonates with me. Thanks to these movies, I’m left with the impression that everything is awesome when there’s no job to go to and no economy to speak of except for this sprawling black market of everything you might need with nothing between you and it but a nifty barter system. The stars of these flicks do nothing but find themselves in exciting situations, double crosses, cool muscle cars and wild parties. Meanwhile, every one of these stars is accompanied on their road to ruin by hot women in too much makeup, spandex/fishnet mashups and hair that defies gravity and clearly requires a tremendous amount of product that you’re not likely to find in the wake of total social collapse. Apparently, the brothers Trost, harbor the same fantasies and a deep appreciation of irony that resulted in the production of The FP, which takes that crumbling, grimy setting and replaces the usual car chases through the desert with Dance Dance Revolution matches with lethal consequences  for the loser. Need to read that line again? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

You know what? Why don’t you just watch the trailer? It’s loaded with uncomfortably cheesy one liners and ridiculous costuming. The FP is what would happen if someone gave Kid Rock $500,000 and a directive to make a movie, any movie.

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