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Friday the 13th: Infographic style!

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday August 9, 2011 | News

Yours truly, right here, is a gigantic Jason Voorhees fan. I’ve probably mentioned it in passing but of the big franchise killers of the 1980’s, I was always a Jason fan. You have your Freddy fans who seem to be on par with fans of Apple products. They go apeshit over every little announcement related to Freddy Krueger. They hang with Robert Englund at the cons like he’s Steve Jobs announcing the latest nuances of the new iPhone release. Jason fans, on the other hand, are a lot like Windows users. There’s, like, 9 million guys who played Jason and every sequel was wildly different, though sharing a lot of common functionality with previous versions of the product. Fundamentally we all realize that it sucks but when it works, man alive! Friday the 13th is awesome! Halloween is like Linux. It doesn’t give a fuck about the franchise wars and lives totally outside the battleground. Its users are savvy and don’t concern themselves with the platform wars. Most of the sequels are cult faves but the original is like Fedora and the second part is like Ubuntu.

Nerdy enough for you? Not making sense anymore? Don’t worry about it. I’m about to dumb down this shit big time with everyone’s favorite scourge of the internet, the infographic. Can’t parse raw data? Pie charts too obtuse? Want some clever visuals to define your data and entertain you? Here’s the entire body count of the Friday the 13th series, excluding the 2009 remake (which I liked).

Jason Voorhees Body Count

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  1. September 7, 2011 2:14 pm

    Rob Mansperger

    Awesome! Wish you had a link to the hi-res version though to make it easier to read for maximum enjoyment.

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