8 Feb

Let The Bullets Fly ain’t no Avatar

Posted by Bryan White | Wednesday February 8, 2012 | News

I don’t know how this one slipped past me. I apologize, folks. I’m supposed to be on my toes about this shit. You’d think that a slapsticky wushu bullet opera starring Chow Yun Fat would throw up dozens of red flags on my radar and I’d be wired directly into its signal. I have failed you, Internet, and I am sorry.

Let The Bullets Fly has actually been out in Hong Kong for over a year now and thanks to a snappy trailer full of bang-bang and crazy weirdo shit from The Far East, it’s now beginning to make the rounds on the American movie fanboy sites. For instance, this trailer from the fanboyest of them all, Ain’t It Cool News, so expect to start seeing pullquotes from Quentin Tarantino and all the low-rent film school jackasses who worship him. I’m sure Eli Roth has already jizzed all over it on his Twitter feed seeing as how a dude ripped in half woders where his ass landed (the answer is in the trailer).

Set during a period of civil war in China, Let The Bullets Fly concerns numerous shady individuals vying for power in a time when organized crime flourished in China. Hijinx ensue and from the looks of it, a lot of people wind up shot in the head or at the very least punched in the face. I have a feeling that this flick is going to run wild in hip film fan circles.


  1. February 9, 2012 5:23 am

    James Francis (@blahsum)

    This, my good sir, is why I read your blog. Bravo.

  2. February 9, 2012 9:08 am

    Bryan White

    And I thank you for it!

  3. February 9, 2012 7:32 pm


    I can’t tell, are you interested?

    I mean I see that you posted it and all but most of what you said was taking digs at a particular section of movie goers that would particularly like this film.

    I mean it looks like it would be fun to me, been awhile since I saw a movie that genuinely looked like it would be fun. Although I do love Tarantino films so I guess I’m a low rent jackass, not a Roth fan though since his movies are just rehashes of other shit that’s been done better and got lucky by jumping on the torture movie train just in time. His faux trailer for Thanksgiving was 100 times better than any real movie he has mad.

    At any rate I’m really glad to see Chow doing something that isn’t him in a Hollywood film where the studio is trying to cash in on the days gone by coolness of his career before he started making American films.

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