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Kickstarter: The End, an anthology film featuring the work of yours truly

Posted by Bryan White | Friday September 14, 2012 | Whimsy

Zombie Bomb volume 2If you’ve been following this site for a while, and from the looks of things you haven’t, then you’ll know that a few years back I did some writing for a bunch of comics that a few people read and seemed to really enjoy. In spite of my outspoken opposition of all things zombie and low-budget I’ve done more than my fair share of zombie-related shit in the last couple of years. Most recently, I banged out a couple of drafts of an adaptation of my first comic from Zombie Bomb, This Night I’ll Eat Your Flesh. A while back I actually got working on an expanded script that was to be adapted for a weekly Zombie Bomb TV show pilot that never made it past the “hey, we ought to do this” phase. This time, though, I have an actual director. There’s also a producer and a budget and a bunch of people actually committed to make this shit happen. Like, for real.

The director, Michael Ficara – who directed my Grand Guignol play back in July – is at the helm and riding shotgun with him is a collection of Seacoast, New Hampshire-based directors hungry to end the world just to see what happens. The project is called The End: A Collective and highlights our species’ collective fascination with the big finish of the human race and, naturally, because we all love motherfucking zombies, there’s a short in there about zombies. Mine.

In case you didn’t read This Night I’ll Eat Your Flesh in Zombie Bomb volume 2, the general gist is a modern interpretation of Tales From The Crypt as three unsavory individuals bumrush an old lady in her home to steal her haul of pharmaceuticals only to find that she’s not what they thought she was and that she and her pills are actually staving off the rot and hunger of some similar folks. I dislike the usual zombie¬†rigmarole¬†so I tried to inject it with some original business to make it seem less like the usual point and shoot them in the head foolishness. Maybe I did right.

Anyway. The Kickstarter goal is a mere $4,300 (since a good deal of the budget has already been secured) but to really make this shit shine, they need just a little more. So do me a solid and throw a few bucks their way. It’s sure to be a good time and I can personally vouch for the talent rolling behind this. They know what they’re doing. So help them make this shit a reality, would you?

Kickstart this project now!

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