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Seen the Evil Dead remake trailer from The New York Comic Con yet? Time’s running out.

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday October 16, 2012 | News

Evil Dead RemakeI try not to post this news-y shit anymore around here. Between Dread Central, Shock Til You Drop and all those other horror news sites (do we really need THAT many?) there’s really no point. I suppose I could just copy and paste the press releases I get just like they do, but I’m all about the opinion, yo. I couldn’t really resist with this one, though. Evil Dead and me go back a ways. A pivotal moment in the evolution of my horror fandom came when one night my friend Mike and I rented Evil Deads 1 and 2 (also Day of the Dead) and this represented one of the first times I’d ever seen gore on a scale such as those pictures present. I’m having feelings, you see. This remake, because it’s another motherfucking remake, really gets under my skin even though I’m on the record having surrendered to the inevitability of remakes. So here. I’ll just post the shit and then down below I’ll drop science. Get it quick, this is not likely to be around for much longer.


I need to keep reminding myself that I can’t go too hard on this flick because of the two Evil Deads I greatly prefer the sequel and what’s ironic about that is that it’s a fucking remake. Yes. I prefer a remake. I also prefer the remake of The Thing. No, not that recent one which isn’t really a remake even though the trailer makes it look like one, I mean the Carpenter version which is a remake of the Howard Hawks movie, The Thing From Another World. So I’m not going to shit on this because it’s a remake. That would be fatuous. I’m going to take it at face value and shit on it because it’s shitty and deserves the scorn that I’m about to heap upon it.

See, even though the first Evil Dead is actually peddled as a straight-faced horror flick, it’s still pretty fun thanks to Sam Raimi’s developing film chops and his addiction to high-silliness. This is why its reputation endures. The sequel goes bonkers and this is why the perception is that the entire Evil Dead franchise is the Bruce Campbell show – being on a spectrum of over-the-top – but this trailer seems to shake all of that off. It has all the elements. The cabin. The book. Those low-angle running through the woods shots. The witch in the basement. The car. It has the evil spirits possessing people and it looks really gory, which is what they’ve been tantalizing nervous fans with all along. It has the endorsement of both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, which to me says nothing. I’ve read stuff that Stephen King has praised in pull quotes and still didn’t care for it. What about this trailer that gets under my skin is the tone of it all. This movie looks mean. The violence appears to be without irony, without that Raimi smirk. Yes, I realize that it’s not a Sam Raimi movie but you absolutely cannot take an icon of horror like Evil Dead and turn it into this gut churning festival of evisceration without winking at the audience. If what you wanted to make was a contemporary gore-filled horror flick, that’s fine, I’m sure you can go through the motions and drench your cast in blood among that typical body count movie with all the trimmings that horror fans have come to expect but when you take the premise and familiarity of Evil Dead and remove all the likable stuff, leaving only cruelty and violence, what you have is just another formulaic modern theatrical horror movie with a familiar name.

One final note, the script has a credit for Diablo Cody who tops my list of most hated writers in Hollywood. I loathe Juno and my review of Jennifer’s Body is most unkind to Ms. Cody. Even if this trailer appealed to me and didn’t set off all these alarms I’d still be extremely suspicious.

I know I probably stand alone on this. Horror fans, as a community, have become a desensitized lot these days. Those of us on the older end of the fan spectrum are viewed with contempt and are widely regarded as grumpy old motherfuckers. Meanwhile, the younger fans are paying for this shit and reveling in it because they don’t know any better since they’ve grown up with this bullshit. So hate away. Even people I know who should know better are all over Facebook with OMG! OMG! I CANT WAIT!!!!

I am disappoint.


  1. October 16, 2012 11:40 am


    I agree with you.

    Will I go see it? Of course I will. I like to support my medium at the box office for better or for worse. But am I excited? Not really and that is a real shame because I should be excited.

    Im with you on the sense of cruelty and meanness in the trailer. It lacked any sense of humor and had no fun in it and to me that is what made evil dead stand out so much was that it was a really fun movie to watch. Without its sense of humor and unique style it would have just been another generic horror movie. I don’t mind a stripped down mean spirited movie, I enjoy them from time to time but I also do not normally re-watch them ever while movies that have a sense of fun to them Ill re-watch a dozen times or more. Oh boy, she split her tongue in half with a knife right in front of the camera……what else have you got? /yawn

    The worst part of it is, I saw a small glimmer of hope hidden in there. A tiny piece that screamed “HEY THERE IS A GOOD MOVIE IN HERE!” but it was shouted down by the cookie cutter and generally generic modern day horror tone that goes for shocks over substance. To me it felt like the very essence of a modern day cash in, a movie made purely for the sake of trying to grab some quick money and then run for the hills only to come back down later to double and triple dip blu ray and dvd.

    I’m sure this will get lots of praise and attention from fans just because they are so evil dead starved they will eat up anything they can. Even a plate of wet shit and then ask for more. If you have been in a well for days without food even a bucket of fried chicken livers will look like the most delicious food in the world and you will swallow it whole.

    And much like you the fact raimi and campbell have endorsed it means nothing to me. Raimi and campbell produced the movie. What producer is going to say “Hey I’m producing this film and it sucks, don’t watch it”? None that’s who. Unless you’re lloyd kaufman or primus. But taking the word of people who are financially invested in this movie is stupid and downright ignorant of the fact movies are a business.

    So I will go see the movie and I will hope that the end product turns out to be more than the teaser suggests. I would really like to enjoy this movie but I have severe reservations about it. Sadly whenever I see a new horror movie anymore I tend to go into it with the mindset that it is going to be shit because modern horror has trained me to assume everything is shit until it proves otherwise.

    Glad to see you updated this thing by the way. I always enjoy your commentary.

  2. October 16, 2012 12:00 pm

    Bryan White

    Glad I’m not alone on this. I’ll probably check it out at some point because I could be very, very wrong. The trailer for Drag Me To Hell also hinted at none of the humor in that one and did nothing for me and that one turned out to be a favorite from that year. I still love that movie. So I may be wrong and the marketing could just be going for the wrong angle. I hope I’m right about that because this just looks miserable and suggests to me that the filmmakers have missed the point.

    Things have also been slow around here lately due to me working on a couple of novels. That’s right. A couple. Not one. Multiple. Two, actually. So most of my spare time gets eaten up by research and writing. Hopefully that all comes to a head by the end of the year.

  3. October 16, 2012 5:17 pm


    Yes drag me to hell was great. I had a lot of fun with that movie and bought the dvd of it and watched it a few more times. Same thing with cabin in the woods, it just was fun to watch. I just can’t honestly say that about newer horror movies that try and be gritty, dark and generally mean spirited. I do enjoy them but usually it’s just once.

    I’m just confused as to why it was done the way it was. When you remake something you should be trying to keep the spirit of the original intact. Sure you try and change things up a little, surprise the audience, do all the little “Oh if I had done it I would have done that part differently” things and so on. But to change the entire look and feel of the original so drastically? That’s not a remake; it’s just a cash in on the brand name. And that is what trailer looks to me, a brand name cash in with the movie spun into what is now the generic look and way of modern horror movies that go more for what every other horror movie is doing instead of trying to do their own thing. The trailer to me looked like what a movie studio executive would try and do. Someone who has no concept of making movies or horror in general and instead is just trying to ape a style they probably think “the hip kids want to see”.

    It is kind of like saying mcdonalds saying “Hey, let’s reinvent the big mac! We will remove the secret sauce, have one big piece of meat, make the bun rye bread, put on real lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayonnaise, get rid of the sesame seeds and add some bacon to it! And we will call it the big mac!” Why bother redoing something and then changing it? Evil dead is a great series I just don’t understand the idea of taking something millions of people and you’re core audience already love, remake it and turn it into something that goes against everything all those people originally loved?

    But like I said, I’ll go see it. For me to pass total judgment on something by just a teaser bootleg would be very closed minded of me. I won’t make up my mind till I see it for myself and can make a real decision, but man I gotta tell you, it’s not looking too good from what I’ve seen and I’m not really looking forward to it much.

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