12 Mar

Hey! Free DVDs! Win one of three copies of Possession! Exclamation mark!

Posted by Bryan White | Friday March 12, 2010 | Giveaways

I love a DVD giveaway. It gives me a chance to give back. For some reason, a lot of you fine folks come back here day after day and read my bullshit and this lets me put something in the mail on its way to you. Maybe. If you’re chosen. Only I determine who is worthy. And by that I mean I ask the person next to me to pick a number between x and y and the email in my inbox that corresponds with that number gets a DVD. And who doesn’t love getting shit in the mail? Right?

So here we are with the latest Cinema Suicide giveaway. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has provided me with 3 copies of Possession, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (aka Buffy) and Pushing Daisies’ Lee Pace to throw your way via our glorious American Postal Service. Here’s a little bit about this supernatural thriller:

Newlyweds Jess and Ryan seem to have it all until a car accident renders both Ryan and his brother Roman comatose. Things spiral even more eerily out of control when Roman awakens and swears up and down that he is his brother, Ryan. Jess grapples with two questions, could the man before her actually be her husband and hasn’t she seen this plot already in an episode of Twilight Zone?

Here’s how to enter: Send an email to bryan@cinema-suicide.com. Put Possession Giveaway in the subject line and tell me what your favorite demonic possession movie is. Also you must be in the United States to enter. Not to be a dick but it’s a Region 1 DVD and if you’re not in the States, you’re shit out of luck and won’t be able to play it. On my end, I promise I won’t spam you and I won’t sell your email to anyone because that really sucks when people do that. Voting starts now and winners will be chosen on Friday, March 19th.