16 Jul

Red trailer, adapted from Jack Ketchum

Posted by Bryan White | Wednesday July 16, 2008 | News

Jack Ketchum is one of the more influential authors of that whole splatterpunk thing in horror fiction, which for some reason, I’m not terribly familiar with. I’ve read some really intense stuff in the past but most of it on the more fantastic side of the genre like Nancy Collins’ Sonja Blue series. I’ve read a couple of Ketchum’s shorts, though, and I have to admit, with some newfound time to actually chill and read at night, now might be a time to familiarize myself with Ketchum. The trailer for the upcoming feature, Red, should be motivation enough.

The story follows an elderly man, victimized when his dog, Red, is shot by some worthless punks. Helpless in the face of apathy and pushed over the edge, he fixates on getting justice. A worthy punishment for the kids who killed his best friend and an apology, but as you might expect from that trailer, things get way out of hand. I’ve voiced my love of vigilante and revenge movies here and this looks like the purest sort that ought to appeal to my sensibilities. This isn’t some Death Wish knock off with an intense anti-hero, it’s a story about how things can snowball and minor problems become major problems.

Original director, Lucky McKee, was canned from the project mid-shoot, but word out of the Fantasia Fest is that it holds up in the face of a director switcheroo. So I’m still maintaining a steady level of excitement. Tom Sizemore, who looks positively sick, and Brian Cox, whom I’ve been intimidated by since he yelled encouragements into my ear in Manhunt and said some horrifying things about young boys in L.I.E. are two major draws to this picture.

15 Jul

Bryan Loves You and 3 more coming from Anchor Bay!

Posted by Bryan White | Tuesday July 15, 2008 | News

Bryan Loves You DVDEver since Todd kicked our asses with that interview with Seth Landau, we’ve been grinding our teeth in anticipation of Seth’s paranoid opus of security cam footage involving the cult takeover of an Arizona town in 1993.  We’ve also made it a point to repeatedly remind you all that Bryan Loves You will be coming to you from the fine folks at Anchor Bay.  With a cast featuring Landau, Tony Todd, George Wendt, Daniel Roebuck, Tiffany Shepis and Brinke Stevens.  Todd was all about that shit and I tend to trust his opinion sight unseen because we tend to see eye to eye on matter such as these. You’ll finally get to see what he’s been raving about on September 30th when Anchor Bay kicks out the jams and releases Bryan Loves You along with three other flicks worth mentioning below. Maybe I can get Todd to syndicate his review of Bryan Loves You. Details and more from Anchor Bay after the jump.

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15 Jul

Office and Friends producers up for a little of the old Ultraviolence. Clone.

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Ricky Gervais The OfficeEvery time I hear about some new show on British television, I become immediately envious. There’s something about their production standards that makes it seem reasonable for them to take a chance on something completely absurd. Maybe it’s a hard-wired sense of humor missing from other television markets, a certain cultural tolerance for sex and violence on TV but I get the distinct feeling that something like the upcoming Clone for BBC 3 would never fly on American TV. Here’s why:

The show will be called Clone, and according to Chase, it will be “extremely violent, despite the main character being a wimpish soldier clone created by a scientist (Jonathon Pryce).

I really don’t know how much money is spent on a typical episode of television, but the reports are that Clone is getting 250,000 pounds, per episode and they’re calling that a low budget. So, we have a show that is extremely violent and features Johnathon Pryce as a mad scientist. How could this possibly get any cooler? The involvement of Ash Attila, producer of The Office pretty much pushes it over the edge. Ash isn’t alone in this pursuit, either, Adam Chase is on board, too. He was an executive producer on Friends. I didn’t know this.

I doubt this will ever run on American TV and I’m not even looking forward to a BBC America syndication. Ever seen how they cut up an episode of Torchwood? It’s shameful (but understood). Thank god for Bit Torrent is all I have to say on this matter.

Speaking of British sci-fi comedies. Did anyone ever see Hyperdrive? How did that one turn out?

15 Jul

What’s your favorite sequel? Scream 4 in the pipeline.

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Scream 4Eyes are rolling so hard, you can hear the eyestrain.  Comingsoon.net is reporting that Showtime and The Brothers Weinstein have signed a big-ass 7 year, 95 pitcure deal. Among the mayhem is a pocketful of genre flicks heading to horror hold-out Dimension.  Among them, remakes of Scanners and Piranha (in 3D) as well as Scream 4. I wish I were kidding.  The Scream flicks got a bad rap for kicking off a wave of soft horror in the late 90’s that brought us such wimpy carbon copies as Urban Legend and I Know What You Did Last Summer.  It was a dark time for horror.

So I guess it’s time to tone things down, scale back the sadism that we’ve become so accustomed to and crank the irony factor to 11, not to metion feature (presumably) Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox in feature that gets some kind of major theatrical release.  I’m sure it will go over well.  I like the first Scream quite a bit but have I mentioned that I have a yearning for original horror in Hollywood?

Finally, the image you see to the left is just some fan mock up and not the actual theatrical poster.

14 Jul

The Apocalypse is back! Wynter Dark

Posted by Bryan White | Monday July 14, 2008 | News

You know? I’m really not sure what Wynter Dark is all about, but I spotted this on io9 and it sent my mind reeling. The above and below are concept art from an upcoming 20th Century Fox apocalypse movie.

Set 800 years in the future, in a world gripped by a devastating ice age, the Kingdom of New York is besieged by the Kindom of London and the Empire of Neo Tokyo in a bitter battle for freedom. Don’t know when they will start filming.

Kingdom of New York? Kingdom of London? Empire of Neo Tokyo? Holy shit! Then again, this could over like Reign of Fire, which I’m still pissed about. The poster had dragons fighting Apache helicopters and I saw no such thing. Click on the images for a better look. Bask in their potential glory. That shot of New York is totally awesome! I’m going to be keeping an eye on this one. Seems like cutural fears about climate change are fueling the latest wave of post-apocalyptic movies. Also coming soon are The Day The Earth Stood Still and 2012.

10 Jul

Hellride Red Band Trailer

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday July 10, 2008 | News

HellrideThe red band Hellride trailer hit the internets today and everyone seems to be losing their shit about it.  Between this and the recent press over Tarantino’s latest throwback wankfest, the remake of Enzo Castellari’s dirty dozen knock off, Inglorious Bastards (is it even a remake?)  I feel like I’m going to need to recover from this Quention Tarantino induced sugar high.

Hellride is just a Tarntino production, which translates to him making a couple of phone calls to distributors on behalf of director Larry Bishop.  I’ve read some real scathing reviews of it and read some reviews that reported that the Sundance audiences were on their feet with applause.  I’m reserving judgement.  Dennis Hopper and David Carradine get small roles and it looks like Michael Madsen, one of the major characters spends a lot of time chewing scenery, still wearing his Bud costume from Kill Bill.  Whatever.  Here’s the trailer:

3 Jul

The Goon optioned for CG animated film

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday July 3, 2008 | News

The Goon CGI FilmIf you’re not already following Eric Powell’s absolutely awesome horror comic, The Goon, I’m going to suggest that you stop reading this right now and head out to your local comic shop/big-box book store that carries trade paperbacks and buy a couple of collections.  Seriously. Right now.  I’ll be here when you get back.

Back?  Did you find everything okay?  Take some time to familiarize yourself with the books.  Awesome.  In the event that you couldn’t make it out and buy a couple of comics, I’ll sum it up for you.  The Goon is a pulpy crime comic about a brutish ogre of a man and his wiry, spastic buddy with a big mouth.  Together they run skid row and fight back zombies, Lovecraftian monsters and other assorted horror devices.

It’s a very, very funny comic.  Fans of Hellboy will really appreciate it.  One such Goon fan is director David Fincher and according to Eric Powell’s website, Fincher has optioned The Goon to be an animated feature with work done by award-winning Blur Studio.  It looks as though Fincher will be taking on producer duties and a director will be chosen at a later date.  Whether or not this actually goes through is up in the air, though.  Fincher has a bit of a history with this sort of project.  Seems like years ago he optioned Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi classic, Rendezvous With Rama to be an animated feature and that never happened.

So fingers crossed, everybody.

28 Jun

Gonna be in or near Franklin, Indiana September 26-28?

Posted by Bryan White | Saturday June 28, 2008 | News

The B-Movie CelebrationHere we are out here in New Hampshire, fighting like hell to get two great movies shown and out there in Indiana (where all the cool kids live) they’re doing a three day fucking marathon of 50 flicks!  I’ll have what they’re having.  They must eat their wheaties!  If you’re in the area and you’re reading this blog, this is probably something you’re going to be interested in.

Aside from showing the following movies: Shogun Assassin, Death Race 2000, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Galaxy of Terror, Psycho and Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein just to name a few they’re also holding the The World’s Largest Beach Party with surf rock band, The Moon-Rays.  There will be guests like Tom Savini and Jim Wynorski and a lifetime achievement award will be given to one of my favorite directors, Stuart Gordon.

Get over to their website for more information: http://www.bmoviecelebration.com/

26 Jun

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

Posted by Bryan White | Thursday June 26, 2008 | News

I’m really not entirely sure what’s going on here but here are three names that should make you excited: Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris.

As far as I know, it’s a web-based series of shorts that looks alarmingly similar to the plot of Soon I WIll Be Invincible. Neil Patrick Harris plays some kind of super-science villain and Nathan Fillion is his superhero rival.  Looks fucking awesome.

26 Jun

Wallow in mediocrity! 3-disc Halloween (2008) DVD coming.

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Halloween 3-disc DVDI heard some people out there really liked Rob Zombie’s remake of the immortal John Carpenter slasher classic.  That’s between them and god, I guess, but while they wait for their chance to chat with their maker about their poor taste in movies, they can get comfortable, pop some popcorn and flood their senses with the upcoming Dimension Extreme release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween.  Yes, I know that it ihas been out on DVD for a while but did you know that Dimension Extreme’s release weighs in at 3 god damn discs?  Details about what’s actually on those discs are hard to come by but according to Fangoria, this upcoming release will obviously feature the movie but a four and a half hour making of documentary.  You read that right.  Stroke that ego, Rob.  Stroke it long and slowly.  I’m expecting a documentary about a man obsessed with his own vision, wasting his and the public’s time to be something akin to Heart of Darkness, the documentary about the troubled Apocalypse Now shoot, but I imagine that it’s going to be extended screen tests of William Forsythe spitting out nasty slurs and different takes of Ken Foree shouting “I’m Joe Grizzly!” while sitting on the can.

It’s official.

There is no god.

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