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TVEye for August 9, 2010: True Blood, Warehouse 13, Eureka & Scream Queens

Posted by Tony Nunes | Monday August 9, 2010 | TVEye

TVEyeEditors note: If you’ve been around this site for a while, you may remember that there was a period of a year when I was trying to turn this place into an io9 or a Dread Central with a staff of writers and a steady stream of content. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find the balance that Brutal as Hell and Bloody Good Horror managed to discover and an inability to give my writers incentive enough to keep writing led to each one of them sneaking off and writing for other sites with the exception of Larry Clow who still files a review every once in a while when I supply  him with something. After this attempt to go pro crashed and burned, I swore off third-party writers and writing for other sites and said I’d never try it again. Thing is, I’ve tried so many times in the past to blog TV and I just can’t seem to find the rhythm on my own but friend of the site, Tony Nunes, a budding screenwriter who is the pen behind some of my favorite Scorpio Film Releasing movies, hit me up, offering to write and I sent my TV idea his way and, well, here we are. The first volume of a weekly series spotlighting whatever’s happening in genre television. Tony’s going to be hitting you every monday with a new batch of recap and commentary on what you may have missed.

Genre TV was once great, with shows like The X Files, Tales From the Crypt, Masters of Horror, and Twin Peaks plugging the airways with horrifyingly original shows that twisted our sensibilities.  Horror and Science Fiction programming were the norm along the prime timeslots of network and cable television, and the followings these shows formed quickly maintained cult status.  Nowadays however, we have far and few between when it comes to definable genre television.  Sure, there are some refreshingly original shows out there, like Dexter, True Blood, and Fringe, but then there are numerous middle of the road shows, and endless takes on the perpetual, and tiresome mystery genre popularized by Lost.  My job in this new weekly feature is to cover the week prior in genre television.  Every Monday, I’ll be here to give you the recaps and reviews on the best, and err, worst, shows currently in season.

Arguably, Fall is the breeding ground for the best of the horror and Science Fiction shows, new and old.  Here we are however, in the middle of a sweltering summer, with one really great show and a few scattered good and inexcusably shitty ones.  While we all know that the true horror of summer programming is the onslaught of tanning gun fodder in Jersey Shore, I will stick solely to the shows that maintain the more easily definable archetypes of their genre.  This week; Scream Queens, Warehouse 13, Eureka, and True Blood.

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