7 Nov

Is Rob Zombie remaking CHUD?

Posted by Bryan White | Wednesday November 7, 2007 | News

Rob Zombie CHUD remakeI fucking hope not.

Not that CHUD is some kind of untouchable sacred cow, it’s actually a ruthless piece of shit but a very likable ruthless piece of shit at that. Dread Central just reported a rumor first suggested by Billboard.com that one of Zombie’s projects in development is a movie about a certain cannibal race of humaoid underground dwellers. He wouldn’t comment one way or the other on it, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s doing it but not commenting is more or less like saying “I can neither confirm nor deny that I enjoy food” because everybody enjoys food.

What was I talking about?

The last time I bagged on old Rob in my review of his dismal Halloween remake, I got, like, five thousand angry emails from people with not much else to say than “d00d u r such a faget 4 not liken Hallowen!!!!11″ and “michele myers killzzzzz u fagot” but I really couldn’t care less. He looked promising after The Devil’s Rejects. He somehow managed to make a very exciting, repulsive, morally reprehensible and thoroughly enjoyable movie without a single likable character. His future was bright. Then he tripped up and remade Halloween and if this rumor is true he’ll be remaking another movie. Rob Zombie’s career is beginning to look like nothing but the fulfilment of a boyhood fantasy about being Alice Cooper, evident in his last album, Educated Horses and being the director of all of his favorite movies.

Seriously. What a waste of potential. I’m sure we’ll learn all this stuff about CHUDs that we didn’t know from the original movie. How their parents were meth addicted rednecks and the whole thing will be set to Molly Hatchet.


  1. November 9, 2007 3:15 am


    I haven’t heard anybody whose opinion I trust say they thought HALLOWEEN was any good. And I get similar e-mails about Dee Snider’s STRANGELAND all the time. LOL. As for Zombie, if the CHUD news has any merit it’s too bad. I still recall his appearance on the Stern show a couple years back when he talked about how he was being offered all of these remake opportunities but he didn’t want to do them, he wanted to direct his own stuff.

  2. July 8, 2008 5:31 am


    The Halloween re-make was Ok, but like the Hills Have Eyes, will never measure up to the original which remakes will always be compared too. And rightly so. It’s comparing a great film with a watch able film.
    The first Halloween film was about suspense, the re-make was all blood and guts. More like the numerous sequels of the original were (except Season of the witch, what the fuck was that about? like a really long episode of the Outer Limits).
    Mutant cannibals living underground is nothing new (time machine, creep, decent est.) so if he does this he’ll need to do something to set it apart.
    Now how about a re-make of the 80’s Flash Gordon? That would rule!
    “Who wants to live forever? All wings! Dive!”

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