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Halloween Blog-A-Thon Day 31: A Very Cinema Suicide Halloween

Posted by Bryan White | Sunday November 1, 2009 | Whimsy

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Here we are. The final post in the blog-a-thon and I’m actually a day late on this. October has been an unreasonably busy month. Such is life when you run a blog where the bulk of the writing is dedicated to horror. The last four days, however, have been particularly busy. I don’t know what it’s like out there wherever you are, but our families live out here in New Hampshire, spread across a couple of different communities, each of which stage their Halloween nights on different nights. This weekend, we’ve done trick or treating with Delilah in Brentwood and then over to Hampton.

Night 1: This neighborhood, one of a couple of dense housing developments in an otherwise barren landscape of dragstrips, speedways, the county prison and John Birch Society bunkers, was a zoo. Hundreds of kids ran wild on this steez for two hours. We took Delilah out and then managed our own handing out of candy for the rest of the night.

Night 2: Actual Halloween night. I somehow managed to pull together a rudimentary costume pulled from clothing items borrowed from my brother and a friend at work plus some modded horns to look as though The Devil was going to court (pictured above). Delilah wore her costume again which coincidentally, she thought was a Tinkerbell costume, and my gorgeous wife, Nise, dressed to the nines in her demonic pixie outfit to complete the triad of the most infernal family on The Seacoast. Together, we hit Hampton for more candy, briefly and then made the rounds around friend’s homes, which somehow culminated in the beginnings of a boozy Halloween night. The evening’s original plans were to hit Portsmouth for the Halloween parade. The Halloween parade, whose beginnings were rooted in the local demonstrators, The Leftist Marching Band, had grown to East Village proportions and now on Halloween, Portsmouth had become a mob scene that put the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve to shame… which is why we couldn’t find parking and had to beat it. Our intentions were to park it somewhere in town, look really good together as we made our way to Market Square to see the Thriller Dance group do their thing (video below) since I’m friends with the organizer, Tara Sullivan. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t do it and wound up heading home, putting Delilah to bed and then drinking the rest of the night away.

In summation, best Halloween ever. I’m not sure if the Blog-A-Thon had something to do with it, but the spirit of the season had a hold of me tightly and idle chatter about donning a costume and doing something actually took shape and became a fun family outting for a couple of days. Unfortunately, with the passing of the season, it seems like the rest of the year is a foregone conclusion. It’s all downhill from here since Thanksgiving is a gigantic pain in the ass and Christmas is probably the most stressful time of the year. At least I have the New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone marathon to look forward to now.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. November 2, 2009 11:11 am


    Daughter is cute little thing. Although its odd how a hello kitty bag somehow manages to go well with the devil horns while at the same time is a complete counter to a satanic based costume.

    Should have gone with red horns though instead of black to go with the suit.

    Nice to see a family taking part in halloween. Sadly its come and gone to quickly here with barely a sense of anticipation or build up. Now thats its over, like every year it feels like it did when I was a kid and Feburary would roll around and the rest of the year seemed bleak because I had nothing to look forward to for along time.

    Now all I have is the ever growing sense of dread as christmas approaches, its my most hated holiday of all and I swear I already heard christmas music being played from a robotic santa in a store by a small christmas display. Oh well, only 362 more days till halloween again.

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