23 Nov

For the love of all that is holy and American, do not see Atomic Brain Invasion. Watch this cautionary trailer!

Posted by Bryan White | Monday November 23, 2009 | News

It won’t be long until the entire God-fearing internet starts to think that I have some kind of wicked man-crush on Richard Griffin. He and Ted Marr of Scorpio Film Releasing are poised to unleash their latest feature, a riff on 50’s sci-fi horror movies, Atomic Brain Invasion. Griffin assembled his usual troupe of castmembers to put together what looks like a remarkably accurate spoof of b-movie schlock from the glory days of the drive-in. I had heard, originally, that it would be released in black and white back when it went by another title (Atomic Beach Party). Once again, you have Sarah Nicklin, Brandon Aponte (playing Elvis) and Michael Reed in an unusually big cast that seems to assemble all of Providence’s actors. Also in the cast are Ruth Sullivan and David Lavallee Jr (both high points from Nun Of That).

You may want to get comfortable, though. Atomic Brain Invasion won’t be released until the summer but you will be able to buy one of my top picks for 2009, Nun Of That (Review) in January.

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