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Buy Tee-Shirts. Help Japan.

Posted by Bryan White | Wednesday March 16, 2011 | News

Japan EarthquakeIf I can get sober on your ass for just a second. March 11th marked an occasion that reminds us all that we’re just guests on this rock and a sudden shift in the Earth’s tectonic plates can rearrange our lives forever. Back in 2005, we here in The States bore witness to that principle when the levees in New Orleans broke and washed an entire city out into the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Katrina swept through and ruined everything. Even the most casual observer can see that the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that washed over Japan was far more severe by countless orders of magnitude. Add a couple of nuclear reactors perilously close to melting down and you have to wonder if anything in Japan could possibly get any worse. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced by this tragedy, thousands are dead and missing. Japan will recover from this. It is a nation that emerged stronger than ever after two atomic bombs were dropped on it. They’re going to need some help, though, and I’m hoping that I can leverage some stagnant merchandise to make that happen.

See, a couple of years back, my brother had some shirts made bearing two designs by artist, Tom Whalen. Tom’s distinct illustration style really stood out to us. He was kind enough to turn over two great designs for us under the agreement that for each shirt sold, he’d get a piece of the action. Since then he’s done a tremendous amount of great work, has been featured on Boing Boing for a series of great Star Wars posters he did and even got into the Mondo Tees scene with a couple of posters commemorating screenings of Paul and Steamboat Willie. We put the shirts up on the site to sell and for two years they sat there untouched. We managed to sell three shirts in that time. Eventually I just gave up and pulled the old store link down since no one seemed interested in what I was selling. Since then I’ve handed some out at conventions but we still have a couple hundred of these great shirts waiting for a home and I think I’ve found the occasion to move them.

Slasher Night 2 by Tom Whalen Titanic Monster Beast by Tom Whalen

Right now, for the price of $10 + $3 shipping you can get into one of the following Cinema Suicide/Tom Whalen shirts sized M, L, XL. Each shirt comes in two colors. Both shirts come in black but Slasher Night 2 is also printed on a military green cotton tee and The Titanic Monster Beast is printed on a brick-colored shirt. Both are pictured above, photographed with a really crappy camera. Sorry. Please specify your size in the shipping instructions. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Slasher Night 2 Tee (Green)

Slasher Night 2 Tee (Black)

Titanic Monster Beast From Planet Zero (Brick)

Titanic Monster Beast From Planet Zero (Black)

100% of the money received from sales of these shirts will then be turned around and donated to The Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Unfortunately, because I am not a non-profit organization your purchase of this shirt is not tax-deductible, you’re just buying a sweet shirt with the knowledge that the money you spent will go to help someone whose life has been turned upside down by a sudden shifting of the Earth.

I’ve been sitting on these shirts forever leaving me to wonder if there’s a market out there at all for them but maybe this time I can turn them around and do some good with them. Buy a shirt. Help Japan. Spread this around the social web, too. I’d really appreciate it if at the very least you could post this on Facebook or Tweet it or whatever.


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    Buy Tee-Shirts. Help Japan. | Sound On Sight

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    I think you need bigger photos of the actual prints. :)

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    Bryan White

    The photos enlarge if you click on them.

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