31 May

That time Peter Cushing was Doctor Who

Posted by Bryan White | Friday May 31, 2013 | Blogospherics,Youtube

Frankensteinia: Peter Cushing Centennial BlogathonPeter Cushing, the legendary actor who played Sherlock Holmes, Van Helsing, Frankenstein and Grand Moff Tarking would have been 100 years old last Sunday and in honor of his birthday, Frankensteinia, the blog of all things Frankenstein is celebrating with a week long blogathon dedicated to all things Peter Cushing. As with most of their blogathons, other blogs were invited and this time I decided to get involved and dedicate this week’s episode to Peter Cushing and Doctor Who since I happen to think that both are super cool.

Back in the mid-60’s when Doctor Who was still a reasonably new thing to the UK, Amicus Productions cashed in on the craze with a pair of movies about Doctor Who and rather than cast William Hartnell, the TV first-doctor, they cast a more recognizable face in the role and took some other wild creative liberties with the source in order to make something that would be less mysterious to foreign movie goers who probably weren’t familiar with Doctor Who. This week’s episode is all about that.

This week’s music bed is ‘Love, The Magician’ generously provided by the band Gold from their album ‘Interbellum’.

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