21 Jun

Suicidal Reviews: American Mary & Miami Connection

Posted by Bryan White | Friday June 21, 2013 | Reviews,Youtube

This week’s episode presumes to give you the lowdown on two movies that a lot of people are/were talking about. With American Mary, from directors Jen and Sylvia Soska, I couldn’t help myself. So. Much. Hype. How are you supposed to resist that? So was the hype worth it? Watch the review to find out. Following that is a look at Drafthouse Films’ reissue of the completely forgotten and overlooked masterpiece of Tae Kwon Do insanity, Miami Connection, from director Y. K. Kim. Its tale of a rock band under fire from O-Town street gangs, a rival rock band and a motorcycle gang of cocaine dealing ninjas is a real mind melter.

This week’s music is from Dragon Sound, the band in Miami Connection.

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