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Posted by Bryan White | Monday June 11, 2007 |

Bryan White
It occurred to me in mid-2007 that for a guy who makes his living writing code, it was strange that I didn’t have my own website. Personal sites, like the ones I remember, where you post your resume and photos of yourself fishing and doing other mundane bullshit were a thing of the past and I already had a Myspace that I was neglecting. I often felt like I had nothing new to offer the internet until a coworker suggested I leverage an unusually large volume of movie knowledge trapped in my noggin to somehow benefit mankind. Basically, I grew up in a town that had no cable connection until 1986 so most of my early TV experience was informed by Black Belt Theater, WLVI’s Creature Double Feature and reruns of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. How any of this translates into benefitting mankind in any way at all is a mystery to me but I really like blogging and reviewing movies and I hope you like reading this shit.

It should be a fairly simple process to figure out what I like simply based on the stuff that I write about but in case you can figure it out, I like: horror movies, martial arts, comic books, pulp novels and a taste in music that jumps around from heavy metal to hip hop/electro and then over to punk rock.

I have a PhD in Xenoanthropology from the illustrious Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts where I graduated Summa Cum-Laude and have been published in the pages of Screem and Rue Morgue Magazine.

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